Best Walmart Mattresses (Top 5 Picks To Keep An Eye On)

Shopping for a new mattress can be tough, especially if you’re picky about budget or type.

Luckily, Walmart carries no fewer than two dozen different mattress brands, all online and many of which can be shipped within two days.

So which one is right for you? I’ve collected five top picks to keep an eye on for Walmart mattresses, with something for everyone’s preferences and price point, so continue reading!

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5. Serta Sheer Slumber 7” Medium Firm Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Hot sleepers take note: The Serta Sheer Slumber Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress features unique construction, designed to allow airflow through to keep you cool all night.

Along with a chillier sleep, you’ll get edge-to-edge support for whatever sleeping position you fancy, thanks to the patented Serta Foam Core.

This mattress has a medium firm surface, so sleepers in search of soft, pillowy surfaces might want to look at a different selection.

Plus, the Serta Sheer Slumber arrives in a smaller box, thanks to new compression technology; all you have to do is unpack and unroll the mattress.

Now, you do need a box spring for this mattress if you have a traditional bed frame, but if you have a platform bed you’re all right without one.

Furthermore, Walmart sells the Serta Sheer Slumber in 8” and 9” as well.

Also, it currently holds a 4.7 out of 5 rating on, with one reviewer raving, “Best sleep I had in years!” and another purporting, “Life has changed! Sleep has greatly improved!”

The cost is just $269.10 for a Twin, $332.10 for a Full, $349.99 for a Queen, and $439.99 for a King.

4. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid 12” Bed In A Box

For the best of both worlds, you have the Allswell Luxe Hybrid 12”, the perfect marriage of cooling memory foam over individually wrapped coils.

This medium-firm mattress features a bottom layer of coils, individually wrapped to minimize motion transfer, and is then topped with layers of performance memory foam.

The memory foam and coils are then enwrapped in a cooling fabric that keeps you comfortable all night long.

Additionally, the memory foam is a combination of graphite and copper gel, which not only wicks away heat, it combats bacteria.

Also, the 12-inch mattress is thick, designed to mimic the higher-end mattresses, but at a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, this hybrid mattress is ideal for tosser-turners, with its low motion transfer (so anyone else in the bed is minimally disturbed) and support for all sleeping positions.

The Allswell Luxe is available from at $399 for a Twin, $419 for a Twin XL, $499 for a Full, $549 for a Queen, $599 for a King, and $599 for a California King.

3. Zinus 8” Green Tea Memory Foam

3. Zinus 8” Green Tea Memory Foam Walmart

The Zinus 8’ Green Tea Memory Foam mattress is memory foam on a budget, without feeling like it’s a budget buy.

It features four inches of high-density base support foam, two inches of pressure relieving comfort foam, and another two inches of memory foam.

Furthermore, the “proprietary green tea and charcoal infused memory foam” wicks away moisture and smells while aligning your body’s spine and supporting your joints.

Additionally, the mattress arrives compressed and rolled up into an easy-to-maneuver box (so you should have no issues getting it to the room you want it in).

Therefore, simply unbox, cut the wrapping materials, and unroll it; it’ll be fully “inflated” within 72 hours.

Also, the prices can’t be beaten; one reviewer on said, “I can’t believe how inexpensive this mattress is, I would buy it 100 times over.”

A Twin will set you back $179, a Full $209, a Queen $249 and a King is just $299.

However, the Zinus Green Tea Memory Foam mattress is also available in 6”, 10”, and 12”.

2. Lucid Bliss 10” Gel Memory Foam

For those who prefer a softer mattress, there is the Lucid Bliss 10” Gel Memory Foam Mattress, featuring three inches of cooling gel foam on top.

The soft, responsive memory foam is like sleeping on a cloud, albeit a cloud that supports and cools you while you doze.

Therefore, no more waking up in pain or tossing and turning in the night; the gel memory foam cradles your body, cushioning all your pressure points and keeping the spine in alignment.

For that reason, the Lucid Bliss is perfect for side sleepers or for co-sleepers who don’t want to wake their partner in the night when they get up to use the bathroom.

Additionally, the Lucid Bliss is available in a few different thicknesses, including 5”, 12”, and 14” (though I find the 10” to be the best value).

Furthermore, you can buy this mattress on for $209 for a Twin, $219 for a Twin XL, $259 for a Full, $309 for a Queen, $389 for a King, and $409 for a California King.

1. Linenspa 8” Memory Foam Hybrid

Another hybrid mattress, the Linenspa 8” Memory Foam is a terrific buy for a budget-savvy shopper.

On the firmer side, this mattress features supportive and durable steel springs, which gives the sleeper the “bounce and feel of a traditional innerspring mattress.”

But atop those coils sits a memory foam layer that will cushion and hug every curve.

Unlike other mattresses that come rolled up in a box, the Linenspa Memory Foam only takes 24 hours for full expansion, so you can enjoy your full night’s sleep sooner.

Furthermore, it’s available from for $205 for a Twin, $281 for a Full, $301 for a Queen, $380 for a King, and $399 for a California King.

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Getting a good night’s rest is essential to being a functioning human being, and Walmart has plenty of high-quality mattresses to choose from at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, whether you prefer a soft or medium firmness, gel foam, or a hybrid, you can count on Walmart to have a brand you trust at a price you can’t beat.

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