Can You Reroute a FedEx Package? (All You Need to Know)

It goes without saying that the delivery address is one of the most important pieces of information needed when mailing a package. So, what happens when you realize you need to change it?

Luckily, FedEx makes it easy to change the delivery address and reroute packages if you find yourself in a similar situation. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about rerouting FedEx packages, including how to do it and how much it costs, so keep reading!

Can You Reroute a FedEx Package In [currentyear]?

FedEx allows customers to change the delivery address and reroute packages while in transit in [currentyear]. Packages can be sent to an alternate address or can be held at a FedEx location for pickup. Address changes can be made easily through the FedEx website. Rerouting a package less than 120 miles away from the original address costs $5.55.

There’s a bunch more to know about rerouting your FedEx packages, so make sure to read this entire article!

Can I Change the Delivery Address of My FedEx Package?

If you’re the shipper, you can change the delivery address for most FedEx packages through the FedEx website.

It’s also possible to reroute a package to a FedEx location where it will be held for pickup instead of being delivered.

Receivers can change the delivery address by getting in touch with the shipper. That’s because only shippers are authorized to reroute packages.

Are There Any Restrictions on Rerouting FedEx Packages?

FedEx is pretty flexible when it comes to allowing customers to reroute packages. Still, there are some exceptions.

If you want to change a package’s delivery address, FedEx will only accept the request if:

  • There are no address change restrictions on your account
  • The new address isn’t in another country
  • The shipment hasn’t been delivered yet

Aside from these basic restrictions, it’s also important to note that rerouting may not be possible if FedEx isn’t able to change the original air waybill attached to the shipment.

What’s more, you can’t change the delivery address for dangerous goods shipments due to safety and security reasons.

These shipments can, however, be held at a pickup point in the same service area as the original address or be returned to the shipper.

Lastly, only one reroute per package is allowed.

Where Can You Reroute a FedEx Package?

There aren’t too many restrictions when it comes to where you’re allowed to reroute FedEx packages.

For example, you can reroute a package to a different street address in the same city or to an entirely different state.

It’s also possible to have a package rerouted from a residential address to a FedEx location for pickup.

Can You Reroute a FedEx Package to a Different State?

Can You Reroute a FedEx Package to a Different State?

FedEx packages can be rerouted to an address in a different state. That being said, the package sender needs to authorize the address change.

It’s also worth noting that rerouting fees are significantly higher if you plan to reroute a package more than 120 miles from the original delivery location.

We discuss rerouting fees in a later section, so be sure to check that out if you have questions about pricing.

How Do I Reroute a FedEx Package?

To redirect a package, head to the FedEx website and enter your tracking number. Afterward, follow these steps:

  1. Click Manage Delivery, then Hold at Location or Change Address.
  2. Click Continue to acknowledge that you understand that changing the delivery address may change your delivery date.
  3. From the options provided, choose the location where you want your package sent.
  4. Provide your contact information (phone number and/or email address) so FedEx can alert you of any changes.
  5. Review your location selection and the recipient contact information, then click Submit.
  6. Confirm your request, then click Done.

It’s also possible to make an address change request over the phone.

To do so, call 800-463-3339. Identify yourself and provide the FedEx representative with your tracking number.

Next, give the new address where you want the package sent. Finally, pay any required fees.

Does FedEx Charge to Reroute Packages?

FedEx doesn’t charge to reroute First Overnight packages but it does charge to reroute packages sent through other services.

For delivery to another address less than 120 miles from the original delivery address, the fee is $5.55 per package.

To reroute to a location more than 120 miles from the original delivery address, FedEx charges $33.50 per package and delivers 1 day after the scheduled delivery date.

For delivery 3 days after the originally scheduled delivery date, FedEx charges $22.50.

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It may be stressful realizing that you need to reroute your FedEx package, but there’s no need to panic. In fact, it couldn’t be easier. Simply log in to your FedEx account, enter the new delivery address and pay the fee.

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