Costco Cash Card: What Is It + How Do You Use It (Full Guide)

Costco is known for offering discount deals on bulk products, making it one of the biggest retailers around. Exclusively available for purchase by Costco Members, Costco offers Costco Cash Cards to offer shoppers a new way to pay.

But what exactly is a Costco Cash Card, and how does it work? I’ve done the research, and here is what I’ve learned about the Costco Cash Card!

What Is A Costco Cash Card?

The Costco Cash Card, also known as a Costco Shop Card, is Costco’s version of a gift card and can be reloaded with more funds at any time by Costco members. The Costco Cash Card is available in denominations of $25-$2000 and is available for use by both members and non-members in Costco.

To learn more about how to acquire a Costco Cash Card, check the balance and reload your Costco Cash Card, then keep reading!

How Do I Use My Costco Cash Card?

Costco Cash Cards are available for purchase in denominations of $25-$2000, depending on the amount required. There is a maximum purchase limit of $10,000 or less per day for a Costco Cash Card.

Once you have your Costco Cash Card, it can be in-store at any Costco in-store in the United States, Canada, and in Puerto Rico, or online at or

However, if you are not a member of Costco, then a 5% surcharge will apply to items purchased with your Costco Cash Card Online.

Additionally, Costco Cash Cards can be topped up whenever necessary in a Costco store, and they never expire!

How Do I Buy A Costco Cash Card?

You can purchase a Costco Cash Card from any Costco store or online if you are a member.

If you have ordered a Costco Cash Card online, it will be shipped to the address provided (Costco is unable to provide digital Cash Cards at this time).

Unfortunately, purchasing and reloading Costco Cash Cards is a privilege extended to Costco members only.

This means if you are not a Costco member, you may need a friend who is a member to purchase and reload your Costco Cash Card for you.

Can I Use A Costco Cash Card Without A Costco Membership?

While non-members of Costco are prohibited from purchasing and reloading Costco Cash Cards, non-members can use the Cash Cards to shop within the store.

The terms and conditions of the Costco Cash Card state that both members and non-members are eligible to use the Costco Cash Card.

Therefore, a Costco Cash Card can be a nifty trick for those not wanting to spend $60 a year on membership but wanting to shop at Costco.

How Do I Check My Costco Cash Card Balance?

There are several ways you can check your Costco Cash Card balance. On the back of the Costco Cash Card, there is a toll-free number you can call to inquire about your balance.

Simply follow the prompts over the phone to learn your Costco Cash Card balance.

You can also review your Costco balance on the website by logging in and entering your Costco Cash Card information. Your balance can be viewed here.

Finally, you can also check the balance in Costco by checking your receipt after a Costco purchase with your card as it will tell you the remaining balance.

You can also slide the card through the kiosk card reader in a Costco store to learn your balance.

How Do I Reload My Costco Cash Card?

How Do I Reload My Costco Cash Card?

Currently, Costco Cash Cards are only available to be reloaded in-store by a Costco member. Ask a staff member at Costco, and they will be able to help you to reload your Costco Cash Card.

What Can I Use my Costco Cash Card For?

Your Costco Cash Card can be used for a number of different purchases at Costco.

This can include purchasing Costco goods and merchandise, covering the cost towards a Costco membership fee, and at the gas station and the food court.

Can I Use Someone Else’s Costco Cash Card?

Online research has suggested you can use someone else’s Costco Cash Card as it is not explicitly linked to their Costco card. A Costco Cash Card operates like a gift card, which is why it can also be used by non-members.

This differs from Costco’s regular policy of only members being able to use their Costco Cards.

Be warned if using someone else’s Costco Cash Card to gain access to Costco, as Costco keeps track of members who abuse their membership, and it can have repercussions.

Can I Return My Costco Cash Card?

Costco Cash Cards cannot be returned to the store as per the Costco policy.

However, online research has suggested that Costco Cash Cards can be cashed out at the discretion of each individual Costco Store.

Additionally, some states such as California and Washington require Costco Cash Cards to be redeemable for cash to abide by their laws.

Also, most Costco’s will give money for a Costco Cash Card if the amount on the card is less than $10.

Where Can I Buy A Costco Cash Card?

Costco Cash Cards are available for purchase in Costco stores by Costco members. Costco Cash Cards can also be purchased online through the Costco website.

If you are not a member of Costco, you will not be able to purchase a Costco Cash Card. However, they may be available from other online retailers such as eBay.

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A Costco Cash Card can be used to make purchases both in-store and online at Costco. The card can be purchased in varied denominations and is available to be used by Costco members and non-members.

The Costco Cash Card can be an excellent trick for non-members to be able to shop in Costco. The Costco Cash Card never expires, meaning it will hold its value and will be useful for all your trips to the retailer.

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