AutoZone Tool Rental Policy (Returning, Price + Time)

Auto tools can be quite expensive, especially if you prefer to handle your own simple car maintenance and repair tasks.

If you are DIYer, you can use rent some tools from AutoZone. But what exactly is their tool rental policy? Here’s all you need to know.

What Is the AutoZone Tool Rental Policy In 2024?

AutoZone runs a tool rental service in its stores that allows car owners to get heavy-duty automotive equipment in 2024. When renting a tool, you need to pay a deposit for the equipment and return it within 90 days. Additionally, you can have the tool delivered to your home if you shop online or pick it up from AutoZone.

For more information about AutoZone’s tool rental policy and the terms and conditions, keep on reading for more useful information!

Can You Return Rented Tools to Any AutoZone?

According to the Loan-A-Tool program at AutoZone, you can drop or ship the tool to any AutoZone once you are done, and you don’t have to return it to the same one you bought.

To ship your tools back, you’ll need to fill out a return form printed on your invoice and place the tool in its original packaging.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent Tools From AutoZone?

When renting tools, you’ll just pay the full price of the product. Therefore, if a tool is $50, that’s the amount you’ll pay as a deposit.

Once you return the tool within the warranty period, AutoZone will give you your $50 back. Therefore, if you don’t return the tool, you’ll have paid the full price for it.

What Tools Can You Rent From AutoZone?

If you want to rent a tool, AutoZone allows you to choose from more than 100 tools in its inventory.

Once you get to the store, you can consult with any AutoZone employee to help you choose the ideal tool for your vehicle.

If your car has stalled or you’re not near an AutoZone store, you can order the tools you need via the website and have them delivered to your location.

Car owners rent different items from AutoZone, and here are the most common tools:

Air Conditioner

If your vehicle’s AC breaks down during a hot or cold day, and you need tools to fix it, you can rent different tools from AutoZone’s inventory.

The company offers flush tool kits, clutch pulleys, clutch holding tools, clutch tool kits, clutch hub removers, and clutch hub installers.

Cooling System

Once your radiator or fan breaks down, AutoZone’s Loan-A-Tool program comes in handy.

You can get pressure tester adapters, a fan clutch wrench, a radiator pressure tester, a water pump tool, or a radiator filler neck adapter.

Engine and External Engine

Vehicle engines can break down at unexpected times, especially if your car has a problem.

If you prefer to DIY, you can get some tools to help you maintain the engine from AutoZone.

AutoZone rents serpentine belt tools, harmonic balancer installers, compression tester gauges, piston ring compressors, pilot bearing puller attachments, valve spring compressors, oil pump primers, and spark plug removal sets.


If your car has some issues that you want to diagnose, you can rent fuel pump diagnostic kits, circuit testers, or ultraviolet leak tool kits.

These tools come in handy to help you identify problems early enough before they worsen.

Fuel Pump Removal

Fuel Pump Removal Autozone

Your vehicle can’t run without fuel unless it’s an electric car.

Therefore, if you need some tools to help you with replacement, you can rent fuel line disconnect tools, injector signal testers, or a fuel pump replacement kit.


AutoZone also comes in handy if you need some pulling tools.

From the company website, you can rent a slide hammer, a jaw attachment puller, a timing gear puller, and a slide hammer flange.

These tools will make your work easier if you can’t afford to buy them.

Exhaust Tools

If you’re a DIY car owner who needs exhaust tools, AutoZone has tailpipe cutters and expanders in stock that you can rent and return within the warranty period.

Steering and Suspension

A lot of car owners experience problems with their suspension and steering.

AutoZone has all the necessary tools to help you repair the broken parts if you have this issue.

You can rent different tools to fix these parts, including coil spring compressors, ball joint press adapters, ball joint separators, steering wheel pullers, axle bearing remover set, spindle nut sockets, or a pitman arm puller.

Tubing and Flaring

AutoZone also has tools to help with tubing and flaring. You can rent flaring tools or tube benders to repair your vehicle.

Other Tools

AutoZone lets car owners rent extra tools, including a torque wrench, oxygen sensor socket, impact wrench, bearing splitter, and vacuum pump.

How Long Can You Rent Tools From AutoZone?

Once you rent a tool from AutoZone, you’ll need to return it within 90 days. When you deliver the tool, AutoZone will refund you the deposit.

However, if you want to buy the tool, you can keep it, and AutoZone will use your deposit as the payment.

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AutoZone runs a tool rental service in its stores that allows car owners to get heavy-duty automotive equipment.

When renting a tool, you need to pay a deposit for the equipment and return it within 90 days. You can have the tool delivered to your home if you shop online or pick it up from your nearest AutoZone.

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