Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? 

Walgreens is a popular choice for most Americans who want to get their groceries and fill their prescriptions.

But there’s one question that most people who own dogs and other pets must’ve wondered about: Does Walgreens allow dogs, and are they pet friendly? 

Here’s what I’ve found out!

Does Walgreens Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly?

Yes, Walgreens allows service dogs only in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Additionally, Walgreens will not allow emotional support animals as they do not fall under the ADA act. Some Walgreens have a relaxed approach to allowing pets in-store in rare instances as long as they are well-behaved and leashed.

If you’re curious about why Walgreens only allows service animals, or whether you need to prove that your dog is indeed a service animal, keep on reading! 

Is Walgreens Pet Friendly? 

Unfortunately, Walgreens is not pet-friendly. Most of its stores do not allow pets inside, but this policy largely depends on the store manager.

In some stores, pets are allowed as long as they do not get out of hand and cause problems. 

Does Walgreens Allow Dogs?

Does Walgreens Allow Dogs?

No, Walgreens does not allow pet dogs inside most of its stores. As is the case with other pets, this decision rests with the store manager for each Walgreens location.

Therefore, it is best that you call your local Walgreens store beforehand and asks them if dogs are allowed in-store. 

Does Walgreens Allow Service Animals? 

Yes, Walgreens allows trained service animals inside all of its stores. This is due to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which defines a service animal as a “dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability.”

According to this Act, these service animals are permitted to enter any place that is open and accessible to the public. 

Therefore, Walgreens is mandated by law to allow service animals inside its stores. However, note that these dogs must be properly harnessed or leashed.

In cases where this gets in the way of helping their human companions, the dogs must be controlled by sound or physical gestures. 

Do You Have To Prove That You Have A Service Animal? 

No, there is no official Walgreens policy stating that you must present proof of your dog being a service animal if you are bringing the dog inside the Walgreens store. 

Why Does Walgreens Not Allow Pets Inside Its Stores? 

There are several reasons why Walgreens does not allow pets and dogs (except service animals) inside its stores: 

  • To prevent safety incidents or liability issues
  • Businesses that deal in food or pharmaceutical items are not allowed to admit pets inside their stores due to certain health regulations

However, remember that Walgreens cannot stop service animals from entering its stores by law. So if you are taking along a service animal, it cannot be denied entrance inside the store.

How Can You Know If A Walgreens Store Allows Pets?

How Can You Know If A Walgreens Store Allows Pets?

Walgreens has not put in place an official policy regarding pets. Instead, the decision of whether to allow pets inside or not is left to the store managers. Therefore, some Walgreens stores do allow pets and dogs inside their stores. 

To find out if a store (or your local one) allows pets, you should call them up beforehand and ask about their pet policy. You can find their contact number using the Walgreens store locator. 

Does Walgreens Allow Emotional Support Animals In-store?

Unfortunately no, Walgreens does not allow emotional support animals in-store as they do not fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). However, each Walgreens has a slightly different pet policy, so you still may be able to enter a Walgreens with an emotional support animal.

If you are going to Walgreens to pick up a prescription, you also have the option to get it delivered, which might save you the trip, especially if you want to bring your canine friend.

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Yes, Walgreens only allows dogs that are trained service animals inside all of its stores. However, the decision to allow any other pets or dogs rests with each store’s manager. 

Therefore, the best strategy is to first call up a store (using Walgreens’ store locator) and ask them whether pets and dogs are allowed at their store. 

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