Costco Stocker (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

Have you ever thought about what a stocker does at Costco? At Costco, the stocker job is one of the most common warehouse positions and involves many inventory and customer service-related tasks.

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What is a Costco Stocker In 2024?

At Costco, stockers must master working individually and with a unit. Starting pay is well-compensated in this position at $16.44/hr as of 2024. In stores, stockers ensure shelves consistently have products available for purchase, monitor for expiration dates and damaged goods, and clear away debris in aisles that could be a safety hazard.

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What Are The Duties Of A Costco Stocker?

First, Costco stockers must guide merchandise as it makes its way onto the floor, which is done by arranging all the items by size, color, or type in each department.

Next, stockers ensure that they organize goods on the shelves to appear neat and presentable with visible pricing.

Stockers need to keep a close eye on the expiration date for food items and make sure nothing is near expiration or out-of-date.

When products have reached their expiration, stockers must remove them from the shelf. Another primary function of stockers is to help customers locate items on shelves.

Some other duties that a Stocker may have in Costco include the following:

  • Collection and re-processing of store returns
  • Check shelves for damaged items
  • Identify merchandising plan and bulk items that must be retrieved with forklifts for stocking
  • Safely use hazardous tools like box cutters to open packages
  • Use computers and other technology to create signs and price labels
  • Setup and arrange store displays
  • Keep the floor free from debris after removing products from the packaging
  • Use cardboard-bailer, trash compactor, and shrink wrap machine
  • Assist Costco members with loading large items onto carts and transporting them to cars following the purchase
  • May be required to help in understaffed areas of Costco stores

What are the Qualifications to Be a Stocker at Costco?

To work as a stocker, you’ll need to have a high school diploma or GED, and you’ll also need to pass a background check and drug test.

In addition, this role is physically demanding, so stockers should be prepared to walk, stand, stoop, stretch, and lift heavy items through the entirety of their shift. 

Although no formal training is required, it would be helpful to have some experience with customer service and a solid ability to work well independently in a fast-paced work environment.

Even though Costco has a team environment, supervisors often assign stockers an area often left to work on their own and must complete a task independently after receiving direction.

While on the sales floor, stockers will continue to meet members who may require help.

Overall, you must be able to juggle customer service with successfully completing an independent task.

What Shifts are Available For Stockers to Work at Costco?

Most employees consider the stocker position at Costco to be quite flexible. Stockers can work anytime stores are open Monday through Sunday, including weekends and holidays.

Another plus is that part-time and full-time shifts are available. In fact, employees can even work overnight if that appeals to them.

How Much is Starting Pay For Costco Stockers?

How Much is Starting Pay For Costco Stockers?

When starting as a stocker at Costco, the entry-level wage is around $16.44 an hour. This is considered good pay for the retail industry, and it’s a little higher than 21% above the national average for similar positions at other companies.

 Do Costco Stockers Have Benefits?

For many, the benefits of working at Costco are one of the biggest pros.

In addition to having a flexible work schedule and a competitive wage, Costco stockers are eligible for bonuses, discounts on employees’ purchases, medical coverage, and dental coverage.

As well, benefits coverage is available for both full-time and part-time workers.  

How Do I Apply For the Stocker Position at Costco?

Applicants are not required to upload a resume or any other supporting documents, such as a cover letter, to apply for the stocker position.

Instead, potential employees submit their applications online through the secure Costco Applicant Portal.

Because applications are submitted online, hiring managers can quickly receive and review an applicant’s information and make their hiring decision. Interested applicants. can access the Costco Stocker job description by clicking here.

After thoroughly reviewing the information in the job description and establishing that you meet all the qualifications, scroll down to “Apply: Choose A Location” and click on the link.

On this page, applicants can set up a target work location that establishes a list of job openings in that city.

After scrolling through the openings, the applicant can click on the position they’re interested in applying to, which will lead to the applicant portal link.

Past applicants may sign in with past login information or a Google login when the applicant portal opens.

New applicants must set up a new profile to complete the application process.

Overall, this process should take only 10-20 minutes, and then you can apply to the hiring managers for further review before the interview process.  

What Types Of Questions Should I Expect During My Costco Stocker Interview?

If a hiring manager chooses to contact an applicant for an interview, they feel the applicant may be a good fit for the stocker position and want to know more about them and their past work history.

During the stocker interview, expect to hear open-ended questions related to past customer service experience, past warehouse experience, ability to work independently, and collaboration with a team.  

Is The Costco Stocker Job A Good Job?

Many previous workers on Reddit feel that the Costco Stocker job is excellent, although the work is quite repetitive.

During the day-to-day, there is little change in the duties routine, which makes the position feel stale.

However, the favorable working conditions, excellent pay, and flexible hours more than makeup for the overall tedious nature of the job.

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At Costco, stockers ensure shelves remain full so that members have items to purchase. Also, stockers keep the aisle clean and free from debris, posing a safety risk for staff and Costco shoppers.

As a worker in this entry-level position, you must uniquely master the ability to work independently while quickly switching to assist a Costco member of work with another Costco employee towards a goal.

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