Buying Diamonds On Amazon (Are They Real, Is It Safe, Quality + More)

Diamonds are always in high demand, and the rise of online shopping has made it easier for people to buy glitzy jewels than ever before.

If you’ve shopped on Amazon, you may have noticed diamonds for sale. Perhaps you’re curious if buying diamonds on Amazon is a smart idea.

I wanted to know that, too, so I did some digging, and here is what my research revealed about diamonds on Amazon.

Buying Diamonds On Amazon

There is a wide variety of diamonds available from the Amazon Collection and third-party sellers on Amazon. You can buy loose stones or finished diamond jewelry from Amazon Marketplace, with real, lab-grown, and fake diamonds sold at different price points. Just be careful to read the product description and return policy when buying diamonds on Amazon.

If you want to learn more about buying diamonds on Amazon, then keep reading for all the important details!

Are Amazon Diamonds Real?

Some Amazon diamonds are real, but not all…

Keep in mind that diamond jewelry listings on Amazon Marketplace are third-party merchants selling diamonds, not Amazon itself.

While Amazon monitors listings for product quality and customer satisfaction, there are millions of items sold by third parties.

Sometimes misleading listings slip through the cracks and may not offer the expected quality.

That’s why it’s so important to always read the product listing in detail, especially when shopping for diamonds.

It is recommended to look for highly-rated products with a lot of good reviews (just be aware of fake reviews).

The product listing should explain the diamond certification and warranty so you can tell the real from the fake.

Also, look out for product titles and descriptions like cubic zirconia. This is one of the most common diamond imitation stones, so they resemble diamonds from afar but clearly are lesser-quality stones up close.

There’s nothing wrong with more affordable cubic zirconia jewelry on Amazon, so long as you don’t think you’re buying real diamonds.

If you want extra peace of mind that you’re buying real diamonds off Amazon shop the Amazon Collection brand that is known for its quality and transparency.

Again, make sure you check the specifications to understand the diamond’s clarity and quality and where it’s sourced from so you know it’s real.

What Quality Diamonds Are On Amazon?

There are many different diamond qualities you can buy on Amazon.

If you type in diamond jewelry in the search bar, you will see a long list of search filters to find the ideal diamond for you.

Remember the four factors used to rate diamond quality: clarity, cut, color, and carat weight.

With these, you can search for Amazon diamonds using all of these characteristics, as well as jewelry metal and theme.

Additionally, look out for ideal, good, good, and fair, as these diamond cuts play a big role in the quality of the diamond.

Also, keep an eye out for diamond weights, which typically range from under 0.25ct to over 5.00ct.

Does Amazon Sell Lab-Grown Diamonds?

Does Amazon Have Lab Grown Diamonds?

Amazon has both real and lab-grown diamonds, which are made in a lab by replicating the natural process of growing diamonds.

When browsing on Amazon, every product listing should detail whether the diamonds are natural or synthetic.

Additionally, you can filter your diamond search on Amazon by jewelry stone creation method, either lab created or natural.

Popular jewelry brands that sell lab-grown diamonds on Amazon include Pavoi, Leafael, Anne Klein, Alex and Ani, and Elda & Co.

Lab-grown diamonds are also sold under the Amazon Essentials and Amazon Collection brands.

As a side note, the more details the manufacturer provides about this process on Amazon, the more likely the diamond is of trustworthy quality.

Is It Safe To Buy Diamonds On Amazon?

Buying diamonds on Amazon is safe if you do your research and double-check the product listing before buying.

Not all diamonds are created equal, which holds true for the thousands of jewelry listings on Amazon.

It’s best to buy from an established brand, whether that be Amazon Collection, Amazon Essentials, or other popular jewelry brands like Anne Klein or Alex and Ani.

The more product details provided by the manufacturer, the better.

Also, if a diamond listing looks too good to be true with amazing quality at an ultra-low price, you may want to think again.

Some third-party sellers are better than others, so genuine reviews and ratings can help you make the right choice when purchasing diamonds on Amazon.

Look for verified reviews from real purchasers to better understand what diamonds are worth it and which ones to skip. Also, consider buying certified diamonds with warranty protection.

If Amazon diamonds are certified and come with a warranty, all those details will be included on the product listing.

Generally, certified diamonds cost more but are of higher quality and a better choice when buying jewelry online.

Can You Return Diamonds On Amazon?

Not all diamonds can be returned on Amazon.

While Amazon itself has a fairly generous return policy covering items returned within 30 days of shipment receipt, some third-party sellers have different return policies.

The return policy will be outlined underneath the product price and add to cart button. It’s best to always click on the return policy just to be sure you know your options for a refund ahead of time.

If you purchase diamond gemstones or jewelry from a third-party retailer and are unsatisfied, you can leave a review and contact Amazon to inform them about the issue.

Your ability to return the diamonds and get a refund depends largely on the merchant’s policy, although you can ask Amazon to help if the issue is not resolved.

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There are many options when it comes to buying diamonds online from Amazon, with sparkly gems offered through the Amazon Essentials and Amazon Collection, and many more third-party brands.

You can get real and lab-grown diamonds ranging in clarity, cut, color, and weight.

There’s always a small risk when buying diamonds online, so make sure you check the Amazon product listing to understand the diamond quality, source, and certification.

Many Amazon diamonds are certified and protected by warranties, but not all. Check the product details and return policy before purchasing diamonds on Amazon.

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