Buying Tires On Amazon (How It Works, Warranty, Good Place To Buy + More)

Amazon is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce retailers, with an extensive selection of everyday products, including automotive supplies.

While browsing Amazon’s auto department, you may have seen their tires for sale. So how does it work, and is Amazon a good place to buy tires? I wondered that too, so I did my research, and here is what I uncovered!

Can You Buy Tires On Amazon?

Amazon sells a range of tires from leading automotive brands like Bridgestone, Cooper, Pirelli, Michelin, Hankook, Goodyear, Toyo, Firestone, and BFGoodrich. Customers can get tires shipped to their home, business, or an auto service center near them for professional installation from one of Amazon’s trusted auto shop partners.

To learn more about the types of tire brands Amazon sells, if Amazon is a good place to buy tires, keep reading!

What Tire Brands Does Amazon Carry?

Amazon stocks all the top tire brands, just like the ones you’d find at a mechanic shop.

There are about 40 brands to choose from, including the top mainstream tire manufacturers like Goodyear, Continental, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Firestone, Cooper, Pirelli, Toyo Tires, Marathon Industries, and many more.

In addition to passenger car tires, Amazon also has tires for performance cars, SUVs, trucks, and all-terrain vehicles.

Powersport tires, inner tubes, and other automotive vehicles are available, too, with competitive pricing similar to what you’d find in a store or at a mechanic.

Does Amazon Have A Tire Finder?

Amazon makes it easier to find the right tires using its Tire Finder. When you type in tires, this option should appear at the top of the search results page.

Simply enter your tire size or vehicle info, and Tire Finder will bring up the tires that could work for your car, SUV, or truck.

Look for the “Amazon Confirmed Fit” badge that indicates which tires fit and doesn’t fit your vehicle. When you select tires that fit, you may proceed to select installation services.

If not, you can explore other options by clicking the option to see all tires that fit your vehicle.

How Does Buying Tires Work On Amazon?

How Does Buying Tires Work On Amazon?

Traditionally, most vehicle owners bought tires from their local auto store or directly from the repair shop.

Amazon has simplified that process and eliminated the need to buy tires in person, with a wide selection available to order directly from a phone or computer.

To purchase tires on Amazon, you can search for the desired type of tires or brand or browse the automotive department.

Once you decide on the type of tires you want, choose the size, quantity, and whether or not you want them to be installed.

Prices start from $19.99 per tire, and Amazon will automatically display its partner auto shops that are closest to you.

If you opt to purchase professional installation at the same time as the tires, Amazon will ship your order directly to the auto shop.

Otherwise, the tires will be shipped to a nominated address, and you can arrange installation from there.

What’s Included In Amazon Tire Installation?

If you choose professional tire installation on Amazon, the local service includes tire replacement, tire balancing, and new stem valve installation.

Additionally, customers can select up to three preferred dates and times for tire installation.

When deciding which local auto shop you want to go to, Amazon displays the closest service date so you can plan accordingly.

Amazon sends you a confirmation email when your appointment is confirmed. All that’s left is for you to show up on time and get your new tires installed.

The other benefit of professional tire installation is Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can contact Amazon for assistance.

Do Amazon Tires Have A Warranty?

Do Amazon Tires Have A Warranty?

It always pays to have a warranty on your tires, and when you buy tires from Amazon, they are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty. This covers material, mileage, and workmanship.

Before buying tires from Amazon, checking the manufacturers’ warranty on the product page is a good idea.

Although 50,000 or 60,000-mile warranties are pretty standard, every brand is different. Before you check out, you can confirm the warranty protection and any other product guarantees on the item listing.

Is Amazon A Good Place To Buy Tires?

Whether you want to stock up on spare tires to keep you safe on the road or invest in all-new tires for a much-needed upgrade, Amazon is a trusted retailer for tires.

While it may not be as traditional, Amazon offers all the same great brands as in-person auto shops and stores, with competitive prices and a wide range of tires to suit any vehicle.

The advantage of shopping for tires on Amazon is the convenience.

Instead of going out of your way and looking at a wide range of tires that all look similar, you can quickly select replacements for your current tires.

Within minutes, you could order new tires from a well-known brand and have professional service arranged at a mechanic close to you.

Amazon has not only tires, but also a wide range of other auto parts and accessories, including high-quality brakes and batteries.

You can get tires, brakes, and batteries all installed at the same local auto shop after shopping on Amazon.

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Amazon is good for more than just books and household goods, as it’s also become a popular place to buy tires.

Amazon carries all the top tire brands like Bridgestone, BFGoodrich, Goodyear, Michelin, Pirelli, Hankook, Cooper, Starfire, Marathon Industries, Toyo Tires, and more.

Not only does Amazon sell tires at competitive prices, but it also gives you the chance to add professional installation to your purchase. In that case,

Amazon ships the tires directly to the selected service provider near you. Plus, the installation is backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee for peace of mind that the new tires will be installed properly.

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