Does 711 Sell Pizza? (Types, Sizes + More)

711 is well known for its convenient items and good food. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular convenience stores in the country, so it is constantly seeking to approve company sales by introducing new items.

One of these new items is the 711 pizza, which you can stop in and pick up in only a few minutes. These pizzas are a relatively new option, so we’ll answer some of the most pressing questions about them below!

Does 711 Sell Pizza In [currentyear]?

711 pizza is one of the store’s many food offerings as of [currentyear]. The stores special oven system allows them to cook the food very quickly, which allows them to offer made-to-order pizzas in only a few minutes. You can order both a whole pizza or just a slice. Furthermore, 711 pizza is considered to be extremely inexpensive.

For more information on the types of pizza offered, as well as the special oven used to cook them, keep reading.

Is 711 Pizza Any Good?

Generally, 711 pizza gets pretty average reviews. It usually isn’t described as the best pizza out there.

However, it is absolutely edible and a decent quick bite to eat in a pinch. Plus, it is also very cheap, making it a budget option for those looking for a quite

Therefore, for those looking for something cheap and convenient, this pizza may fit the bill.

What Kind of Pizza Does 711 Have?

Generally, most 711 stores will carry the same pizzas. While these stores are franchised, it is often required to carry the same food items that other 711 stores carry.

For the most part, 711 carries cheese and pepperoni pizza. They have also released a new 7-meat pizza, but it may not be as widely available as the other options.

Furthermore, other flavors may be released during certain times of the year. 711 is always testing out new pizza and Slurpee flavors, so expect some variance through the years.

How Many Calories Are in 711 Pizza?

Generally, 711 pizza is comparable to other pizzas out there. Furthermore, the exact calorie count and nutritional information will vary on the type of pizza that you choose.

One slice of 711 pepperoni pizza has around 300 calories in it. However, most of these calories come from carbohydrates, as the majority of the pizza is dough.

For the most part, other types of pizza have the same calorie count. For instance, 711 cheese pizza contains about 280 calories, which is just slightly lower than a pepperoni pizza.

Does 711 Pizza Come Cooked?

Does 711 Pizza Come Cooked?

711 pizza comes baked in an oven and can be picked up or delivered. It is not a pizza that you have to take home and bake. However, you do have to order it so that it can be made.

All pizzas are made-to-order, but they do not take very long in the least. Using the 7NOW app, you can have a pizza delivered in only about 30-minutes.

How Big is a 711 Pizza?

If you order a whole pizza from 711, then it is typically around 14-inches. Alternatively, you can also order just a slice of pizza, which will obviously be much smaller.

Technically, these pizzas count as “large” pizzas, though they are the only size that you can order from 711. 

Can You Microwave 711 Pizza?

The pizza itself comes completely cooked, so you don’t have to actually do any cooking yourself.

However, if the pizza is no longer warm, then you should be able to warm it up in a microwave without any problem.

You should microwave it just like you would any other kind of pizza, as many microwaves come with reheat buttons and even directions for reheating pizza.

How Does 711 Cook Its Pizza so Fast?

711 pizza is done extremely fast after being ordered, which has led to quite a few questions over the years.

However, 711 has a special oven that allows it to cook much faster than a restaurant oven.

In fact, this special oven can cook a pizza as fast as 10 times the speed of other ovens, which is why the pizza can get done so fast.

This oven is created by TurboChef. It utilizes microwave units as well as regular oven heating, allowing it to cook food a lot faster than other options on the market.

Plus, the oven is also ventless, which means that commercial hoods do not have to be installed over it.

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711 pizzas are likely not its largest seller, however, they are known for being extremely inexpensive and convenient. Furthermore, they can cook pizzas extremely easily thanks to special ovens, which allows them to be ready before you even leave the store.

The store currently only offer’s three different kinds of pizza, including cheese, pepperoni, and 7-meat. However, the flavorings change all the time, so be sure to check back regularly to see what is there.

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