What Is Uber One? (All You Need to Know)

Major apps and services are always looking for ways to maintain customers and gain an edge over their competitors.

Well, one way they do this is through programs that offer perks to supplement their offerings. In Uber’s case, this is Uber One. But what is this service? We looked into the subject, so keep reading to see what we learned!

What Is Uber One In [currentyear]?

Uber One is a subscription service from Uber that costs $9.99 a month in [currentyear]. Uber One covers both Uber rides and food delivery on Uber Eats. In November 2021, the company introduced Uber One to replace the Uber Eats pass and act as a more comprehensive premium offering, granting several perks, primarily free delivery on orders above $15.

To learn everything you need to know about Uber One, including the benefits it provides, how to get it, and more, read on for more facts!

What Does Uber One Provide?

Uber One provides the following benefits:

  • Free delivery for Uber Eats orders above $15
  • 5% off for orders above $15 from participating stores
  • 5% off eligible rides
  • Priority service across Uber, including top-rated drivers for rides and $5 in Uber Cash if the latest arrival time in Uber Eats is wrong
  • 5% off eligible pickup orders on Uber Eats
  • Premium customer support
  • Special promotions, offers, and invite-only experiences for members

However, note that Uber One also has the following restrictions:

  • Most of the free delivery perks don’t apply to orders containing groceries. When ordering from grocery stores, you might need a $30 minimum to qualify for free delivery
  • Some of these perks are available at participating locations, so you’d need to look for an “Uber One” icon
  • Ride discounts are not available for trips booked 30 minutes or more in advance and for shared rides

Where Is Uber One Available?

Uber One is currently only available in select markets, the primary one being the US.

However, it’s slowly being rolled out to other places. For example, it launched in the UK in May 2022.

As well, other countries have a premium subscription service for Uber that’s provided under a different name.

For example, Australia has Uber Pass, but, unlike the old version available in the US that only covered rides, this one covers both rides and Eats.

Does Uber One Remove Service Fees?

Uber One doesn’t remove service fees, because those are one of the key sources of revenue for the company.

Does Uber One Work With Postmates?

Uber One works with Postmates, and you get all the same benefits, except for the guaranteed delivery time.

Uber actually acquired Postmates in 2021, and this means that you can link your accounts from both services as a customer (the ability was removed for drivers later that year).

Is Uber One the Same as Uber Rewards?

Is Uber One the Same as Uber Rewards?

Uber One isn’t the same as Uber Rewards, but they’re similar in that you need to enroll for both, and they each have benefits.

Uber One is a paid subscription service, while Rewards is a free loyalty program that gives you points for using Eats and rides.

Is Uber One Free With Amex?

Uber Eats was free with Amex through a partnership between the two companies, but the offer ended on December 31, 2021.

An offer to sign up for the service was provided to select American Express Consumer Card holders (back when it was called Uber Eats Pass) in order to promote the transition to Uber One.

Those who signed up received a free year-long subscription that would start billing them exactly 12 months from the date when they signed up.

However, as per the terms of this offer, it’s only available if the customer uses the Amex Consumer Card at checkout.

How Do I Get Uber One?

You get Uber One by signing up for the service via the app or website, and deciding whether you want to subscribe to the monthly or annual plan.

If you choose the monthly plan, you’ll pay $9.99 a month, but with the annual plan, you pay $99.99 a year.

Previously, Uber Pass was $24.99, and some customers reported being charged for it without ever signing up, but this issue doesn’t seem to pop up anymore.

Why Can’t I Get Uber One?

If you can’t get Uber One, it’s likely because you’re in a region where it hasn’t launched yet, which is still the case for most places in the world.

If you’re somewhere where the subscription is available but can’t get it, it might be because you’re already on a partner-funded pass.

A partner-funded pass is a program whereby a third-party company gives its customers passes and other discounts on Uber’s services.

Does Uber One Have a Free Trial?

Uber One has a free trial that lasts for one month, but it’s only available to first-time members. Fortunately, you can cancel at any time before the period ends and you won’t get charged.

Otherwise, when the trial period ends, you’ll start getting billed as usual depending on whether you opted for the annual or monthly plan.

How Do I Unsubscribe From Uber One?

To unsubscribe from Uber One, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Uber app while logged in
  2. Tap your profile icon
  3. Tap “Uber One”
  4. Scroll downwards and find “Manage membership,” then click on it
  5. Select “End membership”
  6. Select “Leave Uber One” to confirm

Note that you can only cancel your Uber One subscription as late as 48 hours before the next scheduled payment if you don’t want to get billed for the next cycle.

However, if you cancel your Uber One subscription you’ll still retain the benefits of membership until the end of the current billing period!

Is Uber One Worth It?

Uber One is worth it for people who frequently use Uber’s services to make several orders or take trips that are above the perk thresholds.

However, for people who don’t use these services often and only spend small amounts of money when they do, an Uber One subscription might not be worth it.

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Uber One is a premium subscription service that provides perks both for rides and orders on Uber Eats. It was introduced to replace Eats Pass in November 2021 and costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year with an annual plan.

One of the most popular perks of Uber One is free delivery on non-grocery orders above $15. It also gives members access to premium support and priority service in rides, e.g. matching them with top-rated drivers.

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