Does 711 Sell Hot Dogs? (Types, Who Makes Them + More)

711 offers many different hot foods that are easy to grab and go. Therefore, if you’re looking for a quick bite, most 711 stores have many different options for you to look at. Furthermore, while 711 stores are independently owned, they are required to carry these staples.

711 hot dogs have quickly gained fame as they are inexpensive and quite unique. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about these delicious snacks!

Does 711 Sell Hot Dogs In [currentyear]?

711 hot dogs are newer additions to the store compared to some of its traditional foods, like Slurpees in [currentyear]. However, these all-beef hot dogs have gained quite a bit of fame due to their taste and affordability. Usually, 711 stores have hot dogs ready to eat throughout the day with many different toppings to choose from.

For more information on these hot dogs, keep reading below.

What Kind of Hot Dogs Does 711 Use?

711 uses an exclusive hot dog that is blended using 100% real beef. You cannot purchase these hot dogs anywhere else, as the recipe is for 711 exclusively.

On top of other hot foods, hot dogs are offered at most 711s. Therefore, all hot dogs are the same type no matter what store you are at.

Furthermore, while stores are franchised, they receive the same hot foods from the 711 corporation, ensuring that all the hot dogs are the same.

Are 711 Hot Dog’s Kosher?

Whether or not 711 stores carry kosher hot dogs varies. Some of them do carry kosher hot dogs, such as the store in Monsey, New York.

Additionally, this became the first store in the United States to offer kosher hot dogs.

Furthermore, Monsey is home to an Orthodox Jewish community, which is why they chose to provide kosher hot dogs.

They also provide other offerings that are also kosher, using the second grill that is used to only prepare kosher versions of the food.

Currently, there are not many other 711 stores that provide kosher foods.

However, if you live in a Jewish community, your local store may have this offering.

Who Makes Big Bite Hot Dogs?

Oscar Mayer currently creates the Big Bite hot dog. However, they use a special formulation to make the hot dog completely exclusive to 711.

For the most part, the beef is the same, however, the spice mix is unique.

Furthermore, the size of the hot dogs is also increased from the usual Oscar Mayer hot dogs to make it different from other brands.

How Does 711 Make Its Hot Dogs?

How Does 711 Make Its Hot Dogs?

711 does not actually formulate its own hot dogs.

However, employees do cook them in stores.  Furthermore, these hot dogs are simply heated up, since they are already cooked when they arrive at the store.

For this reason, you can simply walk in and grab your hot dog as you please. Additionally, condiments are provided when checking out at the cashier if you’d like them.

Are 711 Hot Dogs All Beef?

711 gets its hot dogs from Oscar Mayer, so they are all beef.

However, other 711 sausages are not always all beef, though. Therefore, you may need to contact 711 if you have questions about its snacks.

How Many Carbs Is In a 711 Big Bite?

There are only 2 grams of carbohydrates in the Big Bite hot dog. Furthermore, there are a total of 360 calories in the actual frank of the hot dog.

Of course, if you include the bun and condiments, and the carbohydrates then the calorie content will be much higher.

Furthermore, for the most part, the Big Bite hot dog contains fat and protein. In fact It has 34 grams of fat and 11 grams of protein.

These metrics are likely to be similar even if you add it to a bun, as the bun does not actually include much protein or fat.

Does 711 Celebrate National Hot Dog Day?

711 does celebrate National Hot Dog Day in most cases. Therefore, you can get a discounted hot dog on this day, though it sometimes continues throughout the month.

Furthermore, National Hot Dog Day is in July, so keep an eye out for discounts during this time.

Often, you can also get a discounted Slurpee or other 711 items during this month.

However, sometimes you do need the 7NOW app to take advantage of these savings.

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711 hot dogs may not be the most common hot food option at 711. However, they are offered by most stores with a variety of different toppings.

These all beef hot dogs are similar to those offered by Oscar Mayer, as they are also made by this company. However, they are seasoned differently and are slightly bigger.

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