Dairy Queen Hiring Process (Step by Step and ins & Outs)

Dairy Queen is a large chain restaurant company that spans many states and countries. Known for its frozen dairy treats and tasty fast food, it is a popular place to stop while out and about.

Not only is Dairy Queen a popular place to get lunch or dessert, but it is also a place where many people find fun and rewarding employment. This article will tell you all you need to know about the Dairy Queen hiring process, so keep reading!

What Is the Hiring Process at Dairy Queen In [currentyear]?

Applying for a job at Dairy Queen is a quick and easy process in [currentyear]. First, fill out and submit an application, in-store or online. Once you’ve applied for the job, an interview will be set up. You’ll go in person to your interview with a manager, and they’ll either hire you on the spot or give you a call.

Keep reading for more instructions on how to get hired at Dairy Queen, so that you have the best chance of being hired!

1. Search and Apply

There are a few different ways to apply for a job at Dairy Queen.

The easiest way is to walk into your local Dairy Queen location and ask the manager if they are hiring. They will likely ask you to fill out an application right away.

Another way to apply is through websites like Indeed. If a Dairy Queen location is in need of specific positions, the manager may advertise online that they are hiring.

2. Application Review

If you fill out an online job application, Dairy Queen employees will review it and set up an interview with you, often sometime in the next few days.

3. Position Interview

Interviews at Dairy Queen are simple and laid back, and are always conducted in person.

In some cases, a manager may request an interview immediately if you apply in the store, or they will set up an appointment.

You may be hired right away after your interview or have to wait for a call from the manager.

In certain cases, there will be a second interview with a higher-up manager to ask a few more questions.

Each DQ location has its own hiring protocols since most of them are individually owned.

4. Acquire Food Handler’s Card

The main requirement for working at Dairy Queen and other restaurants is having a food handler’s card.

It’s a simple process that involves watching a series of instructional videos that teach you how to handle food safely.

5. Training

Once you’re hired and have your food handler’s card and your uniform, you can begin on-the-job training.

Training at Dairy Queen involves working in the kitchen and at the front counter and may vary depending on which position you applied for.

Often, training for your DQ job will take two to three weeks.

Do I Need to Be in Uniform for the First Day of Training?

Dairy Queen will provide you with your uniform either on the day you are hired (often the day you interview) or the day you start working.

If you are starting work and do not have your uniform yet, you will likely be required to wear black pants and/or a black shirt, and sometimes a dark cap.

For more information, you can read our article about Dairy Queen’s dress code.

Is There a Drug Test Required for New Employees?

Is There a Drug Test Required for New Employees? Dairy Queen

Many Dairy Queen locations do not require drug tests for new employees. The only reason you’d need one is in the case that you are injured on the job.

However, there are some locations that do require drug tests for new employees. It will come down to the individual owner’s policies and local laws.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Interview After Applying?

In some cases, interviews are conducted right away if you apply in-store. If you apply online, it may take a few days to a week before you come in for an interview.

Can You Apply to Be a Manager at Dairy Queen?

You can apply to be a manager without being a current Dairy Queen employee. You will just need to show responsibility and dedication that will allow you to do well in the position.

How Do You Pass a Dairy Queen Interview?

According to many Dairy Queen employees, the interview for Dairy Queen was short and simple.

The manager wants to know a bit about you and try to see whether you’d be a good addition to the team.

In general, it is good to smile and be honest at your Dairy Queen interview. Show the interviewer that you are enthusiastic and willing to work hard.

Does Dairy Queen Hire on the Spot?

In many cases, Dairy Queen does hire people on the spot after a brief interview on-location. Some people didn’t set up an interview beforehand and were still hired on the spot.

Is It Easy to Get Hired at Dairy Queen?

According to many, it is fairly easy to get hired at Dairy Queen. The interviews are casual and low-pressure, and they are not looking for too many specific qualifications.

What Questions Do They Ask During an Interview for Dairy Queen?

A few questions that are commonly asked during a Dairy Queen interview Include:

“Why do you want to work at Dairy Queen?”

“What is your weekly availability?”

“How would you react to a rude or difficult customer?”

Each Dairy Queen store has varying questions and protocols for interviews, but the general consensus is that the interview process is easy and quick.

Does Dairy Queen Pay During the Training Period?

Dairy Queen does pay employees during their training period. You will start training the same day you start work, so your pay for that period will be the same as your normal salary.

To learn more, you can also read our posts on the Dairy Queen dress code, does Dairy Queen hire 12, 13, or 16, and why is Dairy Queen so expensive.


Dairy Queen hires new employees quickly and enthusiastically. In order to work at Dairy Queen, you’ll simply need a good attitude, a food handler’s card, and in some cases, a drug test.

Dairy Queen hiring interviews are conducted in-store by managers and are often very quick and easy. You should find out either right away or in a short time whether you’re hired.

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