Does 711 Make Keys? (Key Cutting, Cost, + More)

There is nothing more frustrating than getting locked out of your house and having to call and wait for a locksmith to come to your rescue. So that might make you wonder, does 711 make keys?

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Does 711 Make Keys In [currentyear]?

Some 711 locations partner with KeyMe to offer key-making kiosks in its stores as of [currentyear]. For the most part, these stores are only in New York, therefore, stores in other locations cannot usually make keys of any kind. If you don’t live near a store with a kiosk, you’ll have to find another option.

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How Do You Copy Keys at 711?

711 does not provide key-copying services itself. Instead, it uses a service called KeyMe, which is in the form of a kiosk.

Therefore, the idea is to store a digital copy of your key in the machine. Storing a copy is completely free, and it only takes a few seconds.

Then, when you lose your keys or find yourself locked out, you can simply print a new key on-demand.

What Is KeyMe?

KeyMe is the kiosk service that 711 locations use to copy keys. 711 itself does not provide this service; it simply provides a place for these kiosks to operate.

According to KeyMe’s website, most of these kiosks are located in New York. You can view a map of available kiosks on their website.

While 711 is a common location for these kiosks, you can also find them at Foodtown and Rite Aid. Various other convenience stores may also have this kiosk.

How Much Does It Cost to Copy a Key at 711?

How Much Does It Cost to Copy a Key at 711?

Using the KeyMe kiosk, you can store a digital copy of the key for free. However, getting a key made costs $19.99.

Comparing those prices to an emergency locksmith which usually costs around $150, this price is much cheaper.

Do All 711’s Copy Keys?

Sadly, not all 711s have these fancy key copying machines. In fact, they were only rolled out to parts of New York, and since this service is so new, its availability is very limited.

However, 711 is still considering how to expand the kiosk, or even if it is worth expanding.

What Kind of Keys Does 711 Make?

At one of the KeyMe kiosks, you can make copies of many different keys. You can make them for your usual house, mailbox, and padlock.

Often, these keys can get made on the spot in only a few moments.

Furthermore, you can also make some vehicle keys, however, these keys cannot be produced instantly. Instead, they must mail them to you with free shipping.

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Some 711 stores have kiosks that allow you to copy keys as needed. These kiosks are serviced in conjunction with KeyMe, which is a locksmith company. However, these kiosks are usually only found in New York.

While they may expand this service in the future, most areas cannot get their keys copied at 711.

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