Does Sephora Wrap Gifts? (All You Need to Know)

Gift wrapping is critical since the way a gift is presented can make it more attractive.

So, in case you want to buy a gift for a loved one and you are wondering whether Sephora wraps gifts, keep reading and get enlighted!

Does Sephora Wrap Gifts in 2024?

Sephora does wrap gifts or orders according to your preference on packaging options in 2024. However, the company doesn’t offer to package each item but instead has your gifts wrapped as one package. Sephora packaging options are a black and white Sephora gift box or a black nylon satchel with a red drawstring.

To learn more about Sephora gift packaging, continue reading for more useful facts and tips regarding this subject!

What Are Sephora’s Gift Packaging Guidelines?

Sephora’s gift wrapping guidelines are as follows:

  1. To select gift packaging options or add a personalized gift message on the packing slip, click “EDIT” in Shipping Options at Checkout.
  2. Afterward, select the packaging of your choice by checking the appropriate box to the left of each pictured option.
  3.  You have the option of no gift packaging; otherwise, Sephora’s signature black-and-white gift box costs $5 per order, while a black nylon pouch with a red cord drawstring is $3 per order

Just select the options that best fit your needs. Also, note that prices are not included in the packing slip for gift orders.

Does Sephora Offer a Gift Package Per Item?

Unfortunately, Sephora currently doesn’t offer per-item gift packaging. Items are packaged according to size and enclosed in one gift package per order.

Sephora does one gift packaging option per order. Should you require separate packaging per item, please place separate orders.

Again, gift packaging cannot be returned for cash or merchandise credit.

Additionally, if the items ordered are larger than the available gift packaging, Sephora cannot provide gift packaging.

Does Sephora Wrap Gifts In Store?

Sephora does have gift boxes in brick-and-mortar stores. Therefore, you can purchase pre-packaged sets of products as gifts and have them packed or wrapped when you checkout.

As you purchase one, keep in mind that Sephora gift packaging cannot be returned for a refund, so one gift wrapping option is available per single order.

How Do I Get My Products Wrapped at Sephora?

How Do I Get My Products Wrapped at Sephora?

Having your products wrapped at Sephora is fairly a straightforward job. Place your request for the packaging of your order while checking out.

Nevertheless, when placing your request for product packaging, there are a few important things that you should note, which include the following:

  • Items of the same order will be packaged as one parcel.
  • There are few packaging options. This means you can have your orders wrapped in either a black and white Sephora gift box or a black nylon satchel with a red drawstring.
  • If you want to have different wrapping options for different items in your order, you will have to put two separate orders in your preferred packaging options or materials (this will cost more).

Can I Get My Products Wrapped Online at Sephora?

It’s possible to have your online orders wrapped at Sephora.

When you check out, there will be a check-off box under the shipping tab for wrapping options. There’s a bag for $3 and a box for $5.

You can have your orders wrapped when ordering online by clicking the” EDIT” button under shipping options as you checkout.

Also, you can select the packaging of your choice by checking the box next to each option and utilizing the provided packaging options.

Which Products Are Commonly Preferred for Gift Boxes at Sephora?

The following products are often preferred by Sephora customers when searching for Gift Boxes:

  • Pureology (Mini hydrating color-protecting hair kit)- this is a travel-size kit that includes the bestselling Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • Sephora Collection (Essential Brush Set)- A set of five soft, vegan face and eye brushes that provide you with all the essential tools to complete your everyday face.
  • Essential Eye Brush Set– A set of five soft, vegan eye brushes, providing you with all the essential brushes to complete your go-to eye look.
  • Complete Brush Set– A vegan, cruelty-free, four-piece mini face- and eye-brush set that is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.
  • Hydrate and Glow Set– A gift set featuring a mini–All-Day Hydrator and Ultra Glow Serum to hydrate and visibly boost your skin’s glow and natural radiance.
  • Season to Sparkle 8 Piece Makeup Set– A collection of eight vegan and cruelty-free face-and-eye makeup brushes with a pouch, providing all the essential brushes for a full-face makeup look.
  • 4-In-1 Interchangeable Brush Set– A vegan, 4-piece interchangeable brush set with a click-button handle to easily detach and alternate between brush heads.
  • The Fluffy Setting Powder Brush– A multiuse powder brush designed with a sleek, palm-sized handle and tapered tip for both pinpointed and all-over application.
  • Skin Enhancing Duo – A radiant, sheer skin tint plumps visibly and smooths the skin with a soft, tapered vegan brush that bursts pigment microspheres for a natural-looking finish.

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Products from Sephora are often wrapped excellently in gift boxes per your packaging choice available. Sephora will gift wrap your order according to your needs, but will generally not wrap each item individually.

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