Does CVS Accept Care Credit? (Your Full Guide)

CVS is one of the most popular pharmacy chains nationwide, with numerous products and discounts on essential items. CVS even has a new rewards program for its shoppers.

However, you might be wondering what CVS’ policy on healthcare-specific credit cards might be—for example, does CVS accept Care Credit? I did some research, and here is everything I could find about the topic.

Does CVS Accept Care Credit?

CVS does not accept Care Credit cards at any of its locations. CVS customers cannot use Care Credit for prescriptions or any other health and wellness purchases made in-store or online. Alternatively, Care Credit can be used by several other retailers for purchases, but not at CVS at this time.

For more information on where to use your Care Credit card, what products are eligible, and more, keep on reading!

What Is Care Credit?

Care Credit is a healthcare credit card for users to save money and make convenient monthly payments on any health and wellness-related purchases.

Instead of paying for your personal care needs upfront, Care Credit allows you to allocate funds at your discretion.

Additionally, you can also use Care Credit for health insurance deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and much more.

Why Does CVS Not Accept Care Credit?

Care Credit is not accepted at any CVS locations. Instead, CVS has launched its rewards program, called CarePass, exclusively for its members.

There is the possibility for Care Credit to be accepted at CVS stores in the future, but for now, Care Credit users must shop elsewhere if they want to take advantage of the specialty card.

Where Is Care Credit Accepted?

Where Is Care Credit Accepted?

Though CVS pharmacy locations do not accept Care Credit, there are several other retail stores where customers can use it.

Outside of CVS pharmacies, Care Credit is accepted by over 225,000 providers across the United States.

Purchase your health and wellness products with Care Credit at the following locations:

  • Duane Reade.
  • Pets Best: Pet Health Insurance.
  • Rite Aid.
  • Sam’s Club.
  • Vision Care for Life.

What Medical Services Can You Use Care Credit For?

Care Credit is designed for customers to use for their health and wellness, including procedures and treatments that otherwise would be unaffordable.

Care Credit users can apply this credit card to the following types of medical and specialist services, among others:

  • Eye Care and LASIK.
  • Hearing Care.
  • Select Cosmetic Procedures.

What Products Can You Use Care Credit For?

Besides necessary medical procedures and services, customers can also use Care Credit to purchase healthcare provisions and personal wellness products.

Prescriptions, immunizations, vaccinations, and health screenings all fall under Care Credit jurisdiction, as well as these other items:

  • Allergy and Sinus Remedies.
  • Hair Care Products.
  • Assistance with Quitting Smoking.
  • Bath and Body Care.
  • Diabetes Management.
  • Dietary Supplements and Weight Loss Assistance.
  • Digestive Health Aids.
  • Family Planning.
  • Hearth and Cardiovascular Health.
  • Home Test Kits.
  • Pain Relief.
  • Personal Medical Equipment.
  • Shaving and Personal Grooming Items.
  • Sleeping Aids.
  • Vitamins and Supplements.

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Care Credit is not accepted at any CVS locations at this time. Care Credit is becoming vastly popular, though, and with thousands of medical services and wellness products supported by Care Credit.

Customers can shop other retailers for pharmaceuticals and healthcare items. A full list of card uses and where Care Credit is accepted is available on the company’s website.

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