Best Walmart Cat Food (Top 10 Picks To Keep An Eye On)

Walmart has everything you need, and when it comes to cat food, the variety is so great that it’ll make your head spin. Therefore, what brands should you gravitate toward? Should you serve your cat dry or wet food?

Here is a list of the top 11 picks for Walmart cat food to keep an eye on, with something for every kitty’s palate and texture preference, so continue reading!

Best Walmart Cat Food In 2024

10. Pure Balance Wild & Free High Protein

Made to “satisfy your cat’s innate carnivorous instincts,” Pure Balance Wild & Free High Protein dry cat food starts with the best ingredients.

The first on the list include chicken, chicken meal, dried peas, potato protein, and pea protein, followed by organic apple cider vinegar and taurine, for heart health.

The high protein recipe also includes natural fiber to help aid their digestion and essential vitamins to bolster their immune systems.

One commenter on the Walmart website commented, “I love that it’s higher in protein as cats need and tiny sized kibble, perfect even for kittens.”

Furthermore, it comes in chicken and salmon flavors, with a 3-lb bag selling for $9.18 and a 7-lb bag selling for $15.98.

9. Purina ONE Natural, True Instinct High Protein

With no poultry by-product meal and no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, Purina One Natural High Protein cat food is a winner.

It’s comprised of tender, meaty morsels that are 35 percent protein.

Additionally, Purina One Naturals supports a strong immune system, shiny, lustrous coat, and plenty of playful energy.

Furthermore, the Ocean Whitefish flavor ingredient list starts off with real ocean whitefish, followed by chicken meal, pea starch, and cassava root flour.

This is joined by taurine, which is excellent for heart health, as well as numerous vitamins and minerals.

Even better, it’s all made in the USA in Purina-owned facilities.

In addition to Ocean Whitefish, it comes in Chicken flavor, and you can pick up a bag at your local Walmart for $11.53 for 3.2 lbs.

You can also buy a 6.3-lb bag for $17.99 or a 14.4-lb bag for $30.79.

8. Rachel Ray Nutrish

For a simple, straightforward cat food with a healthy, thoughtfully curated ingredient list, there is none other than Rachel Ray Nutrish Super Premium dry cat food.

Furthermore, it’s made without artificial flavors, ingredients, or preservatives, as well as any added wheat, soy, poultry by-product meal, or fillers.

But what is its first ingredient? For the Chicken & Brown Rice recipe, it’s chicken, followed by brown rice, dried peas, whole flaxseed, and dried plain beet pulp.

The latter adds fiber, to promote healthy digestion, while the addition of taurine helps strengthen your kitty’s heart.

Plus, the smaller-sized kibble is easy for cats to manage, both chewing and swallowing.

Check out both flavors, Chicken & Brown Rice and Salmon & Brown Rice, starting at $7.48 for a 3-lb bag.

7. Crave Grain Free

7. Crave Grain Free Walmart

Formulated based on “primal, ancestral diets-inspired by wild cats, but formulated for little cats,” the very first ingredient in Crave Grain Free is real meat or fish.

In the case of the Salmon and Ocean Fish flavor, it’s salmon, followed by chicken meal, pea protein, chicken fat, split peas, tapioca, potato protein, and dried plain beet pulp.

Naturally, there is no corn, no wheat, and no soy protein, and as the name suggests, there is zero grain in the recipe, too.

One commenter on Walmart’s page said, “My cats love it. I bought this to help two of my cats lose weight…They really love this food and don’t beg for treats…as much anymore.”

Furthermore, you can try flavors such as the aforementioned Salmon and Ocean Fish, Chicken & Salmon, and Chicken.

It’s available at Walmart for $12.98 for a 2-lb bag, $18.98 for a 4-lb bag, and $34.98 for a 10-lb bag.

Additionally, wet food helps support proper hydration in cats, and this Pure Balance Pro+ Indoor Paté is a good example and an excellent place to start.

