Best Aldi Coffee Products (7 Coffees to Keep An Eye Open For)

One of the best things about Aldi is how they have dupes for so many expensive products, but the taste is either the same – or better. Coffee can range the gamut from muddy water to high-end experience, and Aldi is no slouch when it comes to offering their customers exceptional variety.

We’ve listed seven of the best Aldi coffee products, plus one you should avoid bigtime, in case you were wondering what to pick up next time you’re in the caffeinated aisle. Let’s go!

Best Aldi Coffee Products In 2024

7. Barissimo Hazelnut Ground Coffee (and Cups)

Barissimo is one of those excellent Aldi brands that hardly ever miss, and the Hazelnut Ground Coffee is an exemplary choice.

It also comes in cups (or pods, if you prefer), so you can get that rich, velvety flavor with the push of a button in your Keurig.

Even better, the single-serve pods are Fair Trade Certified.

One commenter on Amazon said about this coffee:

“The tastiest and most aroma-filled coffee I’ve ever had. I’m an addict now.”

Also, the author of Running in a Skirt lists this coffee among her 10 Best Aldi Coffee Buys.

6. Café Bustelo

You’ve heard of them, but have you seen them?

Name brands at Aldi, that is, and Café Bustelo is among them.

This famously potent espresso ground coffee comes in its distinctive yellow packaging (easy to find on the shelf) and it is inexpensive pretty much anywhere you buy it.

We recommend using this on a 1:1 ratio with a more expensive flavored ground coffee to make cold brew at home.

The flavor is rich and contains chocolate notes, and sipping it gives you an instant buzz of caffeine.

However, if you can’t find Café Bustelo on Aldi’s shelves, you might find Aldi’s own version, Café Bodega.

Redditor u/Mocha_Bean (aptly named) gave it a full review.

5. Barissimo Donut Store Ground Coffee

“Donut shop” coffee is not supposed to taste like donuts (raise your hand if you, like me, thought it was); instead, it’s supposed to complement a fresh glazed donut from the shop.

That means “bold, clean and flavorful,” a simple, straightforward taste that doesn’t try to work against or compete with the simple, straightforward flavor of a donut.

Enter the Barissimo label’s Donut Store Ground Coffee, which reported is a total dupe for Dunkin’ Donuts’ Ground Coffee.

“Our testers said they couldn’t taste a difference,” an Aldi Reviewer says.

It’s also three dollars cheaper than Dunkin’, at $3.99 versus $7.19.

4. Specially Selected Fair-Trade German Premium Roasted Ground Coffee – Regular

4. Specially Selected Fair-Trade German Premium Roasted Ground Coffee – Regular Aldi

According to Aldi’s website, this upmarket coffee from Specially Selected is 100 percent Arabica beans, and “full-flavored with a robust aroma.”

According to Coffee Affection, “German coffee is significantly milder than other country’s roasts.”

The reviewer continues, saying that German coffee “lets the beans do the work.”

This Aldi German coffee received high praise from The Kitchn, who wrote, “…it blew our minds.”

“…This coffee was better than anything we’d made at home before.”

They called it the best five dollars you can spend at Aldi.

This review led Mashed to declare the German Roast ground coffee to be the best ground version that Aldi sells.

3. Stok Cold Brew Coffee

Another brand name item is a coffee in Walmart and Tops Friendly Markets.

If you’re going to go the store-bought route for cold brew, this is the one, and fortunately, Aldi US carries it!

This coffee is absolutely delicious, my morning go-to every single day (yes, even when it’s snowing outside).

It has a nice bold flavor, natural sweetness, and no acidity. It’s a highly drinkable cold brew that tastes even better when your creamer of choice is added.

2. Barissimo Peppermint Mocha

These coffee pods are another personal favorite of mine, but unfortunately, they are an Aldi Find – therefore, they’re not available year-round.

However, if/when Aldi comes out with them again, most likely around the winter holidays, you should absolutely snap them up.

They’re sweet without being cloyingly so, the peppermint is just enough to give the coffee a zing, and since they’re pods, they are so easy to make – no muss, no fuss.

When I picked these up they were next to the coffee pods they were obviously a dupe for – Starbucks peppermint mocha.

The difference? Try three whole dollars, as in the Barissimo version were three dollars cheaper. I put the Starbucks pods right back and picked these up. It was the best decision ever!

1. Simply Nature Fair Trade Organic Whole Bean Coffee – Peru

This is the one Aldi coffee that everyone seems to have reached a consensus on – it’s the very best of the retailer’s whole bean coffees.

It shows up on Running in a Skirt’s 10 Best List, and Aldi Reviewer singled it out for its flavor.

This Reddit thread about favorite coffees mentions it multiple times.

One person wrote, “The whole-bean single-origin Peruvian is $5/bag and compares favorably to craft coffee from independent roasters costing three times as much.”

They continued, “It’s an insane value.”

Worth trying? How about a MUST-try!

And One You Should Avoid…

In 2021, Aldi released a provocative new coffee confection: Barissimo Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee, in flavors Black Currant and Cucumber Lime Ginger.

Do not, I repeat, do NOT let curiosity get the better of you.

I’m not sure who green-flagged these, but they are appallingly strange.

They took my taste buds on a wild ride that felt like an abstract dreamscape with no discernable ground.

However, the good news is that they were really giving me something new, something I had never tasted before.

The bad news, though, is that they were unlike anything I’d ever like to taste again.

To know more, you can also read our posts on Aldi coffee pods, Aldi bread, and Aldi brands.


Aldi has grown a reputation for very fine coffees, whether from Barissimo, Specially Selected, or even select name brands.

With something for everyone, including lots of creamer flavors in the coolers, the low-priced coffees are high in robust, pleasing flavor and affordable enough that you can try one of each.

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