Do Walgreens Have ATMs? [Locations, Fees, Withdraw Limits, Accepted Cards + More]

Walgreens has 8000+ stores all over the country, with a store present inside a five-mile radius for 78% of Americans.

Finding and using an ATM would surely become easy if every Walgreens store had one, so you may be wondering: do Walgreens stores have ATMs? Here is what I’ve found out!

Do Walgreens Have ATMs?

Walgreens stores do have ATMs, with most stores in the country having Allpoint ATMs and those in Nevada and California having U.S. Bank ATMs. If your bank is different from the one that has installed the ATM, you will have to pay a surcharge fee between $2.00 and $3.50. You will have a withdrawal limit ranging between $200 and $400 across all ATMs.

If you want to know more about the kinds of ATMs you can find in Walgreens stores, fees charged by various ATM companies, and withdrawal limits, keep on reading!

What Kind Of ATMs Does Walgreens Have?

You will mostly find Allpoint ATMs in your local Walgreens stores since Allpoint has installed ATMs in almost 7000 Walgreen stores all over the country.

Moreover, U.S. Bank has installed 333 ATMs in Walgreens stores located in California and Nevada. So if you live in one of these states, you may find a U.S. Bank ATM in your local Walgreens store.

An easy way to find out which ATM your nearest Walgreens has is to find the store’s contact number using the Walgreens store locator and ask the store directly about it.

Where Can You Find The ATM Inside A Walgreens Store?

You will find ATMs placed close to the cash register or POS terminal in all Walgreens stores, so you should head over to these locations first if you’re in search of an ATM.

Do ATMs At Walgreens Charge Fees For Transactions?

If you’re a German American Bank user, you will not be charged any fees for using Allpoint ATMs in Walgreens stores. 

However, if you’re a ‘foreign’ cardholder (i.e., you use a bank other than the German American Bank), you will be charged a fee for every transaction that can vary from $2.00 to $3.50 based on your location.

Similarly, U.S. Bank customers will not have to pay any surcharge fees for using U.S. Bank ATMs in Nevada and California.

How Much Money Can You Withdraw From Walgreens ATMs?

You can withdraw a maximum amount between $200 and $400 and a minimum of $20 at all Allpoint ATMs with no limit on the number of transactions you can make.

However, there will be a total daily limit on the amount you can withdraw that varies across states.

To learn more, you can also see my post on the cash back limit at Walgreens, which actually might be cheaper to use and avoid high ATM fees.

Additionally, you can also see the Walgreens shoplifting policy to ensure you stay safe when getting cash out.

Also, if you are walking to your local Walgreens with your dog, you may want to read up on their pet policy. Also, you can read our guide on whether or not Walgreens accepts Google Pay.

Conclusion: Do Walgreens Have ATMs?

Yes, Allpoint ATMs are available at around 7,000 Walgreens stores across the country, with U.S. Bank ATMs available in California and Nevada stores. The surcharge fee for foreign cardholders varies between $2.00 and $3.50, and you can withdraw between $200 and $400 per transaction.

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