Walmart Shoe Return Policy [Full Guide] 

You can expect to find a broad range of fashion lines, shoes, and accessories at Walmart. The company offers shoes for every occasion, from holiday sandals to comfy sneakers; there are shoes to suit everyone in the family. 

Wearing the wrong shoe size is pretty unbearable, but can you return an unwanted pair to Walmart? Here’s all you need to know! 

Walmart Shoe Return Policy

Walmart accepts returns of worn shoes such as sandals, runners, boots, flip flops, slippers, and high heels within 90 days of purchase. If customers have the original box/packaging and receipt, they will be able to get a full cash refund. If no receipt or packing is provided, customers may receive a store credit.

If you’d like to know how to return shoes from Marketplace or without a receipt, keep reading!

Can You Return Worn Shoes To Walmart?

Yes, you can return worn shoes such as flip flops, slippers, running shoes, boots, sandals, high heels, and skate shoes to Walmart, provided they are in a returnable condition and within the 90-day returns window.

If for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your shoes, whether they are the wrong size or uncomfortable, Walmart will give you a full refund as long as you have your receipt (bringing the box can also help with the return).

However, Walmart can deny a return if they feel like the pair of shoes (e.g., work boots, hiking boots, running shoes, etc.) have been damaged or worn out by excessive use.

Does Walmart Return Shoes Without A Receipt?

Yes, Walmart does allow customers to return shoes without a receipt for either a store credit or exchange.

Walmart Associates will need the shoes in their original box and a form of photo ID to perform a transaction verification process to authorize the product’s return eligibility.

Shoes worth less than $25 will be refunded by cash, whereas the value of shoes worth $25 and over will be loaded onto a Walmart gift card.

Additionally, Walmart store managers have the right to decline unauthorized returns without a receipt if they suspect foul play.

Can You Return Shoes To Walmart After 90-Days?

Unfortunately, according to Walmart’s return policy, shoes sold and shipped by Walmart are not eligible for a refund or exchange after 90 days.

However, customers can still receive an exchange after 90 days when following some simple steps.

Can You Return Shoes To Walmart Without The Box?

In most cases, yes, Walmart can accept returns of undamaged shoes within 90 days without the original packing or shoe box as long as you have a receipt.

If you have neither a receipt of packaging, it is almost impossible to get a return or exchange as Walmart can not prove the shoes were actually purchased from Walmart.

Can You Return Shoes Purchased With A Walmart Gift Card? 

Can You Return Worn Shoes To Walmart?

Yes, Walmart will refund the shoes that were purchased with another gift card. You’ll receive a new eVoucher when you return shoes from Customers are advised to keep their initial gift cards until they are sure of their order. Expect to see the funds within 3 hours.

What Is Walmart Canada’s Shoe Return Policy?

Walmart Canada also allows customers 90 days from the purchase or the delivery date to process a return in-store or by mail.

Additionally, Walmart Canada is less flexible than their American neighbors and is less lenient to customers without a receipt. Aim to keep all proof of purchase and original packaging until you’re satisfied with the shoes.

Walmart Canada’s kids quality guarantee promises to replace children’s footwear if shoes are worn out before the child outgrew them. Parents will receive identical shoes with any necessary size or price adaptions. 

How To Return Shoes To Walmart

Yes, returning shoes in-store is the easiest method. Head over to the customer service desk with the shoes in their original packaging with additional features such as laces, add-ons, and labels. Ensure your receipt or online order number is dated within 90 days purchase. 

An associate will scan your proof of purchase and offer a refund or replacement. Refunds are issued with the same method you paid with. Credit/Debit card refunds typically take 3-5 business days to appear.

How Do You Post Shoe Returns To Walmart?

Walmart’s mail service is the most efficient way to make a return. Using a mobile or desktop, access your Walmart account and locate ‘order history.’

Click on the shoes you wish to return with a short reason why. Next, select either refund or replacement and list your method of return as mail. 

Securely package the shoes and attach the printable free shipping label and post from USPS or FedEx locations. Walmart will process your refund or send a replacement as soon as they receive the shoes.

Allow 2-3 weeks for the process to complete. Walmart is not liable for lost packages; consider insuring parcels containing high-value shoes.

How Do You Use Walmart’s Mobile Express Returns To Return Shoes?

If you’ve purchased shoes sold and shipped by, you could use the Walmart app to perform a swift return. Locate returns under the purchase history tab, and choose the shoes to return with your reason why.

Select refund or replacement, pick Mobile Express Return method, and finito!

When returning shoes to the store via Mobile Express, select return ready and head to the customer service desk and scan the QR code; an associate will help complete the return. S

hoes purchased in-store with Walmart Pay are returnable via Mobile Express. Alternatively, scan and upload your store receipt to the Walmart app. 

You’ll need to check with a third-party seller if the shoes purchased from Walmart Marketplace are returnable with Mobile Express Returns.

Can You Return Shoes Purchased On Walmart Marketplace?

Yes, of course, customers have a minimum of 30 days to return shoes from Walmart Marketplace.

Customers can usually return shoes in-store or by mail; however, they will have to pay for shipping charges. Send shoes with their original packaging and accessories to receive a full refund.   

If you need assistance, reach out to the Marketplace seller. Their information is located under the ‘sold and shipped’ title in the shoe description. Alternatively, contact Walmart Customer Care. 

If you have other items you need to return, don’t forget to read out other guides on returning underwear and clothes to Walmart.

Conclusion: What Is Walmart’s Shoe Return Policy?

Customers have 90 days from the purchase or delivery date to return shoes with their original packaging and accessories. Marketplace shoes are returnable for a minimum of 30 days. Receive a full refund when you bring a receipt or online invoice. Alternatively, receive an exchange or repair. Worn shoes in a returnable condition will be accepted within the timeframe.  

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