Does Costco Drug Test? (All You Need To Know)

Costco has a reputation as a great retailer to work for due to their competitive salaries for staff, which can lead to an interest in working for the retailer.

But many potential employees may be wondering if Costco requires a drug test, both as part of the pre-employment interview process and in the work environment. Here’s what I’ve learned about Costco drug tests.

Does Costco Drug Test?

Costco does drug tests for illicit substances during the pre-employment and orientation process. Additionally, a negative drug test is a mandatory condition for being offered employment. Costco strives for a strict drug and alcohol-free workplace policy to allow for a safe shopping and working environment. 

To find out more information about which employees take Costco drug tests, what happens if you fail a drug test at Costco, and how often Costco drug tests are, then keep reading!

What Type of Drug Test Does Costco Do?

Costco often opts to test their employees using a mouth swab drug test, which is reported to take between 5-10 minutes.

With a swab test, drugs can be detected up to an hour after use, and remain detectable between 5-48 hours after use, meaning Costco can carefully screen their employees.

Usually, Costco will request potential employees to take the mouth swab drug test there and then during the interview process.

During the interview at Costco, the on-the-spot process allows less chance of fraudulent activity regarding the drug test.

What Drugs Does Costco Test For?

Like most pre-employment drug tests, Costco will test for substances such as marijuana, amphetamines, opiates, and phencyclidine.

Additionally, Costco may test for other substances that are not included above.

What Happens In A Costco Drug Test?

Costco will drug test their employees for both substance and alcohol use.

After a Costco employee has signed a consent form, they will be transported or sent to an off-site location where a professional drug test can be taken.

Once this is complete, the results will be returned directly to Costco for evaluation and to prevent tampering.

Depending on the drug test outcome, Costco will determine what happens next for the employee or potential employee.

How Often Does Costco Drug Test?

How Often Does Costco Drug Test?

Costco reserves the right to drug test all their employees as per the stipulations in their contract regarding their drug-free policy.

Costco can also inspect all parts of their premises for drugs or alcohol-related paraphernalia, such as in lockers and personal effects.

Costco will often conduct drug tests for the following reasons: to verify an employee’s eligibility for a job at Costco during the interview, following suspicious behavior at work, after an accident at work, or before returning to work.

Employees must pass their drug tests to be eligible to work at Costco.

Does Costco Drug Test All Employees?

All applicants and employees of Costco must comply and agree to a drug test as it is a mandatory requirement of their employment at Costco.

This is so Costco can ensure all employees comply with the drug-free policy.

After Costco employees have completed a drug test at an interview, they will not be retested by Costco unless the retailer feels it is necessary due to an event like an accident.

Can I Be Fired If I Fail A Drug Test At Costco?

Yes, Costco can terminate your employment with their company if you fail your drug test as it does not comply with their zero-tolerance policy.

Costco employees who fail their drug tests will be disciplined accordingly and fired.

Costco employees who fail a drug test are only eligible to be rehired after completing a series of evaluations outlined by Costco, which may include counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Employees of Costco who are drug tested for alcohol and have a concentration of between .02 and .399 will not be considered positive. However, they will be dismissed for the day.

The employee will be sent home from work at Costco and must use their personal time to cover the work absence.

There may be serious repercussions at Costco that threaten job safety for repeat offenders.

Can I Fail A Costco Drug Test For Legalised Substances?

If you fail your Costco drug test due to medication prescribed by your Doctors, you will be fine as long as you inform Costco about this.

However, with legalized substances such as marijuana, Costco can refuse to hire you as they do not consider its use a legitimate medical explanation.

You may be denied to work at Costco even if marijuana is legalized in your state, as it is still illegal on a federal basis.

Can I Refuse A Drug Test At Costco?

While you can refuse a drug test at Costco, they are within their rights to legally refuse to hire you. A negative drug test is a requirement of employees at Costco.

Applicants to Costco who refuse to comply with the mandatory drug test will likely be dismissed and will be unable to reapply to work at Costco for one full year.

Employees at Costco who refuse to take a drug test following an incident at work, such as an accident, may be terminated.

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Conclusion: Do Costco Drug Test?

Costco strictly enforces its zero-tolerance drugs and alcohol policy for employees on its premises.

Costco ensures to drug test every potential employee and will regularly test employees to ensure they are up to standard and fulfill their contract’s drug-free agreement.

Employees or potential employees who refuse or fail a drug test may be terminated, even for legalized substances. Ensure when applying to Costco, your values suit their ethos for the best chance at success.

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