Best Aldi Beers (9 Beers to Keep an Eye Open For)

Six-packs abound in the booze aisle at Aldi, and for prices so low your jaw will drop. Many of them are made exclusively for Aldi, but some come from known breweries that have partnered with the chain.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are nine beers (and beer-adjacent beverages) that you should keep an eye out for next time you’re in Aldi!

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9. Wicked Grove Hard Cider, $6.99

The Wicked Grove Hard Cider is clearly a take on Angry Orchard, but it’s a fantastic one.

The cider is bright and crisp and manages to be both sweet and tart, though The Budget Reviews thinks it’s “much more sugary and sweet” than your Woodchuck.

Still, I think this is the perfect beverage for a hot summer day, especially if you’re dining al fresco or if you’ve just finished mowing the grass.

Even better, Aldi has released variations on the theme, with an Elderflower version and a delightful cranberry flavor.

I highly recommend the cranberry one if you see it on shelves (though it was an Aldi Find flavor- the company has a way of bringing back popular items).

If you’re not “a beer drinker,” this Wicked Grove hard cider is a terrific alternative.

8. Wernesgrüner, $7.99

Thrillist, in its now-infamous Aldi beer ranking article, gave Wernesgrüner the top spot among all the yeasty, malty offerings.

It’s hard not to, based solely on the brewery’s history; after all, the Wernesgrüner brewery is based in Germany and has been in operation since the Hundred Years’ War (1436, that is).

However, the beer itself, a 4.9 percent alcohol pilsner, is “true to type with a nice long finish and a depth of flavor,” according to certified cicerone Eric Sadovnick.

He even finds it refreshing enough to follow up after a hike or bike ride (though you should also be drinking water).

7. Independence Harbor Amber Ale, $6.49

One of the things to enjoy most about Aldi’s beer selection is how its off-brands so humorously mimic the national brands we all recognize.

Wicked Grove (a take on Angry Orchard) is one.

And this Independence Harbor – I’m going out on a limb here and assuming it’s mimicking Sam Adams, named after a famous Revolutionary War patriot – is another.

There are more to come, too, if you keep reading below.

However, as a Sam Adams fan, I can appreciate the same kind of flavor profile from the Independence Harbor Amber Ale, a malty red ale, that you might get from the Amber Bock.

The Beverage Tasting Institute gives the Amber Ale a bronze medal (with a “recommended” designation), and describes the flavors as “honey-nut cheerios and fresh fig.”

The company recommends drinking it during the cooler months and could be paired well with something like a crispy-skinned roast chicken dinner on a cold November evening.

6. Monterrey Cerveza, $6.29

Aldi’s take on Modelo or Corona is super drinkable, the kind of six-pack you can take on a hot day of fishing or to relax by the pool.

Imported from Guatemala, the author at Brand X Food Reviews gives the Cerveza a thumbs up, adding that a little wedge of lime enhances the overall flavor.

“This is a good buy,” the writer says, noting that when entertaining, guests might be more comfortable drinking the recognizable Corona.

But if you and/or your guests aren’t so hung up on brand names, this is an affordable alternative, especially during the dog days of summer.

5. Third Street Brewhouse Hop Lift IPA, $6.96 (four-pack)

5. Third Street Brewhouse Hop Lift IPA, $6.96 (four-pack) Aldi

In addition to house brands, Aldi has also partnered with and carries brews from a microbrewery in Cold Spring, Minnesota- Third Street Brewhouse.

One of the most popular beverages to come from these beermakers is the Hop Lift IPA, which Sadovnick for Thrillist thinks would pair well with Thai food.

It’s true, IPAs aren’t for everyone, but this one “elevates itself,” Sadovnick insists, “by going all-in on the hops without overdoing it.”

This reviewer on YouTube concurs, saying, “Not really bitter, but you know the hops are there.”

4. White Tide Belgian White Ale, $6.99

White Tide Belgian White Ale is a Witbier, or wheat beer, that stands up to the name brand Blue Moon (which you can infamously enhance with a slice of orange).

The White Ale hails from Belgium (Aldi takes its beer drinkers on a tour of the world).

The ale appropriately features flavors of oranges, as well as lemongrass, mimosa, parsnip, coriander, and chamomile.

On Beer Advocate, the user hbeimers from Illinois even commented, “So strong with the hint of orange that it almost feels fake, but I rather like it.”

BTI calls it “light and citrusy,” and says it makes for good sipping any time of the year and especially with flaky fish, rich Chevre cheese, or even an eggy vegetable frittata.

BTI also gives it a Highly Recommended rating, with a score of 86 points (out of 100), so if you see this one at Aldi, you should definitely pick it up.

3. Vista Bay Hard Seltzer Lemonade, $12.99 (12-pack)

While not a traditional beer, these super fun hard seltzers deserve a mention.

You could pick up the original versions, but the Lemonades are much punchier with flavor and taste a lot better to many people.

The regular Vista Bays stand up to your White Claws, while the Lemonades more closely align with Truly seltzers.

They do run sweet, so those with an aversion to too much sweetness might only be able to handle a few at a time.

Still, the sweetness isn’t sugar-based; each 12-oz. can have only 100 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 3 grams of carbs.

These hard seltzers go down easily, too, so drink responsibly!

2. Great Lakes Brewing Company Dortmunder Gold Lager, $19.99 (15-pack)

Great Lakes Brewing Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is one of the regional brand names that Aldi carries.

A great favorite in the actual Great Lakes area (and slightly beyond), the Dortmunder Gold lager has a 90-point rating from The Beer Connoisseur.

That same site remarks on the beer’s “delicate balance between sweet malt and dry hop flavors,” with judge Owen Ogletree commenting on the “elegant flavor combination.”

If you’re lucky enough to have the Great Lakes Brewing Company in your Aldi, this one is a must-try.

Even better, if your Aldi carries the Great Lakes Brewing Company, you should be on the lookout for variety packs, too.

1. Brecken Bock, $6.99

According to Beer Advocate, bock beer “is stronger than your typical lager, more of a robust malt character with a dark amber to brown hue.”

Aldi’s German roots are usually showing, so it’s no surprise the company carries an excellent version of this German-origin beverage.

The Brecken Bock hails from the State of Brewing brewery in Wisconsin and comes “Recommended” by BTI.

Its aromas and flavors feature “chocolate-covered toffee” and “toasted pumpernickel,” while Aldi recommends pairing it with grilled meats, sharp cheddar, or even something like cake.

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Aldi goes a step further beyond just grocery items for a great price; stores that sell alcohol offer an excellent selection of different beers, from both house labels and regional brands.

Any one of these beers listed above is sure to enhance your next meal or hot summer day, but remember Aldi also carries national brands, like Budweiser and Fat Tire.

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