Can You Return Food To Walmart? [Perishable & Non Perishable Items] 

Walmart’s exchange and return policy is extremely simple and easy to use when looking at items such as furniture and tools, but what happens if you want to return food? 

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide for everything you need to know about returning food to Walmart. Read on to discover what we’ve found!

Can You Return Food To Walmart?

Walmart will accept returns of non-perishable food items within 90 days of purchase if a customer is unsatisfied with the product. Walmart will also accept returns of fresh produce and meat within the best-before date if a customer is not happy with the quality, freshness, or taste.

To learn more about returning food items to Walmart and how to ensure you get an exchange or refund, keep on reading!

Consumers Are Protected By Walmart’s Fresh Guarantee Policy

Walmart’s popular fresh guarantee policy ensures that customers can request their money back (within 90 days) or have a replacement product if they are not satisfied with the quality of their perishable items.

Food items covered under the money-back guarantee policy include bakery goods, fresh fruits, and vegetables, as well as meats and fish. 

To learn more about this policy and what groceries can’t be returned to Walmart, how to return foot items, and what to do if you don’t have a receipt or packaging, keep on reading!

How Do I Return Food Items To Walmart?

You can return unopened non-perishable food items to Walmart via their free mail return service or by taking the purchase into your local store and asking for a return at the customer service desk. 

For perishable or opened items, Walmart will not accept returns for a refund, but you may be eligible for an exchange or store credit (see more below).

To find out if you are eligible, you can contact Walmart’s customer care at (800) 925-6278, where they will be able to further assist your inquiry. They may ask for your item’s order number, so keep hold of your receipt when making the phone call. 

Can You Return Unopened Food To Walmart?

Can You Return Unopened Food To Walmart?

In most cases, Walmart is happy to return unopened food within the 90-day return window period as long as it is a frozen or non-perishable item.

Unopened perishable goods cannot be returned to Walmart in most cases for hygiene purposes, but Walmart may offer a refund or exchange.

Can You Return Food To Walmart Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can return unopened and unused frozen or non-perishable food items (e.g., bottles of soda, cans, cereal, condiments, etc.) to Walmart without a receipt.

However, since you are unable to prove when the item was purchased, it is ultimately up to the Walmart floor manager whether or not to give you an exchange or store credit.

In most cases, however, if you are polite and bring along any packaging or barcodes of the product, you will be able to receive a store credit.

Side note: If the item has passed its best-before date, then Walmart will not accept the return under any circumstances.

Can You Return Frozen Food To Walmart?

Yes, you can return frozen food items to Walmart as long as that store location has a frozen food section and if the item has not been opened or used. 

Additionally, when returning frozen food items to Walmart, it is best to bring a receipt or any proof of purchase so you can get store credit for your next shop.

Can You Return Meat To Walmart?

Can You Return Meat To Walmart?

Yes, according to Walmart’s fresh guarantee, customers are able to return beef, pork, chicken, or any other meat in-store if they are unsatisfied with the product.

So if you have received a meat item from the deli, fridge, or freezer section at Walmart and it is off, discolored, stale, spoiled, or has an unpleasant smell, then you can get a store credit or an exchange.

To learn more, you can see our post on where Walmart gets their meat from!

Can You Return Vegetables To Walmart?

Vegetables cannot be physically returned to Walmart under the perishable food item policy, but if they are unopened and have no signs of being damaged or tampered with by the customer, Walmart will be happy to provide a money-back guarantee.  

Alternatively, if the vegetables have been opened or partially used and are visibly not fresh, you will likely be able to keep the item (if you wish) and receive a refund or exchange for your purchase under the fresh produce money-back guarantee warranty.  

Can You Return Fish To Walmart?

Walmart’s fresh produce return policy states that they offer a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee. Though it is likely that Walmart will not physically accept the fish back, they are more than happy to offer you a refund for your purchase.  

Can You Return Baby Food To Walmart?

Most non-perishable food items, including types of baby food and baby formula, are able to be returned under the grocery section in Walmart’s return policy.

This means that any damaged or stale baby food can be returned with a receipt within 90 days of purchase.

If the baby food is unopened and unused, Walmart should be able to process a return for it within the 90-day window too.

However, this is down to the store manager on that day, and Walmart has been known to offer exchanges for baby food rather than a refund. 

Can I Return Food Items I Ordered From Walmart Online?

Can I Return Food Items I Ordered From Walmart Online?

Yes, you can return unopened and unused non-perishable items that you purchased from Walmart online by either taking them to your local Walmart store or via the free Walmart mail returns, which can be accessed online. 

Can You Return Alcohol To Walmart?

Yes, Walmart does accept alcohol returns. However, these returns must be made to the store that the products were originally purchased from, and the customer must also have the original receipt of the transaction.

Can You Return Tobacco Products To Walmart?

Yes, Walmart accepts the returns of tobacco products, but these must be returned unused and unopened with a receipt to the original store of purchase only.

Can You Return Groceries To A Different Walmart Store?

Yes, any Walmart location will accept returns of groceries that have been purchased from other stores. However, there is an exception for alcohol and tobacco products that can only be returned at the store they were purchased from. 

If you do not have your receipt, we recommend going back to the same store in which you initially purchased the item, as they will have to do an authorization check. 

Please be aware that stock may differ from store to store, and if you are asking for an exchange or item replacement, some stores may have slightly different supply numbers.

It is best to call the Walmart you are traveling to in order to check supply levels first. 

Can I Return Bakery Items To A Walmart Without A Bakery Section?

Unfortunately No, food items from Walmart bakeries cannot be returned to a store location that does not supply a bakery section.

This is the same for all Walmart produce, meat, and frozen food items, due to health and safety concerns about not having a satisfactory storage place for the food products. 

What Is The Value Limit On Returning Food Items at Walmart?

Walmart is happy to refund items that fit their food returns and exchange policies, as highlighted above. They will offer cash and/or card payment refunds on items under $25 and are able to offer a gift card for returns valued at $25 or more.


To summarise, Walmart is quite consistent with their returns policy, with the standard 90-day return window including their frozen and non-perishable food items.

Though these items are able to be returned with or without a receipt, for the item to be returned to Walmart, it must be unopened and unused; Walmart will not accept a return for any food item that looks as though it has been tampered with.  

Perishable items are not able to be returned to Walmart, even if they have not been opened, due to health and safety reasons.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, or you have opened the product to find it stale or in a bad condition, you can phone Walmart’s helpline or visit staff in-store to arrange an item replacement or monetary refund. 

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