Do Sephora Points Expire? (How Long, Redeeming Points + More)

Sephora’s Beauty Insider Loyalty program is one of the best rewards programs the company initiated. The program dictates that as an “insider,” every dollar you spend will earn a point, which is redeemable.

But how long should you hold on to the loyalty points? Do Sephora points expire? Well, I have looked into the matter, and here is what I discovered!

Do Sephora Points Expire in [currentyear]?

Sadly, Sephora points rewarded to Beauty Insider members do expire and disappear. Once all the Beauty Insider points are unredeemed after 12 months or more, the points will expire. However, you can stop your points from expiring by being active in the beauty insider activity through redemption or purchase.  You can redeem your Sephora points either in-store or at in [currentyear].

To know more about Sephora Rouge points, how to redeem your Sephora points, how to stop your points from expiring, and much more, continue reading!

Do Sephora Rouge Points Expire?

Sephora Rouge points expire after 90 days from the day it was rewarded, a sharp contrast to what Rouge members used to enjoy in the past.

Since its inception in 2012, Sephora Beauty Insiders could earn points without fear of expiring, but according to Sephora’s updated terms and conditions, that has now changed.

Additionally, when redeeming your points as a Rouge member, ensure all points are redeemed since any remaining value will be forfeited after the 90th day.

Sephora Rouge reward can only be used in the country where the points were awarded after purchasing Sephora products or services; no exchange rate is applied.

Moreover, a Rouge reward can only be used in all Sephora stores except in Puerto Rico, Sephora at Kohl’s, and Sephora Inside JCPenney stores.

 More importantly, you can only use the points to buy merchandise.

How Do I Redeem My Sephora Points?

You can redeem Sephora rewards in two ways, namely:

  • The in-store redemption– this category requires no purchase of an item at the store
  • Online redemption– requires an online check-out along with any purchase

Steps for In-store redemption include the following:

  • Inform a Sephora Beauty Advisor you’re redeeming a reward.
  • Flash your physical Sephora Beauty Pass card or virtual Sephora Beauty Pass card at the counter on the Sephora mobile app.

Moreover, the steps for online redemption are as follows:

  1. Log in to your Sephora Beauty Pass account, and add your shopping items to the cart by clicking ‘Add to Bag.’
  2. Click on ‘View Bag.’
  3. When ready to place your order, click on ‘Redeem Beauty Pass Rewards’ to browse the rewards available.
  4. Select the reward of your choice at check-out.
  5. Complete your purchase at check-out.

How Do I Stop My Sephora Points from Expiring?

How Do I Stop My Sephora Points from Expiring?

Sephora Beauty Insider members can do the following to stop their points from expiring.

  • Make a purchase, earn points on your card, and ensure the cashier at the Sephora store scans your loyalty card or credits the email address you used to sign up for your membership at the initial stages.
  • Claim your free birthday gift. You don’t need to purchase to redeem this; head to your local store anytime during your birthday month.
  • Cash in your points to get the product samples offered as rewards. You can do this either online or in stores.

Can You Transfer Sephora Points?

Unfortunately, Sephora points are non-transferable between clients. Consequently, only one Beauty Insider account can be used per individual and transaction. 

How Do I Check My Sephora Points?

 Log in to your account and click “MY ACCOUNT” at the top of the page.

You should see the words “beauty insider” in orange, red, and pink letters, followed by your current point balance in the middle of the page.

If you can’t locate “beauty insider,” call 1-877-Sephora and request them for help or email customer service for more assistance.

How Do I Use My Sephora Points for Cash?

For every 500 points you earn with your Beauty Insider Cash account, you get rewarded $10 off your purchase, thus getting a 2% cash-back offer.

Beauty Insider Cash is redeemable in-store and online, and only one Beauty Insider Cash amount may be used per purchase per person.

Ideally, Beauty Insider Cash applies to all tiers at Sephora and can be used to purchase an equal or more significant amount than your total basket.

More importantly, Beauty Insider Cash cannot be used with shipping promotions, Sephora Credit Card promotions, seasonal savings, or other discounts.

Typically, Sephora Beauty Insider Cash doesn’t apply to subscriptions, gift cards, S&H, or tax.

How Many Dollars Is a Point at Sephora?

Beauty Insider earns 1 point per dollar, VIB members earn 1.25 points per dollar, and VIB Rouge members get 1.5 points per dollar whenever they shop with Sephora, either online or in-store.

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The Sephora rewards program is an initiative meant to reward Beauty Insider members points whenever they purchase or register with the company. However, Sephora’s points are helpful for a given period.

Within 12 months or more, the unredeemed earned points will expire and disappear from the account of the Beauty Insider. However, for the Rouge tier, the points expire after 90 days of the confirmation email.

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