Also, the grain-free formula is made with natural ingredients, as well as essential vitamins and minerals to support good heart health, immune health, and more.

The very first two ingredients in this Pure Balance Pro+ wet food are chicken and chicken liver, followed by water, whitefish, and dried plain beet pulp, among others.

Furthermore, the food comes packaged in perfectly portioned containers, which sell for 78 cents each at Walmart.

6. Purina Beyond Organic

All of the ingredients in Purina Beyond are USDA organic certified, including free-range chicken that is raised with zero antibiotics as the first.

Naturally, there is no corn, wheat or soy, no poultry by-product meal and no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Furthermore, the organic label means there are no prohibited synthetic pesticides or fertilizers and no growth hormones used in the chicken.Additionally, Purina Beyond comes in three flavors, Wild-caught Salmon, Egg and Pumpkin, Farm-Raised Chicken & Whole Barley, and Salmon & Whole Brown Rice.

It’s available in a 3-lb bag for $13.28 from Walmart.

5. Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care

If your cat struggles with both its weight and hairballs, then Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care is the food for your furbaby.

The L-carnitine in the recipe is designed to help your cat slowly lose weight, while the fiber-rich blend of prebiotics and beet pulp can quell hairball tendencies.

Furthermore, real chicken is the first ingredient in this cat food, as well as turkey, dried peas, carrots and vitamins and minerals, to support the overall health of your cat.

Additionally, you can buy a 16-lb. bag online at for $37.99.

4. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Indoor Dry Cat Food

With a 4.8 out of 5 rating on, this Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Indoor dry cat food is the closest thing to perfect you’ll find on this list.

Of course, perfection comes with a price; but when your first ingredient is real chicken, followed by complex carbs and antioxidant-filled blueberries, it’s worth every penny.

Additionally, those antioxidants come in the form of Blue Buffalo’s exclusive proprietary “LifeSource Bits” – a blend of vitamins and minerals that bolster your pet’s immune system.

Also, there are no unhealthy fillers, no corn or wheat, and no artificial flavors or preservatives to speak of in this recipe.

So, at $19.98 for a 5-lb bag, it is pricey, but if your cat tries it and loves it – who can say no?

3. Pure Balance Pro+ Kitten Formula

Kittens require different nutrition than full-grown cats, and the blend of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in Pure Balance Pro+ Kitten Formula is ideal.

This is because the first ingredient is real chicken, and included in the recipe is pearled barley, dried peas, fish oil for silkier coats, and taurine for heart health.

Furthermore, there are no fillers, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives – just wholesome ingredients to see your cat through the kitten months.

It’s available at Walmart stores and online at for $14.98 for a 7-lb. bag.

2. Nutro Wholesome Essentials

Real salmon is the first ingredient in the Salmon and Brown Rice recipe version of Nutro’s Wholesome Essentials adult cat food.

That also means this food is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, that help supports your cat’s shiny coat and promote healthy skin.

The recipe also includes ingredients that bolster your cat’s immune system and promote healthy digestion – thank the dried beet pulp for that.

Furthermore, wholesome Essentials comes in two flavors, the aforementioned Salmon & Brown Rice, as well as Chicken & Brown Rice.

It’s available in 3-lb bags for $14.98, 5-lb bags for $28 and 14-lb bags for $39.98.

1. Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Tender Morsels

For another wet cat food, the Blue Buffalo Tastesfuls Tender Morsels is a real treat for cats.

The protein-rich recipes feature real protein as the first ingredient, plus tons of vitamins and minerals to support healthy immune systems.

The wet food also keeps cats hydrated, aiding in digestion.

Furthermore, tastesfuls come in three flavors, Tuna, Chicken, and Fish & Shrimp, and can be purchased in a multipack of 4 cans each for $12.48 at

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You don’t just want any cat food for your kitty; you want the best, and the 11 foods that are listed here are all prime choices, and they’re all available to buy at Walmart.

Therefore, whether your cats prefer wet or dry, organic or grain-free, one of the foods listed here is sure to suit.

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