Costco Generator Return Policy (All You Need to Know) 

As well as being famous for selling a variety of unique items in bulk sizes, Costco is also revered for its generous return policy. 

But what is Costco’s return policy regarding generators? I’ve looked into it, and here is what I have discovered! 

Costco Generator Return Policy!

Costco allows customers to return their generator at any time if it does not meet their expectations as a result of Costco’s lifetime satisfaction guarantee. Customers simply need the generator and their Costco membership card to begin the return process. 

For more information about Costco generator returns, such as what you need and if Costco generators are good, then just keep reading! 

What Do I Need to Return a Generator to Costco? 

To return your generator to Costco (including all brands such as Firman, Yamaha, Generac, etc.), you need to take the generator and your membership card to your local Costco.

It also may be beneficial to have your receipt and the packaging for the generator, however, this is not mandatory for your return to Costco. 

How Do I Return a Generator to Costco? 

To return an item at a Costco store, bring the generator bought either in-store or online to the Customer Services desk, and Costco staff members will be able to initiate your return.

The method of payment used to purchase your generator is usually how your refund will be issued. 

If you purchased your generator from and cannot make it into a store for your return, you can begin your return through the website after logging in with your membership information.

You can then arrange to send your generator back to Costco, for which Costco will usually cover the return shipping fees. 

For certain items, you may be able to arrange for collection as part of your return. 

How Long Do I Have to Return a Generator to Costco? 

How Long Do I Have to Return a Generator to Costco? 

Unlike other stores, Costco allows customers to return a generator any time after their purchase if they shopper is not satisfied with the product. 

However, it is recommended by other Costco shoppers to return your generator sooner rather than later to Costco if you know you are not satisfied, as it makes the process simpler. 

Do I Need a Receipt to Return my Generator to Costco? 

While it is recommended to have a receipt for your Costco return, you do not necessarily need one to return your generator.

Using your membership card, Costco is able to print you a duplicate receipt for your generator if you know the date of your purchase. 

Alternatively, if you are a member of Costco, the retailer is also able to locate the transaction for your generator through your membership number. 

Can I Return a Used Generator to Costco? 

Yes, Costco will accept used generators. If the generator is broken, Costco will be able to offer you a refund, a repair, or an exchange. 

What is Costco’s Satisfaction Guarantee? 

Costco offers a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee to members, which means with a few exceptions, customers can return products, including generators purchased from Costco, any time after purchase. 

Customers are eligible to return products to Costco for reasons such as breakages or even just because they have changed their minds! 

Some online reports state that the return policy is dependent on the discretion of each individual Costco, however, the official policy states that generators and other items are eligible for lifetime return. 

Do I Need to be a Costco Member to Return a Generator? 

No, you do not need to be a Costco member to return your generator, as items bought online at do not require memberships. 

However, you may need a membership if you wish to return something bought in-store. If you used someone else’s membership to purchase a generator at Costco, the account member will need to return the item. 

If you are not a member of Costco and purchased a generator with a Costco Cash Card, you will require the receipt to make a return as Costco cannot keep logs of purchases made in this way. 

Are Costco Generators Good? 

Costco sells a range of generators at a variety of prices. Generators at Costco begin at around $169.99 and are priced all the way to $999.99. 

Many of the generators sold at Costco (including all brands such as Firman, Yamaha, and Generac) have four-star reviews, and the customer satisfaction guarantee offered by Costco gives customers peace of mind knowing they can return their generators.

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Like many of their other items, Costco generators are eligible to be returned for their lifetime to ensure customer satisfaction. 

To return your generator to Costco, either visit the warehouse with your membership, generator, and the receipt to initiate your return, or begin your return on 

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