Can DoorDash Pick Up Multiple Orders? (How to Guide)

DoorDash makes it incredibly simple to order food from your favorite restaurants and have it delivered right to your front door. That said, DoorDash is also an excellent way for people to earn extra money by delivering orders.

So, if you’re interested in becoming a DoorDasher, you might have some questions. For example, can DoorDashers pick up multiple delivery orders while they’re on one route?

I was curious about the same thing and decided to research the matter. Here’s what I found out!

Can DoorDash Pick Up Multiple Orders In [currentyear]?

DoorDashers can pick up between two and ten orders from the same restaurant or nearby convenience stores as of [currentyear]. Then, the Dasher app generates a route that makes deliveries most efficient. Also, DoorDashers make more money when they choose to pick up multiple orders or batched deliveries at one time.

To learn more about how DoorDashers pick up multiple orders, why DoorDash allows drivers to pick up several orders, and much more, keep on reading! I’ve researched everything you need to know!

Do DoorDashers Pick Up Multiple Orders?

Yes, DoorDashers have the option to pick up a few orders at one time.

With that, DoorDash offers a logistics platform that allows DoorDashers to accept a couple of orders at once and deliver them together.

Also, when DoorDashers pick up multiple orders at one time, they don’t deviate from a primary route.

Therefore, they can potentially increase their earnings without going too far out of their way while making deliveries.

However, it’s entirely up to the DoorDasher whether or not they accept multiple orders at one time.

Why Are DoorDashers Allowed To Pick Up Multiple Orders?

DoorDash lets DoorDashers complete multiple orders because they can quickly complete more orders in less time than usual.

Additionally, DoorDashers can earn more money a lot quicker when they accept numerous orders.

Essentially, DoorDash tries to make the delivery process as efficient as possible for the drivers. Usually, DoorDashers pick up batched orders from the same restaurant.

However, sometimes the batched orders come from restaurants close to each other. Also, DoorDash batched orders typically happen during peak times, which are lunch and dinner.

How Do DoorDashers Pick Up Multiple Orders?

For DoorDashers, it’s very simple to pick up multiple orders while they’re on a route.

For example, all a DoorDasher has to do is click on the “Add Order to Route” to pick up multiple orders. That said, the Dasher app notifies drivers when batched deliveries are possible.

Additionally, the DoorDasher delivery app color codes the orders to make the process easier for drivers to organize.

For example, the app suggests the order in which a DoorDasher should complete the deliveries, so it’s most efficient. However, DoorDashers can choose how to deliver their batched deliveries.

Also, to see all the orders in a batched delivery, DoorDashers should tap the menu at the top of the Dasher app. Then, the app displays a list of orders on the route.

How Do You Sign Up To Be A DoorDasher?

How Do You Sign Up To Be A DoorDasher?

If you’re interested in becoming a DoorDasher, the sign-up process is straightforward. That said, follow these steps to become a DoorDasher:

  • Complete your Dasher profile using this sign up link
  • Enter your email address and phone number to register your profile
  • Submit the remainder of your profile information (name and account password)
  • Select your vehicle type (you’ll be prompted to add vehicle details)
  • Submit a background check (this will take a few minutes to process)
  • Add your bank account information (routing and checking account number)
  • Complete your first delivery!

After you complete your first DoorDash delivery, you’ll have the option to complete routed deliveries and earn more money.

Can You Order From Two Different Businesses On DoorDash?

In the past, DoorDash only allowed you to order from one restaurant at a time. However, the company recently introduced a feature called DoubleDash.

With DoubleDash, you can place orders from two businesses at one time, as long as they are close to one another.

Therefore, you can order dinner from a restaurant and dessert from a nearby convenience store.

Additionally, after you place an order from a restaurant, DoorDash will prompt you with the opportunity to place another order from a convenience store close by.

However, there is a time limit when placing multiple orders, so you have to act fast to ensure you get everything you need.

What Is A Routed Delivery On DoorDash?

A routed, or batched delivery, is a group of two or more DoorDash orders with a single pickup location and multiple drop-off points along a primary route.

Essentially, DoorDash tries to make deliveries as efficient as possible by allowing DoorDashers to complete multiple orders at one time.

That said, routed deliveries include drop-off points that are all close in proximity.

How Many Orders Are Included In A DoorDash Routed Delivery?

With DoorDash batched deliveries, DoorDashers can drop off between two and ten orders along a primary route.

Again, DoorDashers usually pick up multiple orders from the same restaurant or convenience stores nearby for batched deliveries.

Also, DoorDashers have the freedom to accept or deny routed deliveries.

Do DoorDashers Make More Money When They Accept Multiple Orders?

Yes, DoorDashers make more money when they complete batched deliveries. With the DoorDasher delivery app, a driver has the option to accept or deny batched deliveries.

But, with the incentive to earn more money, most DoorDashers accept batched deliveries.

Additionally, routed deliveries allow DoorDashers to make more money at a faster rate because the drop-off points are close to one another.

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DoorDashers can pick up between two and ten orders at one time, allowing them to earn more money in the process.

That said, the Dasher app automatically generates a route to make batched deliveries most efficient.

Also, you can place DoorDash orders from two different restaurants and have them delivered at one time.

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