Does 711 Sell Cigarettes, Cigars, Cigarette Papers, Vapes & More?

711 is a store that is well-known for carrying convenient items. So if you find yourself without a much needed, common item, then 711 probably carries it. Cigarettes, cigars, and vapes do seem like they would fall into this category.

In fact, many gas stations and other convenient stores carry these products. However, to find out if 711 does, keep reading!

Does 711 Sell Cigarettes, Cigars, Cigarette Papers, and Vapes In 2024?

711 carries most types of vape and tobacco products in 2024. The only item it usually doesn’t carry is cigarette paper. However, they stopped carrying cigarette paper many decades ago, largely because it is used to smoke things other than tobacco. Therefore, it appears that most stores have never started selling cigarette papers again.

For more information on the exact type of cigarettes and vapes 711 carries, take a look below!

Does 711 Have Tobacco?

While this store isn’t particularly known for it, 711 is one of the largest distributors of tobacco in the United States. In fact, for some years, it was the largest distributor.

With nearly 8,000 locations nationwide, many 711 stores are quick stops for those looking for tobacco. Therefore, these stores often carry a variety of tobacco products.

However, this is with some downsides, as well. For instance, many 711 stores were caught selling tobacco to minors, which is illegal in many states.

Does 711 Sell Cigars?

You can find some easy and cheap cigars at 711. Usually, these aren’t the fanciest or top-shelf cigars.

However, they are often inexpensive and very accessible as you don’t have to go to a cigar store to purchase them.

The exact stock will likely vary depending on what is available. Since stores are independently run, some stores may have different cigars than others.

Furthermore, the pricing will also differ depending on the locality.

Does 711 Sell Cigarette Papers?

Once upon a time, 711 did sell cigarette papers. However, the chain announced alongside many other stores that it decided to stop selling the product in 1979.

Therefore, they have not been on 711’s shelves for some time.

Of course, 711 continued to sell cigarettes and other tobacco products. Partially, the cessation of this product was due to its falling popularity as not many people rolled their own cigarettes.

With that said, another reason quoted at the time as to why the company stopped selling this product was because people used the cigarette papers for marijuana.

Therefore, some at various stores decided that they did not want to be part of the use of marijuana, so they ceased selling cigarette papers altogether.

Does 711 Sell Vapes?

Does 711 Sell Vapes?

Today, most 711 stores do sell vapes. In fact, they are part of the NE-WHERE distribution network, which ensures that e-cigs are always available for its customers.

Furthermore, 711 mostly sells disposable vape pens. However, some stores may sell some rechargeable options, but these probably aren’t going to be anything fancy.

As you might imagine, 711 is mostly focused on the products that are the most convenient.

Each store is independently run, therefore, the exact products it stocks will differ.

Additionally, local laws also affect products, since some specific vaping products may be illegal in some areas.

Usually, you’ll pay more for these products than you would elsewhere as 711 is unable to purchase items in large quantities, which ups the amount it has to charge.

Furthermore, they will likely be lower-quality as well.

Does 711 Sell E-Juice?

While most 711s do sell disposable vapes, e-juice is a bit more difficult to nail down.

Some 711s will sell this product, especially if it sells rechargeable vape products. However, other stores will not sell e-juice at all. 

Does 711 Sell Cigarettes in Singapore?

Many 711 stores in Singapore also sell cigarettes. Once again, the company is a very big distributor in Singapore, just like it is in America.

Therefore, it carries many different types of products, which allows them to serve a variety of customers.

However, they have also been caught selling cigarettes to minors in Singapore.

In some cases, this has resulted in 711’s tobacco licenses being revoked, which prevents the store from making further sales.

Either way, this seems to be a serious problem in many 711 stores, since it has been caught in many countries doing this.

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Just like you might imagine, 711 does carry a range of tobacco and vaping products. However, it does not carry cigarette papers in most circumstances.

Additionally, the exact stock will vary from store to store. Therefore, some 711 stores will sell a wide range of options, while others will have limited choices. It all depends on the owner and the area.

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