AutoZone Dress Code (Hats, Hair, Tattoo, Shorts + More)

Whether you are looking for a job or just got hired for a new one, you need to know the dress code.

Therefore, if you want to join AutoZone, you may wonder: is there a dress code that employees need to follow? If you’d like to find out, keep reading to see what I discovered!

What Is the AutoZone Dress Code In 2024?

AutoZone’s dress code allows employees to wear a red t-shirt and black pants as part of the uniform in 2024. Additionally, employees can also wear black or grey t-shirts. AutoZone requires everyone to wear black shoes, a black belt, black socks, and tuck in their t-shirts. Tattoos are allowed as long as they’re not offensive, and hair should be professional.

To learn more about AutoZone’s dress code policy, what’s allowed and what’s not in terms of shoes, hair, tattoos, and hats, keep on reading for more useful facts!

Does AutoZone Give You a Uniform?

AutoZone provides a uniform for its employees with the AutoZone logo. When working for this company, you must wear a red, black, or grey t-shirt, and black pants.

According to current and past employees, you should report to the AutoZone store in perfect uniform once you get hired on your first day.

Therefore, you need to pay for your own uniform once you get employed.

You have the option to either buy regular red or grey polo t-shirts from a retailer like Walmart, or order a uniform with the AutoZone logo. Ensure that you keep in line with the uniform colors.

As part of the uniform, you also need to tuck in your t-shirt when at work.

Can You Wear Jeans to AutoZone?

Unfortunately, you can’t wear jeans at AutoZone. According to the company dress code policy, all the employees need to be in the recommended uniform when serving the customers.

Although employees have to wear black pants, you can’t wear black jeans, as the policy doesn’t allow any color of jeans, as you can only wear the recommended work pants.

Can AutoZone Employees Wear Hoodies?

If you work at AutoZone, you can wear a hoodie, depending on your manager. While some managers allow this, others don’t.

In addition, it also depends on location and season, and whether the hoodie is perceived as a safety hazard or not.

Can AutoZone Employees Wear Shorts?

Based on the dress code policy, employees at the stores must be in black pants; therefore, shorts are not permitted.

Since AutoZone deals in automotive parts and accessories, employees might not be comfortable in shorts.

Additionally, this can violate the labor occupational safety laws, because it puts the employees at risk of being injured.

However, drivers are an exception to this rule; they can wear shorts, but they have to wear black shorts on weekends.

Can AutoZone Employees Wear Hats?

Can AutoZone Employees Wear Hats?

Employees at AutoZone can wear hats; however, it depends on the location and the store manager.

Based on comments by some past and current employees, you can wear an all-black hat or one with an AutoZone logo.

However, some employees point out that they have got into trouble with the store managers for wearing hats.

Are AutoZone Employees Allowed Piercings?

If you work at AutoZone, the company prefers its employees not to have visible facial piercings, because it can be a safety hazard.

However, in some AutoZone stores, piercings are tolerated; therefore, you might be allowed to keep them on while working.

Can AutoZone Employees Have Colored Hair?

At AutoZone, there’s no set hair policy per se; however, it’s advisable to have hair that appears professional and facial hair that doesn’t get stuck in parts.

This means you can color your hair as long as you adhere to the set guidelines on professional appearance.

AutoZone does not limit colored hair for anyone regardless of race, age or sex; therefore, you can work there comfortably.

According to one employee, you can dye your hair as long the store manager does not consider it wild and unprofessional.

Can AutoZone Employees Have Tattoos?

AutoZone’s dress code permits tattoos as long as they’re not offensive.

However, your manager might ask you to cover them if you have visible tattoos in some stores.

On the other hand, if your tattoos are vulgar, you will automatically be asked to cover them up.

Therefore, you can consult with your manager before getting a full sleeve.

What Is AutoZone’s Dress Code Shoes?

AutoZone’s dress code dictates that employees should wear black shoes when working.

In addition, since the retailer deals in automotive parts, all employees should also wear closed shoes to avoid injuries.

All employees should follow this guideline, especially when it comes to colors.

Can You Wear a Long Sleeve Undershirt at AutoZone?

AutoZone permits undershirts during winter as long as they’re white and you are in full uniform.

However, once you get employed, you can confirm this with your store manager to avoid going against the dress code policy.

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AutoZone’s dress code policy allows employees to wear a red t-shirt and black pants as part of the uniform. Additionally, employees are also permitted to wear black or grey t-shirts.

AutoZone requires everyone to wear black shoes, a black belt, black socks, and tuck in their t-shirts.

While there’s no set policy on hair, you can have colored hair as long as it’s deemed professional. Tattoos are also allowed as long as they are not offensive.

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