Are Dogs Allowed in Meijer? (Pet Policy Explained)

Pets, especially dogs, make great companions. As a pet parent, you often build a strong attachment with your dog, and you would like to take them anywhere you go.

That being said, if you want to know if you can visit a Meijer store with your dog, keep reading for an elaborate pet policy in Meijer stores!

Are Dogs Allowed in Meijer In 2024?

Dogs are not allowed in Meijer in 2024. However, there is an exception for service dogs. The service dogs allowed should be classified as service animals according to the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Meijer is very strict with food safety and other sanitary regulations, so typically pets are not allowed in the stores.

If you would like more expound information on whether Meijer is dog friendly, what Meijer’s pet policy is, how strict Meijer’s pet policy is, and much more, keep reading!

Is Meijer Dog Friendly?

Meijer is not dog friendly, as according to the store’s pet policy, you cannot go to the Meijer premises with your dog.

If ADA does not recognize your dog as a service dog, then there is no way you can enter with it in any Meijer store. The restriction is due to health and sanitary reasons.

Nevertheless, even if your dog is a service animal, you need to have it on a leash. It also needs to be well behaved while at the store.

Regardless of whether they are service animals, misbehaving dogs are not allowed in the store. They might end up destroying property in the store or threatening the safety of other shoppers.

Are Dogs Allowed in All Meijer Stores?

No dogs are allowed in any Meijer store unless they are classified as service dogs under the Americans with Disability Act.

What Is Meijer’s Pet Policy?

Meijer’s pet policy states that only dogs that fall in the category of service animals are allowed in the stores. Any other dog or pet is denied access in most Meijer stores.

Moreover, Meijer is a grocery store that ought to adhere to strict food safety and sanitary regulations that do not allow entry of dogs or any pets in the store.

According to the Americans with Disability Act, a service dog has been trained to perform tasks for individuals with a disability. The task must be concerning their disability.

In the definition, dogs that provide emotional support and therapy to individuals are excluded. However, some states do let them have access to grocery stores.

Therefore, it is best to check with your nearest Meijer store if it allows dogs for emotional support and therapy in its stores.

How Strict Is Meijer with the Pet Policy?

Meijer strictly enforces its pet policy by not allowing dogs that do not serve as service animals in stores.

Also, as highlighted earlier, Meijer has to follow the strict sanitation and food safety regulations like any other grocery store in the United States.

Why Aren’t Pet Dogs Allowed in Meijer?

Why Aren’t Pet Dogs Allowed in Meijer?

If a pet, especially a dog, is not adequately trained, it can be unruly. In worse cases, it might destroy property at the store or threaten other shoppers’ peace.

If you want to visit Meijer stores with your dog, make a point of training them. Well-behaved dogs are comfortable while on leash, and they respect other people’s personal space.

Are Service Dogs Allowed in Meijer?

Service dogs are allowed in Meijer, according to the Americans with Disability Act. The dog owner has to identify the dog as a service dog and state the kind of task the dog performs.

However, it could be a challenge if the dog is not well behaved.

 If it appears to be a threat to the store’s property and shoppers, a Meijer store representative has the right to ask the owner to leave the premises with the dog.

What Counts as a Service Dog in Meijer?

According to Meijer’s pet policy, which complies with ADA, service dogs are categorized differently depending on their task.

Therefore, service dogs include:

  • Guide dogs: They help the visually impaired navigate safely.
  • Hearing dogs: They notify people with hearing impairment of essential sounds.
  • Seizure alert dogs: They alert their owners of possible seizures and protect them in case of an attack.
  • Dogs that help their owners to pull, push, hold, or retrieve an item.
  • A dog that assists its owner in maintaining physical stability.
  • Psychiatric service dogs help interrupt the self-destructive behaviors of the owners. They can also alert owners of the need to take medication.

If you visit a Meijer store with a dog with any of these kinds of training, you are allowed to enter the store with it.

What Does Not Count as a Service Dog in Meijer?

Any dog that is not trained, and is not certified as a service animal by the Americans with Disability Act, does not count as a service dog in Meijer.

You could be having emotional support or a therapy dog, but you will not be allowed to go with it in Meijer stores. These two do not count as service dogs.

Can Meijer Ask If Your Dog Is a Service Dog?

Meijer can ask you if your dog is a service dog but has no right to ask you for proof of disability or documentation to show that your dog is a service dog.

Legally, they can only ask you two questions:

  • Is the dog a service dog required for your disability?
  • Which task is your dog trained to perform?

You may choose to vest your service dog for easy identification.

Why Are Service Dogs Allowed in Meijer?

Service dogs assist their owners, who are Meijer customers, to shop swiftly at the store. They are trained purposely to perform tasks that their owners cannot do.

Most service dogs assist their owners in life-threatening situations, and it would only be human to allow them to accompany their owners while shopping.

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Meijer does not allow dogs in its stores, except for service dogs. The service dogs, too, ought to be well trained and behave accordingly while at the store.

If a service dog behaves out of order, a Meijer staff member can request the pet parent and the dog to leave the store. Otherwise, they should be allowed to serve their owners accordingly.

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