Can You Use Cartwheel On (All You Need To Know)

Target not only offers great deals to customers at all its store locations across the U.S., but it also has special rewards and discount schemes like Cartwheel to offer even greater value to members.

With the convenience of having items delivered to your address that offers, you may be wondering if you can also use Cartwheel on Here is what I’ve found out about this!

Can You Use Cartwheel On

Although Target has now integrated Cartwheel with Circle rewards, you can still use discount offers and special percentage-off codes to save money when shopping at Access these discounts via Target’s smartphone app and apply the savings at the online checkout (applicable for in-store pickup only).

If you want to learn more about Target’s integration of Cartwheel with Circle Rewards, how you can use Cartwheel for discounts on, and much more, keep on reading!

What Is Cartwheel?

Target’s Cartwheel program is a shopping tool designed to offer customers percentage-off coupons and bonuses, with offers ranging from 5% – 50% off certain products.

However, Cartwheel has now been combined with Target’s Circle program to make it more accessible to Target’s wider customer base.

Does Target Still Use The Cartwheel App?

Customers who are looking to use discount coupons from the Cartwheel smartphone app will no longer be able to access it.

This is because Target has recently integrated the Cartwheel discount program into Target Circle rewards and the same discounts are now available through Circle (the new name for Cartwheel).

Is the Target App The Same As Cartwheel?

Because the Target Circle program has assimilated Cartwheel, you can find the same offers on the Target smartphone app, under the Circle program rewards portal.

The app allows you to sort your offers in four ways: newest, discount, trending, and expiring.

To sort and find your Cartwheel offers quickly, check the “Discount” tab for an overview of all offers available to you.

How Do You Use Cartwheel On

You can apply your Cartwheel/Circle offers to your checkout by selecting the applicable discounts in the Target app and applying them to your online basket.

However, you can only use Cartwheel/Circle offers to order online items for in-store pickup—you cannot use these discounts on items shipped directly to your house.

Note that you will not see the discount applied to your basket until after you have selected the “Free In-Store Pickup” option at checkout.

How Many Times Can You Use Cartwheel Offers On

According to Target’s online discount stacking policy, customers can use each Cartwheel (or any other) offer up to 4 times per transaction for each type of discounted item.

Other than that, you can also stack manufacturers’ discounts with Target offers for maximum savings and earn extra rewards and cashback for the transaction if you have a Target RedCard.

How Much Does A Target Cartwheel Or Circle Membership Cost?

Fortunately, Target does not charge customers for becoming members of its rewards program. Anyone who wants to sign up for rewards and savings can do so, either at or via the Target app.

You can sign up with an email address or through Facebook and start saving for free.

Additionally, when you sign up for Cartwheel/Circle, you can earn 1% cashback on your purchases.

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Although Target’s previous Cartwheel discount program has been integrated into Target’s Circle rewards, customers can still access incredible savings coupons and offers to use at You can sign up for Target’s rewards and browse discount codes on your smartphone app before applying them at checkout on—only in-store pick-up orders are eligible for these discounts.

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