Costco Outside Marketer (Duties, Is it a Good Job, Pay, Hours, + More)

What is a Costco Outside Marketer, you ask? In this helpful guide, interested applicants will learn what it takes to be a Costco Outside Marketer and what the job entails.

Also, applicants will find out if Costco offers benefits, how much money your career could make, and more. Keep reading to see what I learned about this job!

What is the Costco Outside Marketer Job In 2024?

Costco outside marketers work in the community to promote the value of Costco memberships in 2024. This position is excellent for recent graduates who want more marketing experience. Starting pay begins at $19/hr, and benefits are available, including on-the-job training. Additionally, this position is preferable for those who love to travel and have an outgoing personality.

To discover more about the Costco outside marketing job, including its pay, hours, and other benefits, keep reading for more useful facts and tips!

What is a Costco Outside Marketer?

As a Costco outside marketer, you will help the company generate revenue and promote the business by traveling to different locations, educating consumers about Costco products, and getting them to share the Costco story.

While working as an outside marketer, you will lead the efforts to meet with current and prospective Costco members, increase membership sign-ups, warehouse sales, and promote excellent community relations.

In addition, outside marketers also reach out to ex-Costco members to encourage them to renew their memberships.

Depending on your location, this job offers a variety of other opportunities.

There’s also an opportunity to work with digital marketing, which means you can help create brand awareness and increase sales.

What are the Requirements for Becoming an Outside Marketer at Costco?

To become a Costco outside marketer, you must be 18 years old and have no felony convictions.

Also, employees will need to have a high school diploma or GED. As well, you’ll need to show your sales success from the past year.

Besides these requirements, Costco is looking for self-starters with a good work ethic and a desire to succeed.

Although it’s not required, experience in marketing and sales and learning quickly and efficiently can be helpful in this role.

Other than the above requirements, a Costco outside marketer will need the following:

  • A love of travel
  • An outstanding personality
  • Leadership skills
  • Business acumen
  • Strong written communication skills

What are the Duties of a Costco Outside Marketer?

One of the significant responsibilities of a Costco outside marketer is overseeing the company’s community advertising campaigns.

As such, outside marketers manage creative assets like logos, banners, and advertisements to ensure they’re appealing to customers.

Another duty of a successful marketer is to recommend new features or changes in design to increase customer engagement.

Each day, Costco outside marketers will engage in duties to draw business to Costco, including actions such as the following:

  • Traveling within your local sales territory to meet with prospects
  • Execute sales calls and face-to-face meetings with potential customers
  • Interact with the community online through social media
  • Maintain and develop relationships with new and repeat customers
  • Keep track of all sales leads and customer accounts
  • Help customers understand how Costco products or services can benefit them
  • Sell Costco products and services to customers in your local territory
  • Monitor Costco’s industry competitors, new products, and market conditions to understand a customer’s specific needs
  • Coordinate with the marketing department to help build the brand 

How Many Hours Will You Work Each Week as an Outside Marketer at Costco?

How Many Hours Will You Work Each Week as an Outside Marketer at Costco?

On average, the workweek for a Costco outside marketer is 40 hours.

However, there are days where you’ll be doing more and others when you’ll only be working a part of the time (travel days).

Overall, while this job entails a lot of hard work, sometimes it can be easygoing and fun!

How Much Money Can I Make as a Costco Outside Marketer?

One of the first things you’ll learn is that Costco offers competitive pay rates and benefits. In fact, they offer benefits like paid time off, 401K, health insurance, and more!

For a newly hired outside marketer, you will make around $19/hr on average

Besides the generous compensation package, you’ll also find that this career path offers exciting growth opportunities.

Likewise, employees will have access to training courses at your location, as well as an unlimited amount of personal development opportunities.

How Do I Apply for an Outside Marketer Job at Costco? 

When looking for job openings at Costco, applicants should start their search on the Costco website to see a listing of all available positions with the company.

From this page, applicants can click on the apply button, and they will be sent to the external Costco Career Center.

If you have ever applied for a job at Costco in the past, log in at this point and then proceed to the next steps.

However, new applicants will need to set up an applicant profile with their email and contact information later.

From here, applicants can search for a position by name or location. I’ve already pulled up the outside marker job description, and you can access it here.

Review the description to make sure you can meet the expectations, and then, when ready, click the Choose a Location button to apply.

Finally, new applicants will set up the Costco applicant profile and complete and submit the job application for review.

Is the Costco Outside Marketer a Good Job?

Many companies are turning to outside marketing firms to help with their digital marketing strategy and online advertising.

There are many opportunities for those who have the skills and experience necessary to do the job well.

Many people wonder if it’s worthwhile for them to spend time in a very competitive industry where there is already such a high demand for people with these skill sets.

However, becoming a Costco outside marketer means that you’ll be able to work for an organization that values experience and commitment more than anything else.

Like most companies, Costco only hires people who have been proven successful in their previous positions at other companies.

Therefore, they’re picky about who they bring on board as an outside marketing representative, and they want someone who has done the research necessary before making this change.

Is the Costco Outside Marketer Job a Good Entry-Level Job?

Costco outside marketers is the company’s face, demonstrating their dedication to the value that they sell.

As an outside marketing employee, you’ll live up to the Costco brand’s standards and values by educating members on what they find valuable.

As a representative, you’re responsible for interacting with members within your store and contacting potential new members through phone calls, emails, and in-store visits.

Also, outside marketers promote products online to spread awareness about what Costco offers.

Therefore, as a recent graduate from college, this job provides plenty of opportunities to grow your skills and meet new people in an exciting industry!

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One of the essential duties an outside marketer plays is to build relationships within the community to promote the value of the Costco brand. As a result, these relationships help generate business for the company.

Becoming a Costco outside marketer is an excellent job opportunity for those interested in working in the marketing field, and is a significant starting point for those looking to enter the field of marketing.

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