Costco Dress Code (Shorts, Hats, Jeans, Tattoos + More) 

Various retail chains around the U.S. have unique dress code policies that require employees to dress a certain way and sometimes enforce restrictions on additional accessories such as jewelry and tattoos.

So if you have just started a job at Costco or are going for a job interview there, you may be wondering – what is Costco’s dress code for employees? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Costco Dress Code

Costco’s uniform includes a waistcoat-style vest that some employees are required to wear. Other than this, staff can wear jeans with a casual but professional top and must wear closed-toe shoes for safety around the warehouses. Although Costco does not allow jewelry, you can wear small stud earrings.

If you want to learn more about the shoes you should wear as a worker at Costco, whether you can dye your hair, and what you should wear to an interview, keep on reading!

What Is The Costco Uniform? 

Although Costco does not enforce a particular uniform set (apart from the Costco vest), there are several dress code rules that need to be followed, including:

  • No jewelry  
  • Practical non-slip shoes 
  • Jeans or pants with no holes or rips  
  • Modest smart-casual top, blouse, or shirt 
  • Long hair tied up 
  • Beard nets if you have facial hair and are working near food

Do Costco Employees Wear Uniforms?

Some Costco employees are required to wear a Costco vest and name tag instead of wearing full uniforms.

This is mostly due to the fact that most Costco staff is employed on a part-time basis and so vests and name tags are cheaper and easier to manage.

Can I Wear Jewelry Whilst Working At Costco?

Unfortunately, Costco’s dress code policy does not permit employees to wear jewelry whilst working in-store.

This is enforced for safety reasons because jewelry items can be dangerous when employees are handling stock items and moving things around.

What Shoes Should I Wear Whilst Working At Costco?

You should wear shoes that are comfortable and practical when working at Costco. The company itself recommends non-slip shoes (trainers or boots) to add extra protection around its busy warehouses.

Note that heels or open-toe shoes (particularly flip-flops) are not allowed due to safety reasons.

Can I Dye My Hair A Different Color Whilst Working At Costco?  

According to our online research, Costco does not enforce a strict hair color preference. However, you should check with your store manager before getting your hair dyed.

What Should I Wear To A Costco Interview?

Choose your outfit for the interview based on the position you are applying for. For managerial roles, it is best to wear a more professional outfit such as a suit or blouse/dress.

If you’re applying for a part-time or warehouse-based role, wear something that is smart casual for your Costco job interview.

What Should I Wear To A Costco Orientation?

If you have made it to a Costco orientation day, you do not need to worry too much about dressing smartly as you already have the job secured.

So wear something practical and plain (with no holes, overt designs, or rips) such as a casual t-shirt or button-down shirt with plain pants or jeans and trainers. 

Can I Wear Acrylic Nails At Costco?

You are not allowed to wear any kind of nails (including acrylic nails) while on shift at Costco due to safety and health reasons.

Additionally, according to Costco’s food safety manual, staff at Costco must have short and neatly trimmed nails whilst at work, especially in the food department. 

Can I Wear Nail Varnish Whilst Working At Costco?

Can You Wear Nail Varnish Whilst Working At Costco? 

Although Costco discourages the use of nail varnish, the enforcement of this rule varies from store to store. Ask your line manager or colleagues about the policy regarding nail varnish at your store.

Note that if you are allowed to wear nail varnish, it must be of a neutral tone and color palette in order to look professional.

Can I Have Long Hair At Costco?

Costco currently does not have a policy regarding the length of hair for employees.

So while hair length does not matter, hair will still have to be tied or worn up for health and safety reasons.

Can Costco Employees Wear Earrings?

Costco employees are allowed to wear small earrings such as studs that will not get in the way of work or cause health and safety concerns.

Additionally, these earrings must look professional otherwise your manager may ask you to remove them before your shift starts.

Does Costco Allow Tattoos?

According to our research, Costco does not have an official policy against tattoos.

As a result, it is best to ask either the Costco hiring manager or, if you are already employed, your fellow co-workers or your line manager. 

They will be able to give you the correct answer for your individual warehouse store, as openness to tattoos may vary from store to store.

Can I Have A Beard Whilst Working At Costco?

Costco does not ask its staff to shave their facial hair in most circumstances.

However, if you are employed within the food section and are directly dealing with food, you will be required to wear a beard net for hygiene reasons.

How Should I Groom My Facial Hair For A Job At Costco?

According to Costco interviewees and hiring managers, facial hair should be trimmed and not bushy or out of control. 

The general rule at Costco with facial hair is that you must look professional and presentable.

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Costco has a smart yet casual approach to its dress code policy for employees. Most staff can wear jeans or pants with a casual but professional top, as long as there are no rips or overt designs on them. Costco employees are recommended not to wear jewelry due to health and safety hazards, though small stud earrings are allowed. Policies regarding tattoos and nail varnish vary from store to store.

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