Buying a TV On Amazon (Installation, Delivery, Signature Required + More)

Many stores like Best Buy and Walmart offer TV’s for sale online. Customers can find great brands and prices, and in some cases can even have the TV installed by the delivery driver!

Amazon also offers TV’s for sale! So if you’re considering purchasing a TV from Amazon, you may be wondering what the experience is like. If so, keep reading this article to see what I learned!

Buying a TV on Amazon In 2022

Amazon sells over 15 TV brands through their website and has TV’s for as low as $105 and offers Prime shipping, along with TV installation for Smart TV’s. Customers can purchase well-known brands like Samsung, Sony and LG, and shipping is completely free. Select brands may not be eligible for Prime shipping.

If you’d like to learn more about the types of TV’s Amazon sells, how their TV installation service works, their Prime delivery for TV’s and more, keep reading through this article to learn more!

What TV Brands Does Amazon Sell?

Amazon sells a number of different TV brands! Their current selection is as follows:

  • TCL
  • Samsung
  • Hisense
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Skyworth
  • JVC
  • Soulaca
  • Jensen
  • Free Signal TV
  • Sharp
  • Element
  • Cables to Go

These TV brands are available in 20-70 inch models, and their quality ranges from 4K, 1080P Full HD to 720 HP Ready! Prices will range depending on the size of the TV model and the brand.

If customers would like to locate any of the above brands specifically, they can do so by entering the brand name into Amazon’s search engine.

They can also narrow their search by filling the filters on the left side of the screen. This will allow customers to select the size, price range and visual quality in a more condensed search!

Does Amazon Install TV’s For Customers?

Amazon delivery drivers offer a TV installation service for Smart TV’s only.

Amazon will provide a TV bracket for mounting, loading and testing the hardware, and will walk customers through how to use their TV.

Additionally, Amazon will send a professional to install the TV, and will even set up Alexa Integration for customers who desire it!

On top of the installation service, Amazon will provide customers with cable management so that they can hide their TV cords in a nice, clean and organized way!

Currently, Amazon only directly offers TV installation for customers who have purchased a Smart TV.

Do TV’s Qualify for Prime Two Day Shipping?

Do TV’s Qualify for Prime Two Day Shipping?

Amazon provides One Day and Two Day Prime shipping for select TV’s. Regular Prime shipping is also available for Prime members, and can be used for most TV’s available on Amazon.

However, not every area is eligible for One Day and Two Day shipping.

If customers want to find out if they qualify, they can check the search filters on the left hand side of Amazon’s product search pages!

Prime members who don’t qualify for One and Two Day shipping can still find TV’s for regular Prime shipping, which usually arrives within 4-5 days!

Do I Need to Sign for a TV from Amazon?

Amazon generally doesn’t require customers to sign for items they purchase.

However, some individual sellers through Amazon will require a signature, which may apply to some TV brands only.

If customers would like more information about signing for a TV, they can check the policy information on the TV brand’s company website, or their seller page on Amazon.

What is Amazon’s Return Policy on a TV?

Amazon’s return policy for their TV sets are as follows:

  • Customers have 30 days to return a TV from the time they receive the package for any reason
  • In order to make a return, the TV set must be in brand-new condition, in the original packaging and with all personal data removed by use of a factory reset
  • If the TV purchased arrived damaged or defective, Amazon will offer a free return and/or a replacement TV
  • Customers must contact the TV brand company for product registration and warranty information

If customers have further questions about Amazon’s return policy for TV’s, they can contact customer service and ask for assistance.

Is Buying a TV from Amazon Worth It?

Amazon’s TV selection is varied, making some TV’s a more worthwhile purchase over others. While Amazon’s prices are reasonable, cheaper TV’s may not be very high quality.

Many customer reviews have favorable ratings for TV’s such as Caixun and TCL, but TV’s such as Samsung are reviewed as being defective and only working temporarily.

Some TV brands who sell through Amazon will allow them to sell their brand for the same price as their own store and company website, meaning Amazon’s selection is not necessarily cheaper.

Therefore, Amazon is only worth purchasing a TV through if customers have Amazon Prime accounts, as they can receive their TV faster and with free shipping.

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Amazon sells a number of well known TV brands such as Samsung and LG. They offer One and Two Day Prime shipping for qualifying locations, and even provide an installation service for customers who purchased a Smart TV!

However, purchasing a TV through Amazon is generally not worthwhile unless customers have Prime shipping, as many TV brands Amazon sells have the same prices on their company websites.

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