Does 711 Take Google Pay & Samsung Pay? (Full Guide)

Contactless payment methods are currently on the rise, which means that more and more stores are starting to accept them. Google Pay and Samsung Pay may not be as popular as Apple Pay, but many customers still use them.

Of course, a contactless payment system is only helpful if your favorite stores accept this form of payment. So, does 711 take Google and Samsung Pay? Read below to discover all my research!

Does 711 Take Google Pay & Samsung Pay In [currentyear]?

711 currently takes both Google Pay and Samsung Pay; however, acceptance can vary by location as of [currentyear]. Furthermore, 711 also accepts a wide range of other commercial payment options, including the 711 mobile app and Apple Pay. Additionally, you can upload several cards to your 711 app, which allows you to use your favorite payment methods.

If you want to learn where you can use Samsung Pay, what you can buy with the 711 Wallet, and much more, keep on reading!

Does 711 Accept Google Pay?

711 began accepting Google Pay at its stores at the same time it began accepting Apple Pay.

That said, 711 began rolling out contactless payment through many of its stores a few years ago. Today, most 711 locations should accept Google Pay.

However, because this requires a specific software upgrade, you should call ahead if you visit a rural store to ensure that it accepts this form of payment.

Does 711 Accept Samsung Pay?

In many cases, 711 does accept Samsung Pay. In fact, 711 started accepting Samsung Pay before it began accepting Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Therefore, most areas should accept this payment method – even if you are in a rural location. However, you can always call ahead to ensure that your local 711 accepts Samsung Pay.

What Can You Buy With 711 Wallet?

What Can You Buy With 711 Wallet?

711 Wallet is another payment method that the company has introduced recently. That said, you can use 711 Wallet at any participating 711 store (which is most stores).

However, the only things you can’t spend it on are lottery cards, gift cards, and money orders.

Furthermore, you can’t redeem 711 Wallet credits for cash at any store unless the local law dictates it’s acceptable.

However, in some cases, you cannot use Samsung Pay or Google Pay with 711 Wallet. Therefore, if you want to use 711 Wallet, you cannot use one of these other payment methods.

How Do I  Use 711 Mobile Checkout?

Instead of using Google Pay or Samsung Pay, you may decide to use the 711 mobile app, allowing you to pay using one of your accepted payment methods.

However, you will need to add all items to your mobile 711 cart to pay.

With that, this process is pretty simple. For example, all you need to do is scan each item’s barcode to add the products to your mobile cart.

Then, you can pay securely with your preferred method of payment that has been uploaded to the app. Finally, you scan the QR code at the confirmation station.

Where Else Is Google Pay Accepted?

Google Pay is becoming more and more popular, so many different locations besides 711 accept it. In fact, it is accepted by about a million different locations around the world.

Further, Google Pay is one of the ways users can checkout without contact, which has become increasingly popular since the pandemic.

Moreover, you can see major stores near you that accept this payment method after signing up and creating an account.

What Stores Accept Samsung Pay?

Samsung pay is far less accepted than Apple Pay or Google Pay. However, you’ll likely be surprised by the wide range of places accepting this payment method.

That said, because it isn’t much different from taking other contactless payments, many stores also accept Samsung Pay.

Still, you can always call ahead to see if your favorite stores accept this payment method.

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711 accepts many mobile payment options, including Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Therefore, you can easily utilize many contactless options when shopping at its stores.

Of course, you may want to call your local store just in case to ensure that it uses Google Pay.

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