Do Dunkin’ Refreshers Have Caffeine? (All You Need To Know)

Dunkin’ Donuts is, undoubtedly, one of the market leaders globally when it comes to offering different types of fruit-flavored refreshers, especially during summer.

However, there has always been controversy among Dunkin’ customers about whether the quick-service restaurants’ Refreshers have caffeine. So, do Dunkin’ refreshers have caffeine? I researched about this, and this is what I discovered!

Do Dunkin’ Refreshers Have Caffeine In [currentyear]?

Dunkin’ Donuts’ Refreshers have caffeine in [currentyear]. These fruity iced drinks are made with flavored fruit concentrates, B vitamins, and green tea extracts. Therefore, besides Dunkin’ Refreshers being good energizers, they are lightly caffeinated. This, in turn, makes these drinks perfect if you yearn for a fruity-flavored beverage to boost your energy levels. 

To determine whether Dunkin’ Donuts’ Refreshers have caffeine, whether Dunkin’ Coconut, Peach Passion Fruit, or Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refreshers have caffeine, keep on reading!

Do Dunkin’ Coconut Refreshers Have Caffeine?

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts’ Coconut Refresher has caffeine.

With that, this Refresher gets its low caffeine boost from the green tea extract in the flavored fruit concentrate in its ingredients. 

So, while other Dunkin’ Refreshers are made with iced green tea, B vitamins, and fruit-flavored concentrates, the Coconut Refresher features coconut milk in place of the green tea.

In addition, the Dunkin’ Coconut Refresher comes in three flavors: Golden Peach, Pink Strawberry, and Purple Pomegranate.

Thus, the biggest Coconut Refreshers’ departure from other Dunkin’ Refreshers is that the coconut milk replaces the iced green tea responsible for its creamy finish.

Whereas a medium drink size of other Dunkin’ refreshers contains 99 milligrams of caffeine, the small Coconut refresher has 46, the medium has 68, and the large has 91 milligrams of caffeine.

Do Peach Passion Fruit Dunkin’ Refreshers Have Caffeine?

Yes, Dunkin’ Peach Passion Fruit Refreshers have caffeine.

That said, this pale yellow or orange iced drink is made with brewed green tea, peach passion fruit flavored concentrate, and B vitamins.

Also, the brewed green tea and the peach passion fruit flavored concentrates are responsible for the caffeine content found in Dunkin’ Peach Passion Fruit Refreshers.

For instance, a medium Peach Passion Fruit Refresher comes with 99 milligrams of caffeine, 130 calories, and 29 grams of sugar.

On the other hand, a small Dunkin’ Peach Passion Fruit Refresher has 66 milligrams of caffeine, while the large one contains 132 milligrams of caffeine.

This refresher, which comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large, has a tart punch of passion fruit and the soft sweetness of peach fruit.

Do Dunkin’ Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refreshers Have Caffeine?

Yes, Dunkin’ Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refresher has caffeine content.

As its name suggests, this mild-tasting drink is made with strawberry dragon fruit-flavored concentrate, brewed green tea, and B vitamins.

Also, the drink contains significant caffeine levels since the Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refresher is made with green tea extracts.

For instance, a medium-sized Dunkin’ Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refresher has 99 milligrams of caffeine, while the small one contains 66 milligrams.

Nevertheless, this strawberry fruit-flavored drink has a refreshing mild sweet taste, ideal especially during a hot summer day.

Like other Dunkin’ Refreshers, the Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refresher comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large.

Do Dunkin’ Lemonade Refreshers Have Caffeine?

Do Dunkin’ Lemonade Refreshers Have Caffeine?

Yes, the Dunkin’ Lemonade Refresher has caffeine.

Like other Dunkin’ Donuts Refreshers, Dunkin’ Lemonade Refreshers are made with a fruit-flavored concentrate containing caffeine-filled green tea extracts.

Also, a small Dunkin’ Lemonade Refresher has about 66 milligrams of caffeine, while a medium one has 99 milligrams.

Do All Dunkin’ Refreshers Have Caffeine?

Typically, all Dunkin’ Refreshers have caffeine.

Additionally, it’s essential to note that Dunkin’ Refreshers mainly come in three flavors: Strawberry Dragon Fruit, Golden Peach Passion Fruit, and the Purple Pomegranate.

Moreover, Dunkin’ Donuts uses flavored fruit concentrate when making its Refreshers, which has green tea extract responsible for the Refreshers’ caffeine content.

Nonetheless, other Dunkin’ refreshers have different caffeine contents depending on the amount and the type of fruit concentrate used to make them.

But, the Refresher with the lowest caffeine content at Dunkin’ is the Coconut Refresher, while Peach Passion Fruit Refresher and Strawberry Dragon Fruit Refresher have the highest caffeine amount.

How Much Caffeine Do Dunkin’ Refreshers Have?

Generally speaking, a medium drink size of Dunkin’ Refreshers contains 99 milligrams of caffeine content.

Remember, Dunkin’ makes most of its Refreshers using iced green tea, B vitamins, and fruit concentrates.

Therefore, the iced green tea extract is responsible for the caffeine found in Dunkin’ refreshers.

Even so, it’s worth noting that although Dunkin’ Refreshers have caffeine, they’re relatively low-calorie drinks to partake in compared to other Dunkin’ drinks such as coffee.

But, if you intend to add extra caffeine to your Dunkin’ Refresher, you can choose brewed coffee over espresso or opt for cold brew instead of iced coffee.

Additionally, if you want a non-caffeinated drink, Dunkin’ Donuts has a wide range of beverages that contain zero caffeine.

Lastly, some of these Dunkin’ drinks with no caffeine include Mint Hot Chocolate, Classic Hot Chocolate, Green Tea, Black Tea, and Decaffeinated Tea.

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Virtually all Dunkin’ Refreshers have caffeine since they’re made with fruit concentrates that contain green tea extracts, which, in turn, have caffeine content.

Still, these iced drinks are perfectly healthy to drink since the average, and ideal caffeine dosage ranges from 50 to 200 milligrams a day.

Luckily, Dunkin’ Refreshers aren’t listed as limited offers. Thus, you can enjoy their rich fruit-flavored classic taste all year round.

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