Costco Membership Assistant (Duties, Is It A Good Job, Pay, Hours + More)

If you’ve considered working at Costco, you may be familiar with the Membership Assistant position. However, you may not be familiar with what this job entails.

Therefore, if you’d like to learn more about this position, keep reading this article to see what I learned on the topic!

What is the Costco Membership Assistant In 2024?

Costco membership assistants play a vital role in selling the value of purchasing an annual Costco membership plan to new members, and are well-compensated, earning $13-$19/hr in 2024. Membership assistants do more than sell memberships, such as address member questions, complete background checks, help fill out forms, and more.

To find more valuable information about the Costco membership assistant job, keep reading for useful facts and tips!

What are the Duties of a Membership Assistant?

Since Costco is a membership-based retailer, the company relies on membership assistants to aid members with the application process, sell memberships, and answer member account inquiries.

In addition, membership assistants advise new members about the benefits of a Costco membership.

Some of the primary duties of a membership assistant include the following: 

  • Application assistance (including fees, eligibility, etc.)
  • Account inquiries and dealing with questions about the application process for regular memberships
  • Talking with new members about different memberships tiers and how joining Costco will benefit them
  • Providing instruction to managers and staff on important issues and events happening at the company
  • These tasks can be completed either on or off-site; however, most positions at Costco are on site
  • Verification of applicant identity during the application process through secure processing methods
  • Assistance with the handling of in-store refunds and store purchases as needed

What Qualifications Do I Need to Be a Membership Assistant at Costco?

Since the membership assistant is an entry-level job, the qualifications at Costco are not very strict.

However, workers must keep in mind that even though this is more of a clerical position, work is still in a warehouse setting, and at times, they may need to lift heavy items.

In addition, employees also need to have good customer service and multitasking skills.

Furthermore, this position is sales intensive and requires you to emphasize the benefits of Costco memberships to potential members heavily.

Overall, you shouldn’t feel intimidated if you don’t have prior sales training or other specialized skills, as employees have found success in the membership assistant role with just basic customer service skills.

Additional qualifications for the membership assistant position are that employees must be at least 18 and have a high school diploma or comparable to be eligible for employment.

Is This Job Good For Someone Who is Just Starting Out in the Workforce?

Many may feel that having a sales background will make it easier to start as a membership assistant rather than coming in with no experience.

If you have a strong sales background, you know techniques to get customers interested in making a purchase.

However, these are techniques that employees can pick up through trial and error as they work at Costco.

Instead, a customer service background and eagerness to learn are better indicators for future achievement in the role.  

What Hours Does a Membership Assistant Typically Work at Costco?

Due to stores being open Monday through Sunday, membership assistants typically have flexible schedules depending on their preference and departmental availability.

Likewise, shifts are available in part-time or full-time hours, so work does not feel overwhelming for a work-life balance.

How Much Pay Per Hour Should I Expect as a Costco Membership Assistant?

How Much Pay Per Hour Should I Expect as a Costco Membership Assistant?

One of the first questions that may come up when contemplating a membership assistant job with Costco is how much pay to expect.

In general, it’s safe to say that compensation can range from $13-$19 per hour as a starting salary for an entry-level position.

Do I Need a Resume to Apply For the Membership Assistant Job?

One typical question applicants ask is if they must submit a resume for the job. Currently, Costco has no specification for entry-level applicants to submit a resume.

Instead, Costco uses an online application process to assess candidates, conduct interviews, and administer tests before they hire new employees.

How Can I Apply For the Membership Assistant Job at Costco?

When an applicant decides they’re interested in joining the membership assistant team at Costco, they can apply through Costco’s website.

First, applicants must generate an account with their email addresses and provide basic personal information.

After presenting this information, the applicant will be prompted to respond to a series of questions before eventually being authorized to apply for the membership assistant job.

Upon submission, all applications are carefully evaluated to identify applicants that may be the best fit for the opening.

Following the review, the supervisor begins the interview process and will call the applicant to come into the store if they want to move further with the process.

What Questions Can I Ask in the Membership Assistant Position Interview at Costco?

During the interview, the applicant will connect with the supervisor responsible for staffing that position.

In order to flesh out the applicant’s job knowledge, experience and personality, the supervisor will ask questions about the application, interest in the job, and experience.

Often, they will tell the applicant whether they think they would be a good fit for the team at the conclusion of the interview.

If the applicant is successful during the interview, the next step is to perform an in-person drug analysis and a background investigation.

Remember, this means that if your background check comes back with any red flags, your job won’t begin until the manager or supervisor has approved it.

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When employed as a Costco membership assistant, your main job is to help sell the value of investing in an annual membership plan to potential new Costco members.

In addition, membership assistants also help members answer questions, fill out forms, and fill in for understaffed departments.

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