AutoZone Limited Lifetime Warranty (How It Works + More)

Most retailers offer their customers a warranty that guarantees an item replacement within a specified period.

If you shop at AutoZone, you might be curious if you are eligible for a limited lifetime warranty on some products. But, how does this work? Here’s all you need to know!

AutoZone Limited Lifetime Warranty In [currentyear]

AutoZone’s limited lifetime warranty allows customers to return a part if it fails within the warranty period as of [currentyear]. This limited warranty represents the total liability of AutoZone on any product or part. The company isn’t liable if the item has any damage. When buying an item, confirm the warranty period with the AutoZone staff.

Read on to learn more about AutoZone’s limited lifetime warranty and how it works!

How Does AutoZone Limited Lifetime Warranty Work?

Typically, a limited lifetime warranty covers specific defects and conditions and is meant for specified parts.

Therefore, AutoZone’s warranty is only meant for hard parts such as alternators, shocks, starters, brake pads, and brake rotors.

So, when you purchase a part or accessory from an AutoZone store or covered by the limited lifetime warranty, this information is automatically entered into its national warranty database.

Also, AutoZone staff will indicate the warranty period on your receipt. Therefore, when you need to return a part, you can take it back with the receipt.

Then, when you visit the AutoZone store, you’ll get a refund or replacement on the part.

However, AutoZone’s limited lifetime warranty does not apply in some states because they don’t allow limits on warranties.

Consequently, the warranty conditions will vary from state to state, depending on your location.

What Is Excluded From The AutoZone Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Although you are guaranteed to get your replacement or refund if you have a warranty, AutoZone will not honor your request under specific conditions.

For example, this warranty does not cover parts returned due to misuse, abuse, improper installation, or as a result of marine, off-road and commercial use.

How Long Is The AutoZone Warranty?

How Long Is The AutoZone Warranty?

AutoZone’s limited lifetime warranty is not fixed on all items, as the company offers a different period for each part.

With that, you can check the warranty length by searching on the AutoZone website when shopping.

In addition, your warranty period is usually indicated on the receipt when you buy a part, providing details about whether you’re still covered or not.

However, if you need to claim a warranty and have lost the receipt, you can contact the AutoZone customer support team for assistance.

From there, they can trace the transaction code and check the details from the national warranty database.

Also, you can visit your nearest AutoZone store to get this information from the employees or store manager.

Do Batteries Have A Limited Lifetime Warranty At AutoZone?

If you buy batteries at AutoZone, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty on the products. However, the length of the limited warranty period varies depending on the battery brand.

For example, battery brands such as Duralast Gold and Platinum have a three-year replacement period, while some Odyssey brands have four years.

Further, AutoZone’s limited battery warranty lasts from the day you purchase it to the day indicated on your receipt.

In addition, this warranty period expires once you transfer or sell your vehicle.

Therefore, if your battery is defective during the free replacement period indicated on your receipt, you can take it back to any AutoZone store to get a replacement.

But, AutoZone will credit you to buy a new one if the battery is found to be defective after the free replacement period is over but within the warranty period.

Do Brake Pads Have A Limited Lifetime Warranty At AutoZone?

If you buy brake pads at AutoZone, you’ll get a limited lifetime warranty covering certain defects and conditions, such as the manufacturer’s defects.

However, this does not cover the typical wear and tear. That said, AutoZone is not liable and will not offer a warranty if your brake pads are damaged due to abuse.

So, it’s essential to read the fine print to know what the AutoZone warranty covers as you buy your brake pads.

Additionally, the brake pads warranty will expire once you sell the vehicle. Therefore, you are only covered when you still own your vehicle.

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Fortunately, AutoZone offers a limited lifetime warranty that allows customers to return a part if it fails within the warranty period.

However, AutoZone is not liable if the item has any damage from abuse or misuse.

Also, the warranty period will be indicated on the receipt and updated on the national website when buying an item.

Finally, this limited lifetime warranty is only available for some hard parts such as batteries, brake pads, and brake rotors.

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