Chewy Vs. PetSmart (Price, Product Range, Returns, Service + More)

Chewy and PetSmart are widely recognizable pet supply sellers with comprehensive product selection, competitive pricing, and customer convenience.

Please read on if you are curious about the differences and similarities between these two entities regarding product range, pricing, and much more!

What Is the Comparison Between Chewy and PetSmart In 2024?

Chewy and PetSmart are both pet supply retail giants with immense brand popularity in 2024. However, Chewy is strictly e-commerce, while PetSmart is a brick-and-mortar presence with an online component. Both have a wide product range with private label brands, though Chewy’s is more extensive. The two companies are matched in customer support and pricing.

Stay on if you want to discover the details that set Chewy and PetSmart apart in their business models, pricing, customer support, returns, and product range!

How Do the Chewy and PetSmart Business Models Compare?

Chewy’s business model is e-commerce based. It offers a wide variety of products to its customers online, selling them on convenience, pricing, and service.

The online retailer makes money by providing an unmatched experience to customers.

It takes note of all the significant anniversaries and events of its customers’ pets and sends personalized tokens.

Another essential aspect of this model is to acquire many customers so that economies of scale make it possible to offer prices lower than competitors.

Also, services such as auto-shipping, and telehealth, where pet parents can remotely consult with qualified vet doctors, help keep customers and make money.

On the other hand, PetSmart makes the bulk of its money from its in-store outlets, where it offers a variety of pet products and services and offers customer support.

Through partnerships, PetSmart has expanded its offerings, making it possible to retain its customers by selling them conveniently.

Further, PetSmart’s online component enhances its customer experience beyond Chewy’s.

PetSmart customers can transact online and complement that online experience with an in-store one, such as scheduling pet services online.

How Do Chewy’s and PetSmart’s Product Ranges Compare?

Chewy offers about 60,000 products on its e-commerce platform, accounting for over 2000 brands in several categories; customers rarely miss what they come for.

However, the bid for a more significant share of the pet supplies market is led by innovative offerings like fresh pet food, auto refilling prescription orders, and telehealth.

The telehealth facility remotely connects pet parents with qualified vets and answers the most pressing questions, alleviating the need to go in to see a vet.

These offerings have assured Chewy a sizeable customer base of over 19 million customers and are still growing.

PetSmart offers products both in-store and online platforms, with over 11,000 products in some of its in-store outlets.

It also supplements the wide variety of its offers with private label brands, which bring in an increasingly more significant portion of revenue.

Besides that, PetSmart offers pet services that include grooming, training, and boarding services.

Through a partnership with Banfield Pet Hospital and ShotVet, the retailer also offers a wide range of veterinary services that include vaccinations.

PetSmart’s online and in-store platforms and strategic partnerships complement each other in a way that provides greater convenience to its customers.

How Do Chewy and PetSmart Prices Compare?

How Do Chewy and PetSmart Prices Compare?

Here is a simple table that demonstrates how Chewy and PetSmart compare on prices on some products:

Product Chewy PetSmart
Kong Spunky Monkey Dog toy  $4.46 $5.49
Kong Squeeze ball toy $2.19 $2.1 – $4.49
Arm &Hammer Clump and Seal cat litter $14.29 – $26.99 $16.38
Arm & Hammer Double Duty cat litter $10.99 – $17.99 $17.28
Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin and Stomach $18.99 – $77.99 $58.98
Purina Pro Plan Essential Adult dry food $16.99 – $75.99 $58.49
A&E Cage Company Play Top Birdcage $211.57 $248.99

It is evident that prices tend to be slightly lower on Chewy than on PetSmart.

How Do Chewy and PetSmart’s Return Policies Compare?

Chewy allows you to return a product as long as you’re not satisfied with it within a year of purchase by sending a message to Chewy with the order number.

The item remains yours until it’s received by the fulfillment center, after which a refund is made. In some instances, a refund may be made before the return.

Returns and exchanges are not allowed on prescription medication unless the delivery was incorrect or arrived damaged.

On the other hand, PetSmart’s Return Policy, too, does not accept returns on prescription medication.

However, all other returns must be made within 60 days of purchase, in original packaging with proof of purchase.

Return of PetSmart purchases occasions loss of points gained on the purchase. Also, a refund is only made to the same card they purchased with.

Otherwise, they are given a merchandise return card that they can redeem by shopping at PetSmart.

In comparison, Chewy’s return policy is more straightforward and customer-friendly.

How Do Chewy and PetSmart Compare on Customer Support?

By several accounts, Chewy has found a way to elevate the customer experience.

It provides a wide range of products and services that bring convenience into a pet parent’s life.

Its auto-shipping ensures that a pet parent never has to worry about running out of pet food by making regularly scheduled deliveries at no added cost.

Chewy’s customer service is personalized and consistent, always letting out its human rather than corporate side.

Customers have reported receiving a very personalized token from the retailer on their pet’s significant anniversaries and events.

Besides that, Chewy provides its customers with extensive knowledge points and human support whenever they need it.

On the flip side, PetSmart has also tried to create a pleasurable and convenient customer experience.

The retailer has employed many associates to guide its customers every step of the way and created several contact points between it and customers.

Further, PetSmart has invested a lot in strengthening its loyalty programs through personalization and broadening its product offering.

The convenience that comes with catering to all or most of the pet’s needs under one roof makes customers come back again and again.

Both Chewy and PetSmart have succeeded in creating customer experiences that keep their customers loyal.

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Chewy and PetSmart go head to head in most of the comparison areas. More important, these two pet supply retailers have been able to achieve their objective of acquiring and maintaining their market share by using different means.

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