Can You Reroute a UPS Package? (All You Need to Know)

There are few small pleasures in life that bring the same excitement as knowing your package will arrive that day.

But what happens if your package is set to arrive somewhere you can’t or won’t be able to get to it- can you reroute a UPS package, and if so, how? If you’d like to find out, keep reading!

Can You Reroute a UPS Package In 2024?

You can reroute a UPS package with a free UPS My Choice account in 2024. You can reroute a UPS package to a UPS Customer Center, UPS Access Point, or to a UPS Store location for free, but you will need to pay a fee of $4 to $6 to reroute to another address.

If you’re worried you may need to reroute your next UPS package, or just want to take advantage of this awesome program, be sure to keep reading to learn more!

How Do I Reroute a UPS Package?

The first step in rerouting your UPS package is to make a free UPS My Choice account.

To make an account, visit this page, click the “sign up” link, and fill out all of the requested information.

Once you’ve created your UPS My Choice account, the next step is to log in and view your packages.

UPS automatically compiles a list of all current packages associated with the address you signed up for your UPS My Choice account with.

If you don’t see the package you’re looking for, double-check that your UPS My Choice account has the same address as the package you’re looking for!

Once you find the package(s) that you want to reroute, click on the “delivery options” button.

If you don’t see one, your shipper may have restricted this option, but you can reach out to them to fix it!

After clicking on “delivery options,” simply follow the prompt to change the location of your delivery.

UPS will offer you a wide variety of locations to choose from, including nearby UPS Access Points, UPS Customer Centers, and UPS Store locations.

UPS My Choice also allows you to change other delivery options, such as the date or time the package is delivered, and offering the option for packages to be held when you’re out of town!

Can You Reroute a UPS Package That Has Already Been Shipped?

Can You Reroute a UPS Package That Has Already Been Shipped?

You can reroute a UPS package that has already been shipped!

In fact, most packages that are rerouted have already been shipped.

The only stipulation for rerouting packages is that it usually needs to be done 24 hours prior to the stated delivery date.

This is done to avoid UPS wasting time, and resources on preparing a package and loading it only to have it returned to the facility or dropped off outside of the original delivery area.

For example, let’s say you wanted to reroute a package to a UPS Access Point next to your work so that it wasn’t sitting on your doorstep for too long.

As long as you made this change the day before the package was due to be delivered, there’s no problem!

If you tried to reroute the same package the day it was due to be delivered, however, your request either wouldn’t be accepted by the UPS system, or you’d have to pay a fee to reroute it.

How Much Does UPS Charge to Reroute a Package?

Typically, UPS doesn’t charge to reroute a package, provided you have a UPS My Choice account and reroute your package to a UPS location at least 24 hours before the delivery date.

Most reroute requests tend to fall into this category, but there are some exceptions where UPS will charge a small fee to reroute certain packages.

One instance in which UPS will charge a fee to reroute a package is if the package is rerouted to a different address that isn’t a UPS Access Point, UPS Customer Center, or UPS Store.

This fee typically ranges anywhere from $4 to $6 depending on how far outside the original delivery area the new address is.

Another circumstance where UPS would charge you a fee to reroute your package would be if you needed to reroute your package within 24 hours of its intended delivery date.

If UPS does accept your request to reroute a package that’s due in 24 hours or less, you’ll be charged anywhere from $6 to $15 depending on where you’re having the package rerouted to.

Note that UPS reserves the right to charge transportation costs outside of the above-stated fees if the address that you provide is further outside your delivery area than normal.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on whether or not USPS takes UPS packages, UPS shipping restrictions, and if UPS delivers on Saturdays.


UPS does allow you to reroute packages through the UPS My Choice program, which you can make an account with for free by visiting the UPS website. Most packages are rerouted after they have been shipped, but more than 24 hours before they are due to be delivered.

Rerouting a package to a UPS Access Point, UPS Customer Center, or UPS Store location is free of charge so long as the request is submitted more than 24 hours before the stated delivery date.

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