Dairy Queen Dress Code (Hats, Hair, Tattoos, Shoes + More)

Dairy Queen is a popular company for those looking for a good starting job or hoping to get into the food service business.

When beginning a new job, it is essential to know what dress code is in place for employees. You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for information regarding Dairy Queen’s employee dress code!

Dairy Queen Dress Code In [currentyear]

At most Dairy Queen locations, you will be required to wear a DQ uniform shirt with a nametag as an employee as of [currentyear]. Often, DQ aprons and hats/visors are also necessary. Some Dairy Queen locations require black slacks or jeans, while others allow some types of shorts. Non-slip shoes are required at all locations.

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Does Dairy Queen Give You A Uniform?

Yes, Dairy Queen provides all of its employees with a uniform that consists of a Dairy Queen shirt, apron, nametag, and hat or visor.

Also, keep in mind that some locations may not require all of these items to be worn, but most DQ employers require at least the uniform shirt and your nametag.

Still, all of these items are paid for by the company. Moreover, DQ requires that its employees wear non-slip shoes, and there is a payment assistance program for employee footwear.

What Shoes Are Required For Dairy Queen Employees?

The Dairy Queen dress code requires that all employees wear non-slip shoes. In most cases, shoes must also be black.

Further, the non-slip shoes prevent accidents due to freshly mopped floors or spills.

Additionally, Dairy Queen encourages its new employees to purchase shoes from Shoes for Crews through the Dairy Queen company.

Fortunately, the company allows you to pay for the shoes through two different paycheck reductions.

What’s more, Dairy Queen will contribute $15 to purchasing your shoes when you order from Shoes for Crews.

That said, that is the equivalent of more than half the price of the basic recommended shoe type from the company.

As another option, you can purchase black non-slip shoes from Walmart and other stores.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Wear Leggings? 

Some franchisees may allow employees to wear leggings. However, the most commonoptions for pants are black slacks and jeans.

However, individual dress code restrictions vary at each location since most of them are individually owned and operated.

Can You Wear Ripped Jeans To Work At Dairy Queen?

Can You Wear Ripped Jeans To Work At Dairy Queen?

Most Dairy Queen employers do not allow employees to wear ripped jeans.

Also, some don’t allow jeans at all and instead require black pants, while some allow both unripped jeans and black pants.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Wear Hoodies?

Some Dairy Queen locations may allow employees to wear a hoodie over their DQ uniform shirt.

Most of the time, employees may only wear the uniform shirt with their nametag, sometimes with their DQ apron.

Can You Wear Shorts Working At Dairy Queen?

Some Dairy Queen locations allow employees to wear shorts, while many require slacks, pants, or jeans.

Essentially, it will depend on the individual owner’s standards regarding dress and grooming.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Wear Hats?

A Dairy Queen hat or visor will be provided when you start working, and it is often a requirement of the dress code to wear one of the two.

Are Dairy Queen Employees Allowed To Have Facial Piercings? 

Due to regional food safety regulations, some Dairy Queen owners may ask you to put a detectable metal bandage over your piercing or remove it if possible.

Also, jewelry on your arms and hands is not allowed due to clear food safety violations.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Dye Their Hair?

Rules regarding unnatural hair colors vary at each Dairy Queen location.

However, many owners ask that you keep your hair a natural color, while others don’t mind if you have purple or blue hair.

Can Dairy Queen Employees Have Tattoos?

Most DQ employers require that any tattoos be covered and not vulgar.

So, if you have a small tattoo that would be difficult to cover up and wonder whether it will be an issue, try tactfully asking about it after your interview at Dairy Queen.

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The Dairy Queen dress code varies between locations because most Dairy Queen stores are individually owned and operated.

Still, all locations will require some combination of uniform items and non-slip shoes. Rules about hair color, tattoos, and other elements of your dress and grooming will vary.

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