Do CVS Have ATMs? [Fees, ATM Types, Limits + More]

The luxury of finding an ATM inside your regular retail store can spare you that trip to your bank and possibly also the surcharge fee most ATMs incur.

Knowing that CVS is one of the most frequently visited pharmacies in America, you might be wondering if CVS has ATMs? I did some research and here’s what I have found out.

Does CVS Have ATMs?

Most CVS locations throughout the country provide customers with ATM services. Allpoint Network users and U.S bank cardholders are usually not incurred a surcharge fee. However, foreign cardholders may have to pay a 2$-4$ fee per withdrawal.

If you are curious to learn more about the fees, ATM types, and limits of the ATMs at CVS, keep on reading!

What Kind Of ATMs Does CVS Have?

Over 40,000 retail stores around America offer an Allpoint Network ATM at their stores. CVS is also a part of the chain of stores that accommodate these ATMs at various locations.

Additionally, depending on your state, many CVS stores will also have Citibank, Chase, Santander, and MoneyPass ATMs. To find out whether or not your local CVS has an Allpoint Network ATM, you can use this location finder.

Moreover, several CVS stores throughout America also offer U.S bank ATM services in states including Texas, Florida, New York, etc.

However, it’s important to know that not all CVS stores provide ATM services. Therefore, to save yourself any inconvenience, you should consider calling your nearest CVS and asking beforehand. You can use this CVS store locator to search up the number.

Do CVS ATM Machines Incur A Fee Upon Withdrawal?

The Allpoint Network ATMs at all CVS stores are completely surcharge-free for PeoplesBank cardholders.

Similarly, if you are a U.S bank cardholder, you won’t be charged a surcharge fee for using a U.S bank ATM.

However, a few financial institutions might incur a foreign fee of 2$-4$ for using other ATMs that it does not manage directly (including Allpoint ATMs). Contact your service provider to find out.

Additionally, one way you can access cash at a CVS pharmacy without paying any fee is by asking for a cashback on any transactions you make, as all CVS locations offer cashback of up to 35$ per transaction.

Do CVS ATMs Have A Withdrawal Limit?

The withdrawal limit at any CVS ATM might differ from location to location.

But generally, CVS ATMs allow you to withdraw up to 1500$ a day, and up to 500$ per transaction. Because the withdrawal limit might differ from store to store, it is advised that you call your local CVS store to confirm.

What Denominations Do CVS ATMs Offer?

Unfortunately, yet again the denominations offered at any ATM can differ widely from store to store.

Generally, by taking into account most consumer’s preferences, most ATMs dispense withdrawals in multiples of 20$ or 10$ bills. If you wish to confirm which bills you might receive at your local CVS store, it’s best to call your local CVS and find out.

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Yes, Most CVS stores around the nation do accommodate Allpoint Network ATMs and U.S bank ATMs. Though these ATMs are surcharge-free for eligible cardholders, foreign card users might be charged a surcharge fee of around 2$-4$.

To find out the exact withdrawal limit and available denominations for withdrawal at your local CVS, it is advised that you call them before visiting and confirm.

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