Do Sephora Employees Receive Commission? (Benefits, Free Products + More)

Most brands in the product sale businesses often push sales by awarding employees commission for every product they manage to sell.

In case you intend to work at Sephora, and you’re wondering whether the company employees get a commission, keep reading and learn all the relevant details.

Do Sephora Employees Receive Commission in 2024?

Sephora employees don’t receive a commission for pushing sales or performing the extra work in 2024. According to the company, the current pay for its employees is pretty good compared to other retail beauty chains. Again, not paying employees commission on top of their usual salary helps Sephora workers to embrace client-centered philosophy instead of a money-centered approach.

Keep reading to discover what kind of salary Sephora employees get, the benefits of working at Sephora, and much more!

Does Sephora Offer Bonus Pay?

Sephora often offers bonus payments to its employees if the team meets their goal for the month.

Additionally, you get little extra bonuses once you get a certain amount of credit applications.

How Much Does Sephora Inc. Pay in Bonuses?

Sephora Inc.’s annual employees’ bonuses for various categories are as follows;

  • Retail Store Manager. Average: $2k.
  • Senior Marketing Manager. Average: $23k.
  • Assistant Store Manager. Average: $4k.
  • Merchandise Coordinator. Average: $2k.
  • Assistant Marketing Manager. Average: $7k.
  • Beauty Advisor. Average: $350.
  • Beauty Consultant. Average: $3k.

Does Sephora Offer a Daily Bonus?

Unfortunately, Sephora bonuses aren’t usually offered daily but are accumulated for one year for the annual bonus compensation.

What Is the Salary Like at Sephora?

What Is the Salary Like at Sephora?

Averagely, the estimated annual salary of Sephora employees, including basic and bonus, is $153,030, or $73 per hour.

At the same time, the estimated salary of Sephora’s median is $155,725 and $74 per hour.

Moreover, the highest-paid employee is a Sales Manager at $294,906 annually, and the lowest is an Office Manager at $59,813 annually.

Other categories are as follows:

  • Business Development at $151,800
  • Communications at $237,319
  • Product Manager at $183,480
  • Design at $129,735.

Despite what the Sephora beauty chain considers as hefty pay and remuneration for its employees, its workers hold a different opinion on their compensation at Sephora.

About 174 Sephora employees rank their compensation bottom of 40%, compared to what other same-sized companies offer their employees.

Additionally, 165 Sephora workers have shown similar dissatisfaction by ranking their perks and benefits at the company with 40%, compared to other employees at similar companies.

What Are Pay Increases Like at Sephora?

Pay increase at Sephora is done yearly or below 12 months.

Most Sephora employees indicate they receive a pay increase every year, with those with some college papers or over 10 years’ experience enjoying more advantages on a pay increase.

The Sephora Department of Design is the sector with a high number of employees receiving a pay increase.

Furthermore, reports from Comparably shows that 67% of employees from this department receive pay increase yearly.

Ethnically, Caucasian employees dominate in the number of employees receiving pay increases at Sephora compared to other ethnic groups.

And statistically, young adults aged 31-35 receive a higher percentage of employee age-sets that receive a pay increase.

 About 33% and 34% of this age set receive a pay rise every 6 months or less and yearly, respectively.

What Are Other Benefit Incentives Like at Sephora?

Apart from the pay increase and bonuses, Sephora employees enjoy benefits and perks that are not limited to the following:

  • Savings Plans– Sephora employees can secure their future by having a robust saving plan availed by the company.
  • Support Center– Sephora established an Employee Assistance Program when its employees need extra support (counseling center).
  • Guidance- Sephora workers are privileged to access an extensive Training and Career center to boost their professional goals.
  • Relaxation/Vacation– Sephora employees have summer hours, work holidays, and weekly time off. This kind of flexibility supports the company’s work-life balance system.
  • Health Benefits– employees at Sephora have access to health benefits, such as medical insurance that sometimes extends to their nuclear family members.
  • Sephora Discounts– Sephora workers enjoy a generous employee discount for the goods they purchase at the store with the best shopping experiences.
  • Free Swag- Sephora treats its employees with magnificent free swag and exclusive brand events.
  • Local Discounts– this perk is available to Sephora employees interested in shopping, movies, and gym memberships, among others.
  • Donation Matching– refers to matching donations to support employees’ charitable contributions.
  • Networking– Sephora employees are provided with the chance to interact and work alongside the best-talented individuals in the beauty and cosmetic industry, thus imparting new skills and knowledge.
  • Growth– Sephora workers have access to the global community of luxury group LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) for endless career opportunities.
  • Community– Sephora provides an opportunity to its employees to be part of a community that champions a meaningful social and environmental transformation.

Do Sephora Employees Get Free Stuff?

Sephora employees often receive free products.

However, the items vary depending on the department where you execute your duties. For instance, employees working as makeup artists receive makeup products.

Again, at the launch of any new product, Sephora employees are given products freely early so they can test them and offer helpful suggestions to customers.

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Sephora employees are compensated in terms of salaries, along with other benefits and perks, and do not get a commission.

Ideally, Sephora’s management has always discouraged the idea of commission pay, as it promotes money-centered employees instead of client-centered ones.

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