Do Meijer Bottle Return Slips Expire? (All You Need to Know)

Meijer has publicly encouraged its customers to return bottles and cans for recycling in the store. For a successful return, one has to present the bottle return slips.

So, if you would like to find out whether Meijer bottle return slips expire, read on for useful details!

Do Meijer Bottle Return Slips Expire In [currentyear]?

Bottle return slips at Meijer expire after a while, resulting in the store and the state collecting the unclaimed deposits. Although Meijer does not state the expiration period of the bottle return slips, customers need to inquire from an associate during checkout to avoid any inconveniences during the return process in [currentyear].

If you want to find more information on Meijer bottle return slips, the process of returning bottles at Meijer, the return times, and much more, keep reading!

Does Meijer Have a Limit on Bottle Returns?

Meijer limits the bottle return amount to $25 per customer per day since most states’ Bottle Deposit Laws allow up to $25 in refunds per person per day per retailer.

According to the bottle deposit law, a retailer may choose to go above the 25-dollar mark but cannot go below the set amount.

What Time Does Meijer Bottle Return Close?

Most Meijer bottle returns close at 10 pm, although select stores close at 11 pm.

However, bottle returns are open with dedicated hours for seniors and customers with chronic health concerns on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 am to 8 am.

For essential workers and Meijer associates, the dedicated hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 am to 8 am.

The bottles returns at Meijer will be open to the general public from 8 am to 10 pm on these specified days.

How Do You Return Bottles to Meijer?

You can return beverage bottles to Meijer stores as long as you have the return slips for the bottle purchased with deposits.

Once you use up the bottle’s content, you can return it to Meijer via the bottle deposit machine and receive a refund of the deposit amount.

Meijer advises customers to take the following measures to make the bottle return process smooth at the stores:

  • Separate the cans and the bottles before coming to the store to enhance the quick flow of customers
  • Empty and drain all bottles and cans and put them in clean containers or bags before taking them to the store for returns
  • Only return beverage containers for the brands sold at Meijer stores
  • Follow health protocols so listed by the store

Do All Meijer Stores Have a Bottle Return Policy?

Do All Meijer Stores Have a Bottle Return Policy?

Unfortunately, not all Meijer stores have a bottle return policy.

Meijer will have a bottle return policy if the store is located among the 10 states in the US with the bottle bill, such as Michigan.

The bottle bills, also known as the container deposit-return laws, allow customers to pay a small deposit on top of the actual amount of the beverage.

For instance, under the Michigan bottle deposit law, distributors must charge retailers like Meijer a 10-cent deposit per any returnable container sold to the retailer.

Consequently, Meijer passes on the 10-cent charge to the customers and will get a refund of the 10-cents when the distributors pick up the empty bottles and cans.

Similarly, the customers can return the bottles and cans to the store and get a refund for the initial deposit.

In the long run, the technique aids in reducing litter and increases the recycling rate of the containers.

All unclaimed deposits remaining at the retailer are split between the store and the state´s environmental clean-up team in the ratio of 25-75%.

Why Does the Bottle Return Machine at Meijer Not Recognize My Bottles and Cans?

If Meijer’s bottle return machine does not recognize your bottles and cans, it might be due to an issue with the UPC on the container.

Generally, the bottle return machines at Meijer are programmed to recognize the bottles and cans with deposits sold at the store by scanning through the UPC on the container.

Hence, if the machine does not recognize the bottle, the UPC might be damaged or obstructed, making it difficult for the machine to scan the container.

Similarly, the UPC might not be recognized if the container was not purchased at Meijer.

However, Meijer offers an option of visiting the service desk for assistance if you experience challenges processing any bottle return for an item that the machine will not accept.

Does It Matter If the Bottles for Return at Meijer Are Crushed or Flattened?

Meijer accepts the return of crushed or flattened bottles as long as the bar code can still be read and the bottle was purchased at a Meijer store.

In addition, the crushed or flattened bottles must be clean and can be identified as a returnable beverage container.

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Meijer bottle return slips expire, and customers cannot claim their deposits within the expiration period. Hence, customers should take note of the expiration period and ensure they return the returnable bottles within the specified time.

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