Do Sephora Employees Get a Discount? (Amount, Perks + Other FAQs)

The success of any brand is dependent on the employees. As a result, employers have to keep their workers motivated with discounts and perks to enhance their performance.

That being said, if you’re wondering if Sephora is among the companies offering employee discounts, stay on and find out!

Do Sephora Employees Get a Discount in 2024?

Sephora offers discounts to all employees in 2024. However, the discount percentage differs depending on where the employee is working. For instance, employees working at JCPenney stores get a 30% on all Sephora products, whereas those working at Sephora stand-alone stores get 40%. Additionally, Sephora allows the employees to share the benefits with their family and friends once per year.

Keep reading and learn more information on Sephora discounts and Sephora employees’ perks.

What Is the Sephora Employee Discount?

Typically, Sephora’s employee discount varies depending on where the employee is working. For instance, working at a stand-alone location or a JCPenney store.

Currently, the JCP Sephora discount is 30% for all Sephora beauty collection products.

On the flip side, employees working at Sephora stand-alone stores benefit more. In this case, they receive a 40% discount on all Sephora beauty selections products, including brushes.

Moreover, employees working at Sephora stand-alone stores also get a 20% discount on items sold at Sephora from other brands.

Additionally, Sephora gives its employees an extra 10% discount once per year.

Sephora also extends the discounts to employee family members, whereby it allows the employees to share their discounts with family and friends once every year.

Occasionally, Sephora offers its employees special discounts through affiliate companies and LVMH throughout the year.

Do Sephora Employees Get Discounts Online?

Sephora’s employees can use their discounts whether shopping online or in-store.

As long as the employee hasn’t yet exhausted the discount, they have a right to use it to pay for online and in-store purchases.

Do Sephora Employees Get the LVMH Discount?

Do Sephora Employees Get the LVMH Discount?

Fortunately, Sephora’s sister brands operating under LVMH, the parent company, also offers Sephora employees year-round merchandises discounts.

Some of them include the following:

  • Free Domaine Chandon wine tasting
  • Marc Jacobs sample sales
  • Benefit Cosmetic brow services

Further, all Sephora employees have an opportunity to participate in the “Sephora Love Perks” program.

Ideally, the programs offer discounts to Sephora employees: discounts on gym membership, show tickets, and retailers.

Which Perks Do Sephora Employees Enjoy?

Apart from the already highlighted discounts, Sephora employees also enjoy numerous perks. They include the following:

  • Beauty Product Education

When new employees join Sephora, they are provided extensive training on various beauty products.

Moreover, if one scales and becomes a corporate employee, they will enjoy distinct product gifts all year.

  • Medical Benefits

Sephora aims to ensure that all employees lead a balanced life.

Consequently, the brand provides resources and coverage that consist of numerous medical plans, including prescription drug coverage.

It’s important to note that Sephora provides 100% medical coverage on contraceptives and medical care.

Additionally, the beauty brand also offers transgender medical benefits.

  • Flexible Work Options and Free Summer Friday Afternoons

Sephora encourages its employees to have a balanced work life.

Therefore, the brand allows the workers to start their summer weekend earlier than usual by leaving the work premises at 1 P.M.

Moreover, Sephora motivates the employees to be more effective by putting in place a flexible work schedule.

Consequently, employees can make flexible work arrangements that will suit them and the organization.

  • Employee Program and Events

Often, Sephora hosts numerous educative events that provide the company’s employees an opportunity to engage with other brands and businesses and learn.

For instance, Sephora hosts product launch parties, national conferences, executive fireside chats, and executive speaker series.

When employees attend such events, they remain connected and become enlighted.

  • Education and Unparalleled Training

Sephora stands out as one brand that invests heavily in training employees, the type of training that provides knowledge on career development.

Precisely, all Sephora employees begin their shift with professional training. As such, employees get adequate knowledge that will enable them to advance in their careers.

If you work in the corporate team, you’ll benefit from Sephora’s development weeks, referred to as “Careerfest.”

Careerfrest is meant to encourage you to further your studies by taking free Sephora university classes for your personal development.

  • Sephora Gift Matching and Financial Assistance

Notably, Sephora treats its employees like family. Subsequently, the brand stands together with the workers in times of need.

Ideally, Sephora provides short-term help to workers undergoing financial strains due to family emergencies, natural disasters, or a severe unexpected event.

Whenever employees donate to these funds, the employer matches the donation for every dollar up to $5000 annually.

  • Family Planning

As highlighted above, Sephora has adopted robust medical plans. These plans include fertility benefits, adoption support, and family leave for domestic partners, fathers, and new moms.

In fact, every Sephora floor has a mother’s room to cater to new moms’ needs.  Furthermore, the company provides a hospital-grade nursing pump for every new mother.

More importantly, Sephora has an employee affinity group where all working parents get additional resources to enable them to take better care of their children.

  • Retirement Planning

Sephora takes care of its employee’s futures by providing them an opportunity to contribute to a competitive retirement plan 401(K).

After working at Sephora for a year plus, you will automatically be eligible for the 401K match program.

Such an arrangement will help you starch your pre-tax saving. As a result, you will attain your retirement goals sooner.

Does Sephora Offer Benefits for Part-time Employees?

Sephora’s benefits go to all employees.  These include those in part-time and full-time roles, as well as those working in-store or at the field support center.

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Overall, every Sephora employee gets a discount, which is a specified percentage off Sephora products and other brands sold at Sephora stores. In addition, employees receive additional benefits and educational programs such as Careerfest.

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