ASOS Order Never Arrived (Why What to Do + More)

If you order from an online retailer like ASOS, there is usually a delivery period that varies depending on the delivery method or destination.

However, some customers have had issues when the ASOS order never arrives. Why does this happen, and what can you do about it? Here’s what I found out in my research!

Why Didn’t My ASOS Arrive in [currentyear]?

If your ASOS order does not arrive on the expected date, you can get assistance from the retailer. Your order may be delayed, especially during busy times; therefore, you should give it a few days. Occasionally, your order may have been returned to ASOS if the courier company could not complete the delivery process in [currentyear].

Read on for more information about why your ASOS order never arrived and what to do about it, along with other related facts and tips!

Why Did My ASOS Order Never Arrive?

Here are some reasons why your ASOS order never arrived on the expected date:

Delivery Delays

During the busy season, ASOS deliveries may arrive past the estimated delivery date.

Therefore, if your estimated date has already passed, give the retailer a few extra days for the delivery to be made.

Remember that delivery times also vary depending on the warehouse from which your items are shipped.

However, if there’s a delay, you can always use the tracking link to check how far the item is.

Order Was Returned to ASOS

If you’ve been looking out for your delivery and it’s yet to arrive, it might have been returned to ASOS by the delivery partner.

A courier company will return an item to ASOS if the following applies:

  • They could not access the delivery address after multiple attempts.
  • You reject the parcel.
  • Your delivery address was not complete.
  • Your package was damaged during transit.
  • You did not collect the order from the pick-up point within 10 days of delivery.

Note that when your order is returned to the warehouse, you have to place a new one and include a delivery address that’s accessible by the courier company.

What If Your ASOS Order Never Arrived?

What If Your ASOS Order Never Arrived?

If it’s during the busy season, you can give it a few days to see whether the order will arrive.

In addition, you can check with your neighbors to see if your parcel was delivered there accidentally.

However, if your order doesn’t arrive after a long time, let ASOS know within 30 days of the estimated delivery time.

The company will help trace the order and advise you on the next steps.

To reach out to ASOS customer care, do the following:

  • Use the “Contact Us Now” button on the bottom of the page or chat live with the team.
  • Provide information such as the order number and your ASOS registered email.
  • Once they receive the query, the relevant team will get back to you.

Can You Track Your ASOS Order?

Once ASOS dispatches your order using a trackable service, you can see its progress.

ASOS sends a shipping confirmation email from the company warehouse to inform you that the order is on its way.

To track it, simply click on the link in the email. If the tracking doesn’t have any updates, give it time for the information to be updated.

When tracking, remember that if you order different items from different warehouses, they might have the same number, but the delivery time and tracking number will differ.

Each item will have a different tracking link. You can check this by clicking on “My Account” on the ASOS website. Follow these steps to track your ASOS order:

  1. Log into “My Account”
  2. Visit the most recent orders
  3. Click “Track This Order”
  4. You’ll be directed to the tracking page

What Can I Do If I’m Missing an Item From My Order?

If there’s an item missing from your ASOS order, you should do the following before contacting customer care:

  • Check your email to confirm whether ASOS sent items in separate parcels.
  • Check “My Orders” in your account to see if the order was split into more than one parcel.
  • If some items were being shipped from another ASOS warehouse, the delivery periods might differ from the ones shipped from the UK warehouses.
  • Check your email, including the junk section, for communication from ASOS if the item you ordered is out of stock.

How Long Does It Take to Ship ASOS Orders?

ASOS Delivery times differ depending on your chosen delivery method, destination, and where the item is coming from.

For instance, if the order is sent via UK Standard Delivery, it takes about 3 working days after the order has been placed.

If you choose Next Day delivery, your order will arrive the next day. However, this excludes some postcodes and may not be available during busy periods.

If you’re shipping in the U.S., Standard Shipping takes 3-6 business days, excluding public holidays and weekends.

If you use Express Shipping, delivery takes 2 business days between Monday and Friday. Therefore, you should confirm these delivery periods before completing your order.

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If your ASOS order doesn’t arrive on the expected date, you can get assistance from the retailer. Your order may be delayed, especially during busy times; therefore, you should give it a few days.

On some occasions, your order may have been returned to ASOS if the courier company could not complete the delivery process.

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