Can You Try On Bras At Walmart? (Fittings, Change Rooms + More)

A well-fitted bra can help women feel more confident in their bodies and feel secure throughout their day-to-day activities. Walmart offers an excellent lingerie range with bras suitable for all shapes and sizes.

To avoid the hassle of returning an ill-fitted bra, you may wonder, can you try on bras at Walmart? We have all the details here!

Can You Try On Bras At Walmart?

Customers can try on any bra at Walmart unless it’s sealed in packaging. Customers can head to the fitting room with the selection of bras they’d like to try on, which is available within normal trading hours. Additionally, Walmart does not offer bra fitting. 

Keep reading for more information on the types of bras Walmart sells and which ones are the best!

Does Walmart Do Bra Fittings?

Unfortunately, Walmart does not currently offer professional bra fitting. Before trying on a bra, you may ask the fitting room assistant for advice on suitable fits, styles, and materials.

Additionally, you can try on as many bras as you like to ensure you choose the correct one.

Alternatively, head to Aerie, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Macy’s, Nordstrom, or Victoria’s Secret/PINK stores for a professional bra fitting.

What Types Of Bras Does Walmart Sell?

Walmart provides an extensive range of bras that offer sufficient support for various activities. Here are the bra types available at Walmart:

  • Wireless Bra
  • Underwired
  • Sports bra
  • Bralette
  • Full Figure
  • Push Up
  • Strapless and Convertible
  • T-shirt bra
  • Minimizer

People of every shape and size are included, with band sizes starting at 28 inches and extending to 58 inches.

Meanwhile, cup sizes begin at AA to M. Most Walmart bras are crafted with popular fabrics, including cotton, nylon, spandex, and polyester.

Which Walmart Bras Are The Best?

The Vanity bra costing $24-$46 is one of Walmart’s best-selling bras after receiving 83 5-star reviews online.

Customers expressed how comfortable the wireless bra was while still providing excellent support.

Another popular bra that is great value for money is the YMI push-up bra in solid black and floral prints. You receive 2 in a pack for $38 or a sale price of $15!

Do Walmart Bras Run Small?

After conducting customer research, we discovered many reports of Walmart bras fitting a little smaller.

In this case, you are recommended to size up or try on a selection of bras in the fitting rooms provided.

Can I Try On Walmart Bras Anytime?

Yes, you can try on bras at Walmart anytime during store hours. Most Walmart locations open their doors at 7-8 AM and close from 10-11 PM.

Find out your local store’s operating hours using the online store finder.

Which Bras Can I Try On At Walmart?

You can take a selection of any bras on hangers to the fitting rooms positioned near the clothing department.

There are restrictions on trying bras from multipacks sealed in packaging.

Some stores may only allow you to take in a certain number of items. However, the fitting room assistant can look after the remaining bras until you are ready to try them.

Can You Try On Bras At Other Retailers?

If Walmart stores are a little out of your reach, you may choose to visit an alternative retailer. Let’s look at stores that allow customers to try on bras in-store:

  • Burlington
  • Kohl’s
  • Meijer
  • Stein Mart
  • Target
  • J.Maxx

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Customers can use Walmart’s in-store fitting rooms to try on bras. You cannot try on multi-pack bras sealed in packaging. Fitting rooms are open during regular store hours. Walmart sells a selection of wireless, underwire, push-up, t-shirt, sports bras. Band sizes start at 28” to 58,” and cup sizes range from AA-M.

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