Walmart Exchange Policy [All You Need To Know] 

Sometimes the product you have bought is not the right choice, and not knowing Walmart’s exchange policy can leave you unsure of what to do!

Because of this, I have uncovered all you need to know about Walmart’s exchange policy. To find out how to exchange an item at Walmart, keep reading!

Walmart Exchange Policy

Walmart allows customers to exchange products in-store within 90 days of purchase. It is best to have the receipt of the item you wish to exchange and all the parts and packaging of the original product. Additionally, all exchanges are at the discretion of the manager in the store that day.

Read on to find out how to exchange an item at Walmart without a receipt, after 90 days, and more; keep on reading!

Can I Exchange At Walmart Without A Receipt?

Yes, you can! If you are without the original receipt for the item you wish to exchange, you must bring valid government-issued photo identification to the same store that you purchased the item from. 

Walmart will then run your ID through their exchange authorization process to confirm the date and validity of the purchase.

If your purchase is located on the system, you will be able to exchange your item as long as it is in standard condition and is within the 90-day exchange period. 

There Are Some Limitations For Exchanging Items At Walmart

If you are not able to present Walmart with a receipt, there are certain limitations in place.

Firstly, customers can only exchange up to 3 items within 45 days without a receipt. Exceeding this limit will disable your access to an exchange or return without a receipt for the following 6 months. 

There is also a $50 limit for the item price within the exchange policy at Walmart, though this may differ from store to store.

Additionally, all exchanges made at Walmart without a receipt are ultimately up to the store manager. 

How Do I Do An Exchange At Walmart?

To make an exchange at Walmart, it is recommended that you bring valid government-issued photo identification as well as the original receipt of purchase.

Ideally, all exchanges must be provided with the original packaging and all the available parts at the point of purchase.  However, you still can exchange products at Walmart without packing, but it does make the process harder.

You can then approach the customer service desk in the store and ask the staff about performing an exchange.

It is worth having a product in mind that you wish to exchange your item for, to help your exchange transaction be quicker and easier for staff to navigate.  

What Items Cannot Be Exchanged At Walmart In 90 Days?

There are a few exceptions to Walmart’s 90-day exchange period. These include electronics, such as computers, digital music players, and GPS units, which must be exchanged within 15 days with a receipt. 

Additionally, outside tools, such as lawnmowers, have a 30-day exchange policy period and must also have a receipt. 

To learn more, you can also see our full guide on what items cannot be returned to Walmart.

How Has Covid-19 Affected Walmart’s Exchange Policy?

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Walmart limited in-store exchanges to certain items in line with coronavirus prevention regulations. 

As of March 6th, 2021, most Walmart stores across America have returned to their standard exchange policy except for stores situated in states with large coronavirus rates. In these states, such as New Jersey, Walmart will adhere to local state regulations. 

For the latest updates regarding Walmart’s exchange policy, click here.


In summary, Walmart is able to exchange most items with a receipt within a 90-day period. Some items, such as electronics and outside equipment, have a limited exchange period and must be presented alongside the original receipt. 

If you are exchanging the product for an item that costs more, you will need to pay the difference. If it is worth less than your original purchase, you will be able to claim this money back either by a Walmart gift card or via the same payment method used during the original purchase.

To exchange an item without a receipt, you must present Walmart with valid government-issued photo identification which will be subjected to a refund authorization check. Exchanges are always subject to staff and authorization approval, and this can vary from store to store. 

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