Can You Use Uber Without Internet? (All You Need to Know)

Setting up an on-demand trip with ridesharing apps like Uber has become a straightforward process for millions of users.

However, these services are often tied to their apps and require an internet connection. So, for anyone wondering if it’s possible to request an Uber offline, here’s what you need to know!

Can You Use Uber Without Internet in [currentyear]?

You can use Uber without an internet connection if you’re a rider, but you can’t if you’re a driver in [currentyear]. To use Uber without the internet, you can go through unofficial third-party services that send the request via SMS. However, Uber drivers need an internet connection because they can’t get requests unless they’re online in the app.

Keep reading to learn all you need to know about using Uber without an internet connection, including how to do it, alternatives if you want to go through official channels, and more!

How Do I Order Uber Offline?

To order Uber offline, you’ll need to use an unofficial third-party service dedicated to this function.

There are several of them, many of which are made by individuals, and they usually work by sending your request and displaying your trip information through SMS.

This way, they can work reliably without an internet connection.

However, you’ll need to download the service first, so you’ll need a working internet connection to set it up.

Will Uber Work on 2G?

Uber will work on 2G, and the experience is significantly improved if you use Uber Lite, a simplified app version.

Uber Lite is meant for slower connections, phones with low storage space, and simplified use, usually requiring users to pay in cash.

It’s currently only available on Android and has launched in the following markets:

  1. Certain parts of Latin America
  2. United Arab Emirates
  3. Bahrain
  4. India
  5. Kenya
  6. Qatar
  7. Pakistan
  8. Nigeria
  9. Lebanon
  10. Saudi Arabia
  11. Tanzania
  12. Uganda
  13. Ghana
  14. Jordan
  15. South Africa

Can You Use Uber Without the App?

Can You Use Uber Without the App?

You can use Uber without the app by requesting a ride on the website. You’ll need to have a working phone number to log in to your account and receive updates via SMS.

Can You Use Uber Without a Phone?

One of the easiest ways to use Uber without a phone is by asking someone else with an account to set the ride up for you.

You could also request a ride via the website by visiting and signing in using your email account.

Can You Request an Uber for Someone Else?

You can request an Uber for someone else by using the “Add rider” feature in the app above, where you enter addresses.

They’ll get a text with the trip details, including the driver’s name and their car’s make and model.

Can You Drive Uber Without Phone Service?

Unfortunately, you can’t drive for Uber without phone service because you have to be online in the app to receive requests.

Uber tracks you via GPS to determine when you’re close to someone looking for a ride and matches you to them.

Aside from this, you’ll also need a phone for Uber to contact the riders after you’re matched with them.

How Many GB Does Uber Use?

According to Uber, you shouldn’t expect to use more than 3GB a month on the service as a driver.

This checks out with some of the reports we’ve found from actual drivers where their monthly usage falls below this limit.

For riders, Uber’s usage probably won’t go as high as even 1GB in most cases because they generally don’t spend hours on end on the app.

If you’re using Uber Lite, the data usage will be significantly lower than this.

Do You Need Unlimited Data for Uber?

You don’t necessarily need unlimited data for Uber as a driver, but it might be best to get it just to be safe.

This is especially true if you work for Uber along with other similar services that require a lot of data.

For riders, on the other hand, the usual plan should be enough for Uber because they generally don’t use too much data.

If you’re on Uber Lite, you don’t need unlimited data because that app version is built to use as little data as possible while maintaining basic functionality.

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You can use Uber without an internet connection, but only if you’re a rider and go through unofficial third-party services that request a trip via SMS. Uber drivers can’t use the service without the internet because they need to be online in the app to receive trip requests.

You can request an Uber via the website that you can access through a computer or tablet. When you do this, the trip information will be sent to your number through SMS, meaning you can do this even without a smartphone.

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