Does 711 Have WiFi? (All You Need To Know)

In today’s modern world, you need WiFi to do just about everything. Luckily, most retail stores and restaurants have WiFi, but what about 711?

You hear about new chains opening up free hotspots all the time, however, 711 is a bit different. Keep reading if you’d like to learn more!

Does 711 Have WiFi In 2024?

711 stores do have WiFi in 2024. You can access very slow internet for free after you sign-up for the company’s rewards program. However, to speed up the internet you’ll need to earn reward points by shopping at 711. Every point you get can be applied to the internet speed, allowing you to increase it by 20MB.

For more information on using CLiQQ WiFi, take a look at everything we discovered below!

What is CliQQ WiFi?

CliQQ Rewards is a loyalty program, you earn points by presenting your barcode every time you make a purchase at a participating 7-Eleven store.

Then, you get reward points depending on the amount of money you spend.

However, to access the barcode, you need to buy a 711 card or download 711’s free mobile app.

Currently, all 7-Eleven stores have CLiQQ WiFi zones that will give you 70MB of WiFi for free without using any points.

How Do You Use CliQQ WiFi?

How Do You Use CliQQ WiFi?

Firstly, you’ll need to get within the WiFi zone. Usually, these are available throughout 711 stores.

Next, you can connect to the CliQQ hotspot. If you do not have the 711 app, you’ll need to register when you first get to the sign-in page.

Finally, you can start accessing 70MB WiFi for free. Then if you’d like, you can use your points to upgrade your WiFi speed.

Can I Use the CliQQ App without the Internet?

If you are not within a CLiQQ hotspot zone, then you cannot use the app’s internet. Most of the app’s functions need the internet to work.

However, there are some functionalities that you can access without WiFi. For instance, you can create a barcode for the cashier to scan at checkout without an internet connection.

Do 711s in Japan Have WiFi?

The WiFi setup for 711 is extremely different in Japan. They use a completely different provider for their WiFi in Japan called “7SPOT.”

However, when a store has one of these hotspots installed, the WiFi is completely free.

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While 711 does have WiFi, it is not set up as a free hotspot like other stores. Instead, you have to sign up for an account, download the app, and then use rewards points.

However, everyone can receive 70 MB of the internet for free. Additionally, if you want faster internet, you’ll have to present your CLiQQ barcode every time you make a purchase at 711 and use those points to speed your internet up.

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