Do You Get A Free Checked Bag With American Airlines? (All You Need To Know)

Extra fees can be a drag when you have a long flight planned. Knowing exactly how much you’re paying in bag fees with American Airlines can be a huge help.

Budgeting for your next big vacation? I’m here to help. Keep reading if you want to know how many free checked bags you get with American Airlines!

Do You Get A Free Checked Bag With American Airlines In 2024?

American Airlines offers many free checked bag options in 2024. The first checked bag is free if customers have an AAdvantage credit card. Customers need to be part of the AAdvantage Platinum program or an equivalent tier with Oneworld to unlock the second and third free checked bags. Customers are allowed one free carry-on.

Skipping bag fees at the airport on your next vacation is an amazing feeling. Read on to learn all you need to know about bag fees with American Airlines!

Does American Airlines Give You A Free Checked Bag?

The first bag checked on American Airlines is free for select cardmembers, including AAdvantage, Aviator, Citi, AAdvantage Gold, or Oneworld Ruby members.

Depending on the destination, customers can have their bag fees waived entirely.

Also, customers in Premium Economy and Elite members get all bags checked free on American Airlines flights.

How Much Does American Airlines Charge For A Checked Bag?

American Airlines charges $30 for the first bag checked for the following regions:

  • Domestic
  • Mexico
  • Haiti
  • Cuba
  • Caribbean
  • Central America
  • Guyana
  • Suriname

Further, Haiti and Cuba have waived bag fees for the first bag, depending on the situation. Additionally, you can learn more by reading American Airlines’ checked bag policies here.

How Many Bags Can You Carry On American Airlines For Free?

American Airlines offers one free carry-on bag and one free personal item bag (backpack, purse, etc.) per passenger.

How Many Free Checked Bags Are On First Class American Airlines Flights?

Customers can carry three free bags by flying First Class on American Airlines. In comparison, Business Class and Premium Economy passengers are given two free bags.

Does American Charge For A Carry-On?

Does American Charge For A Carry-On?

No, American Airlines does not charge for the first carry-on item.

Do You Have To Pay For Checked Bags Twice On A Round Trip American Airlines Flight?

Yes, American Airlines charges baggage fees both ways.

For example, if you paid $30 for your bag check fees during the outbound flight, expect to pay another $30 on the way home.

Does First Class On American Include A Checked Bag?

Even better! First Class on American Airlines offers the first three checked bags free, depending on the customer’s destination.

What Are American Airlines’ Carry-On Baggage Fees?

American Airlines now allows one carry-on bag for free. With that, here are the requirements for a carry-on bag:

  • The bag must be smaller than 22 x 14 x 9 inches
  • It must fit into the sizing tool at check-in
  • If the items do not fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat, they are subject to an additional check

Additionally, musical instruments are considered a carry-on item and are subject to the same rules.

With that, American Airlines strongly recommends passengers label their bags in case additional checks or restrictions are needed.

How Do You Pay For American Airlines Baggage Online?

With American Airlines, customers can pay for bags online, which can save a lot of time waiting in line at the airport.

To do this, customers simply need to check in online at or use the American Airlines app.

What Are American Airlines Checked Bag Weight Requirements?

For complimentary bags, the weight limit is 70 pounds (32 kilograms), and bags that have been charged for have a limit of 50 pounds (23 kilograms).

Do You Get A Free Checked Bag With American Airlines’ Main Cabin?

Yes, you get one free checked bag on the Main Cabin.

Do You Get A Free Checked Bag With American Airlines International?

International Main Cabin tickets on American Airlines come with one free checked bag.

Do You Get A Free Checked Bag With An American Airlines Credit Card?

One of the perks of the AAdvantage World Elite MasterCard is that it allows customers to enjoy their first checked bag free.

Also, other American Airlines credit cards that offer free checked bags include:

  • Citi
  • AAdvantage Platinum Select (World Elite and regular MasterCard)
  • Citi Business
  • American Airlines AAdvantage Aviator Red

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Traveling with American Airlines allows customers to enjoy a free checked bag.

If customers are part of the Gold membership on the AAdvantage program or carry the AA credit card, they can redeem one checked bag for free.

Also, customers need to note that one carry-on is allowed to accompany their flight for free, and it has to meet the weight and volume specifications on the AA website.

Moreover, the Main Cabin and First Class offer the second and third checked bags free.

Lastly, Platinum and Executive Platinum memberships allow customers to carry the same checked bags for free.

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