Does 711 Sell iPhone Chargers? (Types, Price + More)

The average person loses their iPhone charger more than you’d expect. After all, there is a huge market out there for inexpensive iPhone chargers – which wouldn’t exist if everyone kept up with the one that came with their phone.

If you have an iPhone, you’ll probably be in the market for a new charger eventually. You may even need a charger same-day. In this case, you may want to run to a convenience store like 711 to purchase one. To find out if they carry it, keep reading!

Does 711 Sell iPhone Chargers In 2024?

711 does sell iPhone chargers in some cases in 2024. Each store is stocked independently of other 711 stores, so they do not all carry the same products. Therefore, your local store may or may not have iPhone chargers. Your best bet is to call and ask an employee or visit the store yourself to find out.

For information on costs and brands carried by 711, take a look below!

Does 711 Sell Phone Chargers?

The exact stock of each 711 store varies widely. For the most part, these stores are all independently owned and operated.

Therefore, what your local 711 store carries depends on the owner.

However, stores do have to purchase most of its items from approved vendors and have to carry 711 staples like Slurpees.

For this reason, the only way to know whether or not your local store carries 711 chargers is to call or go in person. There are some reports that 711 sells some phone chargers.

Furthermore, if the store does carry phone chargers, it will likely only be major brands. For example, Samsung and iPhone chargers.

However, rarer phone brands probably won’t find chargers that fit them at these stores.

How Much Does a iPhone Charger Cost at 711?

How Much Does a iPhone Charger Cost at 711?

Like stock, the price for items is set by the owner of each individual store. Therefore, the price will likely vary somewhat.

Usually, the company performs market research on the area to determine what a competitive price is.

Furthermore, if you live in a high cost-of-living area, 711 items like phone chargers will likely cost more.

However, if you live in a lower cost-of-living area, they may be cheaper.

With that said, 711 is a convenience store, so its items tend to cost less. Still, electronics like iPhone chargers likely aren’t going to be very high-quality.

They will likely be able to get you through a few months, but the chargers aren’t going to be made the best.

It is found, the average 711 phone charger costs around $5, however, this price will vary

Do Gas Stations Sell iPhone Chargers?

Similar to 711, some gas stations also sell iPhone chargers.

However, larger gas station stores that verge on “convenience stores” are much more likely to carry chargers and other electronics.

On the other hand, smaller gas stations are less likely to carry chargers and similar items. Instead, they seem to focus on snacks and drinks.

With that said, some gas station chargers can be cheap knock-offs, which can potentially damage your phone. Therefore, you should only purchase chargers that are MFi certified.

You should see a small sticker on the box that said “Made for iPhone,” which will indicate that the charger is tested to work with iPhones.

This is because other chargers may not pass basic safety tests, which can be dangerous.

When in doubt, it sometimes helps to check the brand of the charger online. Online reviews can help you figure out if the brand is reliable.

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711 stores do often sell iPhone accessories, as they are commonly needed by customers. However, not all stores sell them, instead, it all depends on what the owner decides to stock.

In the case that they do carry chargers, be sure to only purchase chargers that are MFi certified, which means that they are okayed by Apple to use on your device. Otherwise, the charger could not work properly or even damage your phone.

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